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Tubatic avatar 12:04 PM on 01.04.2009  (server time)
I hugged an epic comment thread that explained a lot . . .

. . . because things got real for a minute.

The Explaination of Changes - Wherein Niero bans Heretic, and explains why things have changed.

The Lamentation of de Womens - Wherein many people talk about recent bannings. Also, a discussion about female community members, by female community members. UPDATE: Niero adds a comment about the state of things and Ron's banning on like page 8.

The Hug That Started a Phenomenon - The first hug post. Not that R3Y was starting a movement, but it was the first. Community members picked up this quick pic fun blog and ran with it.

Unofficial Dtoid IRC: For those that need to know, right from your browser - If you're confused about drama any further, IRC usually has the real dirt, and some great conversations about everything. No client required.

Everything is connected.

On a related note, all of this is why I care about Destructoid. Regardless of evolution, Destructoid maintains this unprecedented, intimate, small site feel. Do the GameSpot blogs blow up lunacy in reaction to site management? Does Brian Crecente roll up on his site to explain how the community vibe has changed a little? Is there anywhere else you can get real talk from the site owner, or care enough to meet on a regular basis with other fans and community members of the site?

This place is special.

Just sayin'

Also, Slap Chop

. . . Vince from Sham Wow just got real

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