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I received an SNES console for Christmas when I was three years old, and my life was changed forever. Looking back on it, I realize this was only one month after the console released. My parents rock.

I've been an avid gamer ever since then, don't have the good fortune of living near very many people who like games in the same way I do. Please friend me on this site, XBLA, or PSN if you want to PLAY VIDEOGAMES or TALK about VIDEOGAMES some time.

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Topher's previous campaign to get Cave to release their games to western audiences may very likely have influenced them to make the recent title Mushihime-Sama Something Something Something region free.

After this inspiring success, I propose we tell Treasure how much we want Radian Silvergun on XBLA.


According to Wikipedia, Treasure has "hinted" as to this possibility already, but we need to make it a sure thing.

Go go go!

I like my 360. I'm a big retro gamer, and a while ago I bought a special controller to facilitate the playing of classic games as well as the then-newly released Street Fighter IV. I got the MadCatz SFIV fighter pad and for the most part had few complaints. The buttons were a nice size and felt very responsive. The d-pad was not great, but still far better than using a standard 360 controller. It didn't bother me for a while that the dead zone in the middle of the d-pad was kinda huge and the diagonals were a little too hard to hit.

However, times have changed and I now demand a much greater deal of accuracy. My interests have veered towards much more hardcore playing of shmups (DEAR GOD Ikaruga has taken over my psyche), fighters, and other classic games so I'm ready to invest in a quality arcade stick and could use a little input from you guys.

My first option is the Hori Fighting Stick EX2. I like the simple look of this, and the prices I find fall between $50 and $60. This is my most appealing option, though the smallish size and lack of a fourth column of buttons are a minor stumbling block. Most of the simple games that I'd use a stick like this for wouldn't require more than 6 buttons, but in SFIV I really like to have two buttons mapped to PPP and KKK. This isn't too huge a point now as I don't actually own SFIV (I rented it when it came out), but I may very well get Super SFIV in the future.

Sadly, other sticks with extra buttons seem to come with a significantly increased price tag.

This MadCatz stick is $80 and has some pretty bad reviews, mostly complaining of a defective stick. The only silver lining on this would be that all reports say it's quite easy to modify. I can't say I know anything about modding a stick or where to get replacement parts, and modding may turn out to be a fun project, I'd really rather just get a controller that works out of the box.

Hori's Real Arcade Pro EX is around $130 also has the extra buttons I crave, but reviews are iffy in regards to their quality. Once again modding is recommended and once again I'm not sure if I want to go that far.

The next step up is the Tournament Edition Fightstick, costing around $150. I'd feel pretty comfortable writing this off as too expensive unless it's honestly the best choice out there. Reviews are quite good, but is $150 really necessary for a quality stick?

I'd really like to hear what the rest of the Dtoiders have to say on the subject. What is your experience with these? What are your recommendations?
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The word "Boyoyon" in the title is the sound effect for bouncing breasts. Do I have your attention?

Kamen no Maid Guy is an extremely entertaining anime about two maid/bodyguards Kogarashi (top) and Fubuki (bottom left) assigned to protect two heirs to a great fortune, Naeka (center) and Kosuke Fujiwara (not pictured), from those who would steal their inheritance. Naeka is a busty high school girl and kendo star, and Fujiwara is an overweight otaku.

The problem is that Naeka doesn't want any bodyguards intruding on her life, and Kogarashi is a masked, giant, dagger-toothed, musclebound, superpowered social imbecile. Fubuki (bottom left), the other maid carries a nail studded bat along with the title "Maid Guy Tamer." Hilarity ensues.

Rivals eventually appear in the form of Elizabeth K. Strawberryfield (right), a wealthy child prodigy transfer student at Naeka's school, and her own to maid/ninjas Shizuka and Tsurara (bottom right). Apparently Naeka's eternally youthful grandmother Arashi (top left) the maid master figures in somewhere later.

