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Tubatic avatar 11:38 PM on 10.25.2010  (server time)
Read Quickly About Why Super Meat Boy is a Triumph

Super Meat Boy is out now for the Xbox360, and it is glorious.

Never before have I played a game that does so many things right, purely, as a game.  I was considering a heady piece on how Super Meat Boy is the true Citizen Kane of gaming, but forget that.  Meat Boy wouldn't want it that way.  Instead, let me rattle on real quick about what makes the game stand out as just a really fine piece of work.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

Its key to any great game, and bam, there it is.  Super Meat Boy explains itself in a few quick, textless signs that give you the very essence of what the next bunch of hours of your life in play are going to be about.  In short, things kill Meat Boy, Meat Boy wins when you get to Bandage Girl (his Girl) and you can jump a variable heights. Go.

Those basic truths  are all you need, all you get, and doesn't need to be labored upon to comprehend.  Basics over, you go play now.  Bu
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