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Trust's blog

1:23 AM on 05.16.2010

Runs in the family: Great Karts of Fire!

(Been a while, but I felt compelled to write a legit blog.) Growing up, I had my fair share of single player gaming. Endless hours of Sonic and countless other Genesis games solidified my gaming spirit. However, I didn't alw...   read

4:28 PM on 09.20.2009

Gran Turismo 5 release date? (shortblog again) Not sure if this has been posted or if it is even legit. Amazon usually holds true, though.   read

6:40 PM on 09.18.2009

Need For Speed: Shift and Destructoid = Godly? (shortblog)

I just wanted to thank everyone involved with the Dtoid and NFS:S twitter party, today. I won a copy of the game and am looking forward to getting it. I hope I am not the only one from Destructoid that won.   read

9:42 PM on 04.13.2009

Suggestions! I need them.

Growing up, I really didn't have too much a gaming life on any of the Sony systems up until the purchase of my PS3 at it's launch. I've played a few here and there, but never anything "hardcore" I guess you could say? My favo...   read

7:28 PM on 02.24.2009

Playing With Yourself: A Boy and his Joystick(s).

(This is my first post on Dtoid, but not my first time here. I was pretty much a lurker until January. I wanted my first post to be with the "Playing With Others" topic, but it never happened. Hopefully I can make up for it w...   read

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