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The Future Of (Good) Games.

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10 Fun Facts About TurboKill

Man, I've been with DTOID ever since 2007 and yet I haven't really done anything of this sort. Time to reintroduce myself to the only online community I've ever stuck by. 

I will be sharing my story mostly visually, that means less work for me and less reading for you. We all win!

1. I am a university student (Penn State - UP) majoring in English and Music. I absolutely adore my university and have had amazing professors. Though this place is called 'Happy Valley' the weather here is hardly ever cheery (Until June comes). Here's a typical January/February:

Pictured above: An actual photo of a student from campus.

2. I'm a musician. I've been playing the Double Bass for about 10 years. I also play bass in a rock band (both my upright and bass guitar :) ) Music is one of my greatest passions.

3. And here I am conducting an orchestra for a summer program: 

4. I decided to take up the sport of fencing a few years ago and fell in love with it. (Nidhogg is my jam.) There's no better way to spend your free time then stabbing people. Here's me warming up before a tournament:

Pictured: Me rocking hot pink socks and not givin a fuck.

5. I hope to someday get my writing published. Recently I got the idea to rewrite The Inferno from the perspective of the guide, Virgil. Hopefully I'll get to finishing the entire epic, but for now, here is the first Canto.

6. I composed a 30-second horror story using only public domain sounds found online.

7. I LOVE rollercoasters. Or at least...I used to:

8. I first discovered DTOID by looking up podcasts to test the RSS Feed on my PSP. That's when I found out about the glory that was RetroforceGO! 

If podcasts count as shows, then RetroforceGO! is genuinely my favorite show of all time. I still have Topher yelling "HI!" cheerfully as a text tone on my phone.

9. I like videogames. I can't name favorites for anything, so I'll just name the first ten favorites that come to mind:

Dragon Quest V
Shadow Madness 
GTA: San Andreas 
Halo (PC)
Megaman Legends
Yoshi's Island
The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Persona 3
Dark Souls 
Final Fantasy IV

10. I totally forgot, but I once did a DTOID Interview for the CBLOGs. In case you still feel like you don't know me, here's something even more personal.

Holy schnikes. Writing a blog has gotten a hell of a lot easier since the last time I've tried. Literally years ago.
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About TurboKillone of us since 3:45 PM on 04.11.2008

I am Turbokill. Longtime lurker and forumite (since '07)

I am currently a university student at Penn State studying English and Music. I frequently perform professionally around my area as a double bassist for some of my local symphony orchestras.

I also play in a band and am a member of the Fencing club, because stabbing people is fun.

I'm the guy running around parrying blades and stabbing people in hot pink socks.

I like video games. Like...I frequently have some late nights because I get hooked on a game.

Some of my favorites:

LoZ: Link to the Past
Dragon Quest V
Nearly any Shin Megami Tensei game (Including Persona and Arena)
Shadow Madness
Megaman X5
Megaman Legends
Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Dark Souls
Final Fantasy (IV, IX, VI, VII, VIII, in that order)

and countless others because I suck at picking favorites.

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