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8:05 PM on 08.04.2008

How violent games saved the world – Some fun statistics (yes I realize that’s an oxymoron, just go with it)

As most have you have probably read the story about Thailand losing its collective minds, I thought I would bring up an interesting statistic.

Many years ago, children in America were happy, mothers were joyous and everyone lived in a world of flowers and sunshine. On weekends father would enjoy healthy and socially acceptable rounds of "Pacman" with his pals, and they would laugh and tell tales of how much better the world was now that everyone farted rainbows. Times were good, until it came along, the horrible, hellfire pit of depravity known as Doom. (or as it called in Europe, "Doom - Suicide is totally fucking awesome and you should try it tonight)

Doom took the standards in which we live, pulled down its pants and smashed it with its erect shaft of corruption. Mothers held their hands over their mouths agape and monocles flew out so hard they were classed as illegal weapons in 12 different states. Never before had the world been exposed to something as depraved as Doom, and the impending downfall of society was all but ready to strike.

But then something happened - Here are the crime rate charts from 1993, the same exact year Doom was released:

Violent crimes plummeted. In fact the number of serious violent crimes has dropped from 4,190,000 in 1993 to 1,823,400 in 2006!

Could it be that, as has been pointed out 6.4 million times that giving people an outlet for violence in a harmless virtual environment drastically reduces the chance of them carrying out that crime? We all know what happened in the UK when they tried to ban toy guns, kids just decided to start smacking the shit out of each other instead.

Therefore I believe Rockstar is due for a Nobel Peace Prize. Who knows what shitty state of affairs the world would be in right now without videogames.

Oh and Thailand is a bunch of stupid wankers.   read

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