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6:02 PM on 11.30.2007

Awesome new XKCD


I didn't see any other blogs on this, which means...

1.Finally, I'm the first one to post something :D
B. I'm blind.

Which means that I'm probably blind.

(I didn't post an image because you should go to the site. Because I think XKCD is awesome, therefore everybody should)   read

6:32 PM on 11.26.2007


So I was using stumbleupon the other night, and I came across a pretty awesome site.

You can upload an image like this

then it gives you a few option trees to go down, pretty detailed and user friendly, and you can get an image like this

(hopefully that uploaded ok)

I downloaded the PNG file, but you can also download it as a EPS or a SVG file for vector editing.

I thought is was pretty fun to mess with, and will probably incorporate it into my header or something, hope you all enjoy it too.   read

1:19 PM on 10.23.2007

A little R4DS review/guide/something with lots of penis jokes

I know this has been done before, but I figured it would be preferrable to making a blog simply containing a stupid 'fuck you god, I'll make a blog when I feel like it' joke.

Anyways, I bought a R4DS homebrew card for my DS about 2 months ago and absolutely love it. It is my first entry into the world of GBA/DS homebrew. But, according to friends, previous tools were pretty unfriendly to use (and obviously they were either ugly as shit, or had a horrendous value/cost ratio).

For the $35 I paid for the card, and the $20 for a 2g Kingston microSD off of newegg, you will not find a better value on the DS.

I suck at writing composition, I'm going to do bullet points for a while
-With the microSD setup, everything is drag'n'drop, no shitty pc software
-Some of the more advanced nds files will need a dldi patch to work on the R4, download the patcher off this page. Once it's installed, you simply right-click on the nds file and pick dldi patch easy as creampie.
-This, overall, is the best site I've seen for homebrew games, this has a great selection of games and apps as well (although it contains some dead links, and pretty shitty documentation).
- After a while, your menu screens on the ds will start to look cluttered, don't forget to set folders that you don't need to access directly to hidden, it makes everything look much nicer.
- Themes are a nice part of the R4 system as well, they consist of 4 images and a theme.ini file
- Here are my themes, feel free to tell me how much they rock/suck (preferrably on this blog, rather than that site). Also browse the site, they have some decent quality themes on there.
- If you want to make your own themes, but don't want to make an .ini file from memory, use This program. I suggest using it ONLY for the ini file, it sucks for anything else.

I also made a couple 'adult' themes, if you're interested, you can send me a pm and I'll send them to you, here's a preview

I know I probably forgot alot, so be sure to check the comments for the other 75% of what I wanted to say :/

Oh, what the hell,

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