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1:31 PM on 03.02.2008

Looking for Left4Dead esque games.

I can not wait for l4d. I have been hyping it since that old pre-renderd trailer. Zombies are an obsession for me. I already have dead rising and I am looking for some more zombie killing action. Do you guys know of any good mods or zombie games I can get. Thanks in advance Matt.   read

5:49 PM on 02.18.2008

Who buys this crap

I was on the intranets and I stumbled upon this little gem.

Who in their right mind would buy this game and expect anything good of it. For christ sake it is a Napolean Dynamite game. Words can not describe how stupid this is. I am so sick of companies throwing piecces of shit on a disc and making money. I could probably make this damn game. Ok angry rant over. Thoughts?   read

9:56 PM on 02.16.2008

HKAS (Hello Kitty Attack Squad)

That is all really. I figured I would share my nightmares with all of you. Imagine if the army used this shit. How crazy would that be. IMagine medal of honor with this shit lol. Well thats it.   read

5:39 PM on 01.22.2008

Is aliens be real?

I was on digg and I found a very intresting story. It has a supposed picture of an alien from the Mars Rove. People are debating wether or not the thing is a rock or an alien life form. Providing the picture is not a funny rock. I really can't think of anything else to say but the fact that I am scared shitless. They could fire their lazars out there eyeballs. We don't know. Any way are you guys scared?   read

9:31 PM on 01.05.2008

What is it with the internet and gross crap?

Is it possible to go on the internet without running into 2girls1cup, bme pain olympics, or some other crazy thing people like to watch? The answer is without a doubt no. I don't even know how to respond to it. On one hand I think I should stop watching this crazy stuff but it just keeps getting worse and worse. I have to know what they are going to come up with next. If in fact it is possible to make anything crazier than what we currently have. When it comes out millions of people including myself will watch it. What really sickens me is the fact that I find myself immune to some degree of disgustingness. After seeing new things 1cup makes me laugh. Mabey I am just weird but does anyone else start to find these videos comical?

Note if you haven't seen these videos don't watch them it is better for your mental health not to see them.   read

10:08 PM on 12.31.2007

Xbox 360 GOTY I do not concur.

Hai guys Happy New Years yay. Not to my rants.Why is everyone hating on Halo 3 and, saying omgwtfabbq Bioshocks is best game evar!? I definatly do not agree. Bioschock was a great ride but only while it lasted. I can not replay the storyline anymore. It is so tedious. Don't get me wrong I was obsesed with Bioshock when I first came out. I beat it like ten times. I also beat the demo like ten times. Now its just dull. Freeze hit for a splicer, or lay 10 zap bolts for the Big Daddy. I just can't play it anyomore. On the other hand I will be playing the Haloz for the next four or five years. The co-op and multiplayer are great. My freinds and I play it every other day. Something that adds replayability to Halo is the addition of downloadable content. Three months after launch we have downloadable content and they are already making more, Well I guess that is all for now. Thoughts would be appriciated.

Happy New Years,

Matt   read

10:35 PM on 12.10.2007

Halo 3 Maps at 5am!

Hey guys just wanted to know if anyone is going to wake up to try out the new maps tomorrow. I already have my alarm clock set for 5am. I hope the launch goes well and the internetz don't esplode.

I will leave you with this parting image.


10:30 AM on 11.24.2007

Something Freaky Just Happened On My Itunes.

Ok so here is the story. Last night I was at my aunts house and I was really bored. My freind Josh called me to tell me about something that happened to him in Mass Effect. After that he asked if wanted to come over and play halo or something. I said by the time I go home it will be to late. My freind then said its not to late. That made me think of the Three Days Grace song Never to Late. I was like Josh I just thought of that song and he was like I used to live that song.I have had that song on itunes for like a year or so. I bought it on my old computer so it dosent appear in the purchased play list. I boot up itune and what appears in my purchased songs. Never To Late by Three Days Grace.... and a dollar is missing from my account.WTFs I am freaked out right now. How did this happen.

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8:30 AM on 11.24.2007

800 Points for three maps? (Halo 3 Map Pack)

Am I the only person that thinks this is ridiculous? I mean we are spending $3 and some odd change a map. It is asinine. This isn't even the first time Microsoft has done this to us. First we spent 800 points on four gears of war maps. One of which was really bad. (I hated Garden) Not only that but after a little while people went right back to Gridlock. The only map pack I ever bought that was worth the money would have to be the ones for halo 2. (With the exception of that new one that sucked allot) Why can't they nock down the prices on this stuff a little bit. Haven't they already made enough off of halo with the controllers and such.

This leads into my next problem with the whole Microsoft points ordeal. They use 800 points for $10. I think that confuses allot of people. I did not think I was spending that much money on Doom. I mean what sounds more appealing 800mp or $10. I wouldn't have bought have as much I knew that. I mean a dollar for some jpegs wtf. Allot of this stuff should be free or at least allot cheaper. We pay 50 dollars for the service, 20 for a mic, and 5 on horse armor…

That is what I hate about console gaming. After a while you get sick of the normal content and this shit starts to rear its ugly little head. If this was a pc game halo 3 would already have a plethora of maps, game types, and other stuff released. Not only that but they would far exceed the ones we have to pay for. Imagine some of the awesome infection maps you could play on. And the infected would probably be flood. I just hate how much console gaming constricts the freedom of the mod community. Yes there is forge but you can only play on so many maps with different shotgun locations before you are like wow this is gay. No disrespect toward bungie. I think forge is a great Idea but why couldn't their be a map editor like Far Cry's. That would have been great for halo.

Well I guess that is all for today’s rant. Tell me what you think.   read

8:55 AM on 11.22.2007

I am so sick of people on xbox live.

What ever happened to people on xbox live being friendly? Did this ever exist? The only time I remember nice people existing was the halo 3 launch week and when I was twelve. I wish it was still like that. The situation has gotten to the point where it is almost as bad as the cake being a lie. And that was a real son of a bitch. But back on topic. There should be a new rule. If your going to be an ass you don't get talking privileges. I feel that would make the xbox live experience a much better one. I mean if you join a game of Halo or Call of duty all you here is you noob you suck. When your balls drop play this game. Last night when I didn't pay your mom she said that. It is madness. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad if they were more original but I don't know. It would still be pretty bad. What do you guys think about the wholes situation?

P.S. My voice is not high pitched anymore.   read

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