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Twisted Imp
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New Xbox 360 Design Leaked! [VIDEO INSIDE]

This was posted on an ad on an Italian gaming site earlier today, and I can't locate the actual ad atm. But their is in fact a video of that ad and it looks legit. So this might be the brand new Xbox 360 design, more than likely that would have been announced at E3. I'm not one of the writers, soooo, that's all I have to say that could be warranted as interesting.


Quick Movie Review : The Dark Knight

Best fucking comic movie ever. EVER. Best fucking sequel ever. EVER. Bricks will be shat, bring lube cause you will need it because you will have a massive boner through the whole movie. If you liked any other Batman movies, ...


Disaster Movie

This is the title of the movie just to tell you, it's like they gave everybody a heads up before going to watch this. Honestly are they even trying anymore? I mean what the fuck is this? Does anything in this trailer seem eve...


The Incredible Hulk Movie Review

First off let me say I came to this movie expecting it to be better than the original and what I got was much more better than the original and it was worth the $9 I payed for the movie ticket. I will review the movie in sect...


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I plan on buying a PS3 sometime next year maybe.I like Wii but, I really want a system for online.Wasn't that interested in PS3 at first, but some good games coming out this year, so I may as well own all Playstations.Only 16 btw, no butt sex, sorry.


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