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Tug Your God Out
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I DID IT (but a different 'it')

Well at the same time michiyoyoshiku is filling his 360 harddrive I've finally taken the damn plunge. I kept putting it off for so long using the RROD and the original X-Box line-up (which really offered next to nothing tha...


Picking the DC side of this

Ok, I'm sure we're all tired about talking about how much its going to fail. But now that I'm over that, I'm kind of interested to see who will be represented by the two sides. Which DC heroes are going to make the cut and wh...


Overlooked Video Game Babe #2

First an update on the promised Mana Khemia review. I finally got the damn game, 11 days after Amazon promised me a copy. What the hell is the point of 'pre-ordering' a game if they don't have enough copies to send out to pe...


NVGR - NHL East Picks Part 1 of 2

Ok, yeah this isn't video game related unless I throw in a reference to NHL 08 or something but oh well, a lot of the blogs on here not only fail but fail on top of not being game related too so I figure this is ok. I love h...


Strategy Guides

Ouch. this weekend brought me my first blog to not score a single comment. I guess it can be attributed to a couple factors -- it being a weekend post and nothing coming out this week being the main contributors. But I enco...


About Tug Your God Outone of us since 8:34 PM on 03.20.2008

Apparently I'm a gamer -- hence being here. I've had the Donkey Kong theme stuck in my head since about 1995. It's not as cool as it sounds. It's kind of like hiccuping for that many years.

I'm pretty much a deadbeat Liberal Arts graduate from U of Illinois -- uhm Springfield campus. Started off as a computer science major and switched to English Literature. Why? Because I'm an idiot and I'm still looking for the job that made the switch worth the time and money. I did take a year of Elementary Japanese, so maybe I can BS a translation job. But only if I'm talking to school children. How insulting -- "your understanding of the language is that of a retarded kid!" So I guess that skill only comes in handy for catching one out of four words in any anime I watch and a good laugh when people mispronounce words.

Just finally in August joined the high-falooting "next-gen" with a purchase of the 60gb 360. I always said if a Tales game came to the 360, I'd finally buy the damn thing. Had to eat my words but I'm enjoying it so far.

Systems own: N64, Dreamcast, DS (x2), PSP (x2), 360 (finally), Wii, PS2, and a TG-16 (unfortunately not working)

Apparently I'm a huge Tales of fan -- hence getting the 360 for Vesperia and my Klarth avatar when I signed up. But Repede's too awesome to pass up.

Currently playing: Tales of Vesperia, Viva Pinata, Soul Calibur 4, Final Fantasy IV DS, Mana Khemia, Out of the Park Baseball 9, Sam and Max Season 2 (yeah finally got around to that), Downstream Paniac

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