I only saw the first two episodes, but the show endeared itself to me enough to make me shell out the money for an import special edition game for a handheld that I didn't even own at the time. It was worth it, as it came with a maid guy badge, a t-shirt depicting Kogarashi, and the fine PSP strap that I mentioned in my last article.

Play is divided into three main parts: Adventure, Battle, and Mini Game.

Adventure is pretty self explanatory. Characters talk, and I skip due to the moonspeak. The real draw of this is the Super Tayunism Engine, essentially meaning that the breasts of the female characters bounce a lot while they talk. You can even adjust the affect up or down in the settings.

After a while characters figure out a reason to fight, and battle mode starts. It tries to be a pretty simple fighting engine, and succeeds a little too well.

Liz about to get hit with an octopus thrown by Kogarashi. Naeka watches from the background.

All you can really do is attack, jump, and grab and throw items. Each stage has two planes, like Top Hunter, and parts of the rear plane are dangerous and explode if you land on them. In the background will be another character who throws items and maid guy badges onto the play area. Items mostly fall into the category of thrown objects or melee weapons, and hitting with any item rewards you with a close up anime graphic of your opponent reacting to whatever item hits them. This is made more interesting with the addition of items like breast enhancement potions, signs that change your opponent's clothing into a swimuit, octopi with naughty tentacles, crows, and onsen signs. Yes, this is a total fanservice game. Aside from the image, most items have the same basic effect of dizzying the opponent for a few seconds so you can get in a few good hits. You also don't have health; instead you battle to collect the maid guy badges and try to beat the badges out of your opponent. First to ten initiates a mini game.

There are three mini games, and success means you defeat your opponent and move on. Failure returns you to the battle until someone wins. There are three mini games when you win the battle, and one different one if you lose. If your opponent gets 10 badges first, you must fight an RPG battle with an alternate fantasy version of your characters. I can't understand what all the battle options are, but I think the gist is that it's an argument or shouting match and you need to find the right choice that makes your opponent go away before they deal too much damage to you. It basically comes down to luck for me. If they win, it's game over. If you win, your opponent retreats and you fight another battle.

There are also three different games for when you win the battle. In one, your opponent is tied up and hanging from the ceiling, and you need to feed them as much of Neaka's nasty cooking as possibly in the allotted time. The second game has you shrunk down to a tiny size, and you're climbing all over your opponent's body using a spray bottle of disinfectant to kill germs swarming over her. The last one has you choosing locations throughout town to attempt to take an embarassing picture of your opponent. I don't care for the last one because it just comes down to luck, and failure earns you a pretty terrifying picture of a dude in his underwear.

So overall it's an amusing game based on an awesome show. It of course has the staples of other ecchi games in that there's a gallery that you can go to to view all the naughty images that you've encountered in the game, but there's nothing pornographic, and I don't think there's ever any actual nudity. But man, some crazy stuff happens.

I shouldn't need to tell you whether or not to look into this game. After this long rambling review, you should have a pretty good idea if this kind of game is up your alley.
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Just a little while ago, I purchased a PSP 3000. Now I'm not sure if this was wise, as I already own and LOVE a DSlite, and own more DS games on it than I've had time to play (The World Ends With You and Knights in the Nightmare are looking at me from my shelf, all alone). However, I had been lured into getting the PSP Kamen no Maid Guy: Boyoyon Battle Royale special edition at the last con I went to, and wanted to actually play it.

Now it's been a couple of weeks, and I've gotten a few more games and given the handheld a little more love. Just not as much as the DS.

First, I really like being able to transfer music and stuff to the PSP, and this awesome, awesome wallpaper greets me every time I turn the thing on.

However, the addition this stuff is a mixed blessing, as it means more menus and updates. I liked the DS for being able to just turn it on and play. I'd really like to get an emulator on here and also check out the homebrew scene, but it seems that's pretty tricky with the 3000 model. I guess I'll have to wait on that for now.

The best feature of the PSP has got to be the screen. I knew that the PSP graphics were supposed to be better than the DS, but I didn't anticipate how nice and crisp everything looked. It's a really, really slick looking device.

