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Turpinator avatar 5:53 PM on 12.12.2012  (server time)
Ultra-Ballz: Falling in love with Pokémon, again, aged 20.

So here’s the thing. Growing up as a kid, then pre-teen, then teen - my life appeared to revolve around the good ol’ GBA (that’s Game-Boy Advance in case you forgot!)

Hours, collective weeks and months spent with hands clung around that little beauty, all the while thanking Nintendo for their common sense and decency to put GBC games backwardly compatible for the then, new handheld sensation.

In those years I was happy. I was like a kid in a badly guarded porn shop who sneaks in undetected and loses all innocence and bollock-restraint immediately. Not that I’m unhappy now you understand I was just making a point about how giddy the whole thing made me.

I had Silver, I had Crystal and I...had little social interaction for quite the while too!

But then things changed. Consoles came and went, the old battery consuming beast that was my GBA was forgotten about for some time. Until about a week ago, aged 20 as I am now, I stumbled across a diamond in the rough at my local Cash Converters in Chelmsford. For there, lying in a display case in all its glory, was the upgrade from my original GBA; The Game-Boy Advance SP.

I’d heard many a thing in my youth of it; its option for battery-less running, it's charger, it’s built in light for the screen and utmost convenience and most cool of all (for the kid inside me at least, the practical one at that) an awesome clam-shell/flip-lid design. I was in awe.

I picked her up for a cool Ł10 bargain and skipped home. Well, I say skipped, I got the bus home that day so maybe I skipped onto the vehicle itself, but after that I was sitting ,so no skipping to be had.
I played on her (that’s right I’m gonna refer to it as a lady for the remainder of the blog now - her name is Lolita and she is fabulous) all the rest of that Thursday when I bought her, and then a little more Friday and then a lot on both legs of my journey to visit my girlfriend, and then a long while when I was there too! It appears the Poke’ fever got the drop on me, and I was a sitting Psyduck.

Although I consider myself a fan, my interests are quite niche, in other words, I’m all about Gen. II.
So it must be said when I say ‘’back into Pokémon” I have very little knowledge past that second generation. Primarily, at least, because 251 Pokémon is more than enough to fucking handle Sugamori you anthropomorphic-beast-crazed psycho! I take that back...sorry Ken. Secondly, however, it’s more likely that I grew up with the second gen, the first gen was certainly around when I was growing up but I never got my Gameboy ‘til that wonderful Christmas in 2001 when my parents surpassed themselves and got me my first ever Gameboy; The Advance. It feels much closer to home, like it was MY generation.

I was recently left distraught by the loss of my Silver data and the loss of its’ functionality to hold and successfully register a save game data. Further saddened was I to discover a replacement cartridge brand new, would cost just shy of a Ł120 English pounds-Sterling. An awful lot of money even for something that had been the latest craze once, not just a passing folly but now is viewed with a sense of irony when played.
But before I start to ramble – tongue firmly in cheek – I’d best wrap this one up, thanks for reading and staying with me in this self-indulgent ramble through nostalgia. As before, comment if you want all feedback welcome, but as it’s only blog nummer zwei, the less brutal the better.

Prof. Oak’s rating: 51 lines written. 2 of them read. “Give up kid!”

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