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Tubatic avatar 9:16 AM on 05.03.2009  (server time)
Tubaticisms 5-3-09: NARP! and Cell Phones are Terrible Cameras

+ BALTIMORE/DC/VA NARP! Very awesome. I watched the Fifth Element on Blu-Ray with Samit, Topher, Superflossy and Cataract. Also, I proved that I suck at fighting games. It was very cool just hanging out with a house full of gamers and all around cool people.

+ Random poor quality pics are splayed throughout this post. No doubt a proper recap is coming from someone.

+ I've FINALLY gotten a chance to play AMMO. I ran around chasing people with a bag of oranges. I'll definitely pick it up when it hits Community Games.

+ I was a comfortable arm rest for Adam Dork through out the evening. It was great.

+ I'm so socially awkward. I wanted to introduce myself to everybody, but it was like we all already know each other and just chilled. Such is Destructoid and the vibe of gamers. I never *actually* met Nick Chester, Cowzilla, or Johnathan Ross, but I ended up breathing down each of their necks at some point during the night. It was the most amazing close encounter with internet fame in my life.

For them, it was Saturday.

+ HOLY CRAP Hito has some awesome AV Gear!!!! Kudos to you sir, for hosting these NARPs and trusting a bunch of random dudes from the internet with your stuff.

+ I've played Waku Waku 7. That makes 12 people in the whole entire world. Woot!

+ Samit found a way to compare AMMO to 3 on 3 NHL. His sporting brilliance knows no bounds.


+ Powerstone was played nearly nonstop for like 6 hours during the NARP. I did not expect this.

+ Score: 9/10 - So Pringles

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