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I am the Milkman, my milk is delicious.
My video game devices that I own include.(starting from oldest)
Sega Genesis(both models)
Sega Game Gear
N64(two of them)
Gameboy Advance
Xbox 360

Got Xfire add me.
I play Unreal Tournament 2004,Diablo 2(not now though, can't find CD Key),Warcraft 3 on Euro Battle Net and Gunbound.

Also add my Gamertag.

I plan on buying a PS3 sometime next year maybe.I like Wii but, I really want a system for online.Wasn't that interested in PS3 at first, but some good games coming out this year, so I may as well own all Playstations.Only 16 btw, no butt sex, sorry.

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[[I just posted this on Reddit, but I really want your guys' opinions on this too. So here's the copy and paste, plus a link.]]

I was watching the Expendables (fun movie, nothing crazy.) and obviously a big drive for the movie is that they have all these huge names compiled in one solid movie. Now although the plot is rather generic, the plot is still there. So watching this movie I began to think, 'why has there never been a crossover like this when it comes to video games?'. Now I know it's not the characters crossing over in Expendables, it's the actors, but it's still a treat to see them all gathering together. That being said, if they ever crossed over in a video game franchise, would it be the characters? The publishers? (this has been done before.) The core game developers? Would we see Cliff Bleszinski crossing over with Tim Schaefer? Or would we first see Solid Snake crossing over with Adam Jensen?

Now I know there is Smash Bros, Playstation Allstars and numerous fighting games, but these fighting game crossovers are nothing more then a 'wink,wink,nudge,nudge look who's in the game!'. Not to mention games like 'Sega Racing' and 'Sonic and Mario at the Olympics', which don't even attempt to make sense, they just toss them together for the fans. Indie games crossover quite a bit, but the crossovers never seem to have a huge role. It's usually just a small cameo. Kingdom Hearts appears to do it very well, that's one game that I just thought of. I was even thinking of that one time Crash and Spyro joined forces, which was decent (I think). Alas, nothing stands out too boldly. There are probably a few more games that did crossover, but I honestly can't think of any atm. (If you can, please post them in the comments.)

These games you can see crossing over though right? Spyro meeting Crash, that seems possible, but are there any existing franchises that could crossover while still making sense? Snake's universe is very unique, tossing somebody along with him as a main character would be hard to pull off. Then again, Disney and Final Fantasy are the last two things I would have thought of together, but yet, it works! So maybe they could easily collab a few characters together and make a solid plot, there isn't that much evidence though. So would the next step be to just create more franchises with loose enough story lines that would allow for crossing paths? Keep in mind, I'm not talking about cameos or references, I'm talking about a full on story involving multiple characters. Could it be done?

Would a company have to go 'The Avengers' route and plan the crossover from the start? Or could they just think of it later on? (ie. Alien vs. Predator.) They do it all the time in comic books, why not video games? What is stopping it from happening or working properly?

What are your opinions on the matter? Would you like to see any current video game franchises crossover? Or would you rather see some big name devs work together? Are there any game crossovers that have happened that I am unaware of or just forgot? Do you think this kind of thing should happen, or just not even bother? If not, is it all a gimmick?

TL;DR: Games need more crossovers, yes or no? Not just small crossovers either. Talk about the possibility of crossover gaming.

This was posted on an ad on an Italian gaming site earlier today, and I can't locate the actual ad atm. But their is in fact a video of that ad and it looks legit. So this might be the brand new Xbox 360 design, more than likely that would have been announced at E3.
I'm not one of the writers, soooo, that's all I have to say that could be warranted as interesting.


Okay, just to clear things up in case you don't read the comic. Kick-Ass is the name of the book/movie. Understood? Alright good.

(footage at the bottom if you don't wanna read much, didn't think I'd type so much.)

So, honestly for this movie I was kind of just "eeeehhh" at first. But after seeing this footage, it seems to remain VERY faithful to the book and looks like a great film. I love the book it's amazing, a lot of action and great humor. If you are unfamiliar with the book, here's a quick description I stole from IMDB.

Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan with a few friends and who lives alone with his father. His life is not very difficult and his personal trials not that overwhelming. However, one day he makes the simple decision to become a super-hero even though he has no powers or training.

Yeah, so pretty much, the book just has a lot of humor and over the top, ahem, kick ass action. ;D See what I did there?

Most of the action comes from Hit Girl, the 11 year old assassin, and her father Big Daddy, not related to Bioshock but he's out after the mob for killing his wife and he's been training his daughter and not letting her live a normal life since she was a girl.

Red Mist is another superhero who's just the same as Kick-Ass, but he's mostly in it for the fame and publicity, but he's actually a real down to earth cool dude. (Played by McLovin, which I'm not sure how that will work.)

The only real beef I have with the movie now, is Hit Girl. She's supposed to be wielding two katanas, but it only showed her use them once so far. I hope she uses it a lot more in the movie, because a lot of the pictures that I've seen of her have been with a silenced gun, ghey.

Pedo Alert!:

Well enjoy the movie footage, I think it's gonna be a fun movie and very faithful to the book, unlike Mark Millar's other adaption "Wanted", which I enjoyed, but it was very loosely based off the book. Coming out, I don't know when.

(FFS, the first thing I found when googling "Kick-Ass Photos" was a link to hardcore porn. >_<)

Twisted Imp
9:16 PM on 11.02.2008

Only one picture. But I had fun. That is all.

Hey fellas, just browsing the web and came across some really cool footage of Banjo Kazooie on XBLA. Shows off achievements and gameplay footage, actually, a good ten minutes of it! So go ahead and grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy!

So is this on anybody's must buy list? Looks pretty good! I think I will pre-order Nuts and Bolts cause well it is only $40 and I am interested in the game, so I get this for free as well, well worth it. :D
P.S. Notice they still kept the Gameboy in there at the start?

Ever had a dog hump your leg? Yeah it's pretty awkward and embarrising. Well have you ever had a dog fully rape you while playing Wii? Just watch the video and lol. Also please, try not to fap all over my blog.