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Turd Burglin Chodeo Clown's blog

4:03 PM on 02.08.2011

"Turd's Kind of a Chode, Himself." Volume 1

Recently, I was playing Valve's hat-filled gift to the world, when a conversation got me kicked from a Capture Point server. “Wow, Turd” (I’ll pretend, for the sake of this intro, any actual person reading it would ask); “you...   read

12:11 PM on 12.09.2010

"Turd’s Straight Clownin’ on Chodes!" Volume 1

You may have already deduced this from a quick glance at my “about me”, but if not: I play a lot of FPS’s; and (as I often tell my prospective lady-mates) I’m pretty alright at them. So, as anyone else who has dared perpetra...   read

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