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Tubatic avatar 2:28 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 Things You Didn't Know About A Tuba Player

Thing #0: This is my best picture on the internet, and was taken 5 years ago. I have since gained 70 pounds and no longer own that hat

10. I took a half scholarship for playing tuba at one college instead of taking a full ride "because I was black" at another one. - The one school looked decent enough, but the one I chose had a better "vibe". Of course, I'd love not to have Student Loans right now, but I don't regret the choice at all. Its one of those "what if" turning points in my life.

9. I am 29 years old, and an uncle to 9 people.- Ranging from ages 24 to 5

8.I don't drink- Aside from a rare snifter of champagne and the occasional rum cake, I don't drink alcohol, recreationally or otherwise. I'm a control junky, and after seeing people lose control to a fault in the years leading up to being legal, the whole thing just ended up being less appealing to me than its worth. I'm not a freak about it. Do what you want, I think you're awesome. I just choose not to.

7. "I test video games for a living" is easier than describing exactly what I do all day- If you want to be specific, I manage a handful of projects and testers for a variety of applications on cellphones, including but not exclusive to games. My day consists of tracking project progress, assisting design/development decisions based on customer company standards and carrier certification requirements, writing test plans and submission documents, checking over submission packages and documents, troubleshooting hardware and software related testing concerns, holding and attending conference calls and, at time, playing games on cell phones.

6. I'm a cat person- I can't live with a dog. WAAAY to needy, those.

5. As a kid, I cried because I couldn't beat Glass Joe- Certainly, I've had a decent life if that was a point of emotional stress for me. But, it demoralized me early in my gaming life. While I'm not much better of a gamer now, I learned a lesson in defeat and perseverance from Glass Joe.

4. I worked in a hotel for 3 years as a front desk clerk starting at minimum wage with a college degree- Short story, I freaked out after college when I couldn't figure out how to turn a music degree into a decent paying job. That was roughly three years of cigarette smoke, wanna-be pimps, suspected drug dealers, go-go music and DJ Night at the bar on Fridays. To this day, I cringe when I hear "Step in the Name of Love" and any modern club variation of the "Electric Slide".

3. Despite being a relative failure as a musician, my work does appear on a nationally released album.- Unfortunately, the work is uncredited and cropped out of all preview clips available on the interwebs. But I assure you, I was paid $70 to lay down the intro and outro tuba parts for Bob Pyle's "I've Been Restored".

2. I've been reading Yukio Mishima's "Runaway Horses" for about 8 years-. I haven't given up on finishing it, but I'm also not actively planning to. However, I have refused to pack it away in storage, as I don't want to give up on it.

1. Even though I'm pretty verbose in my blog and comment writing, I'm more comfortable listening to people than spouting my opinions in person.- My wife says I should have been a therapist instead of her. I really enjoying listening to people talk about what important to them. I generally enjoy being support rather than the Face-Man of anything.

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