That again is a double edged sword, as it immediately gets smudged and nasty as soon as you touch it. More on this later.

As far as game selection, I only have four games, but can't profess to liking them as much as my DS games. Here are some mini reviews:

Ape Escape Academy:
It's an Ape Escape themed mini game collection. Nothing terribly special to see here. The mini games are a mixed bag: some good, some nearly unplayable (the karate one comes to mind).

Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles:
Easily the best PSP game I own. Rondo of Blood is a great game, and I'm really happy to be able to play it for several reasons. First, I love the old school linear Castlevanias as much as I love the newer exploration based games. Second, I'd never be able to play the Turbo CD version. Third, it leads into Symphony of the Night, one of the best games ever. Better yet, it contains both the original 16 bit (ish) Turbo CD version along with the new version, made 3D (BC: Rearmed Style). It's a great game with a lot of replay value, as there are lots of secrets and each stage has two branching paths.

Kamen no Maid Guy: Boyoyon Battle Royale:
This is a very strange game based on a very funny anime that I saw at Anime Weekend Atlanta last year (any other Dtoiders going this year?). First, it came with some sweet extras: a shirt, a pin, and a PSP strap/cleaner.

See it there? It's got some semi-nude anime ladies on it, but I'm never taking it off my PSP ever. Remember how I said I'd get back to the smudging issue? Well the other side of this strap is actually a screen cleaning cloth! It's amazingly convenient. I don't know if they make other straps with the same function, but if they do I couldn't recommend it highly enough.
The actual game is decent, but too strange to describe here. Expect a full review later.

Me & My Katamari:
I thought this game was an entirely adequate entry in the Katamari series. It's a little odd to control, as you use the d-pad and buttons as you would the two sticks on the PS2 controller, and the spacing is a little different, but it's totally playable. The King is particularly funny in this one, though.

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters:
I've not played a lot, but I'm not terribly impressed. I haven't played other R&C games, except for a demo of Secret Agent Clank, but they strike me as relatively plain 3D action romps. I don't dislike it; I actually like the character Clank a lot, but it doesn't do much for me.

My PSP Do Want list:
Megaman: Powered Up
Parappa the Rapper
Final Fantasy Tactics
Mobile Light Force
Maverick Hunter X
Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins
Darkstalkers (stylistically my favorite series ever, but I still don't own any games TT_TT)

There are also tons of import retro collections that I want to look into, especially the Parodius one. Also, the import To-Love-Ru game.

So it's pretty cool, but I still think the DS overall has better games. What do you guys think?
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I wonder if it's a problem that almost all of the games that I've been buying recently are just retro collections.

Just kidding, I could buy nothing but these and be totally happy.

There are actually still several others that I'm still looking for. I want to find Megaman X Collection, Samurai Shodown Anthology, and I wonder if there's another SNK Arcade Classics, as the first is titled Vol. 1. I know there's a Fatal Fury collection, but I don't care much for that series. I also saw a Midway arcade collection at a GameStop recently and almost got it before I remembered that Midway arcade games blow.

Do the rest of you like to get these? Am I missing any other good ones?

It was a few weeks ago that I decided that I wanted to learn to make amigurumi. To do this, I first needed to familiarize myself with the manly art of crochet. It turned out to be a difficult craft to learn on my own (I had only books and internet sites) but I stuck with it and have a few things to show for it.

My first video game amigurumi is this Q*Bert. His one leg is skewed a bit, but it was an early attempt.

Then came this Kirby ball. I decided it would be easier to start with just a ball, the way he looks in Canvas Curse. I really like how it turned out.

Then Kirby of course needs a villain, so enter Meta Knight! Again in ball form. The mask gave me a bit of trouble. I'm going to do full versions of Kirby and Meta Knight in the future.

And just finished today is this Boo from Mario World.

I'd love to hear what you guys think.

You can keep up on these and my other stuff at my dA page.