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Top 5 Nes Games: No. 5 - Captain Skyhawk

Seriously, This game made my eyes bleed when I was a kid. It was the nearest thing I had seen to 3d graphics, and ran at a blistering pace. The premise was pretty simple: Shoot shit, bomb shit, dock with space station, rins...


Fallout 3 is Fucking Sweet

Just randomly walking through the wasteland when I heard some blokey shouting about worms and telling me to keep back. Found a wastelander who's scared shitless by this freak and sent him to simply go and discuss his greivanc...


Prince of Persia Review

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time holds an immensely special place in my videogaming heart. It was an absolute tour de force, an imperfect masterpiece that represented a lot of what's good in modern gaming. Beautiful, thoug...


Hello and Stuff....

Hello and welcome to my humble little blog. I've come to the conclusion that I've been lurking for too long and it was time to contribute to a website that I spend far too much time reading. Also it'll give me something pro...


About Trunnersone of us since 6:53 AM on 01.04.2009

My favourite games are old school Zelda games and JRPGs such as chrono trigger, FFVI, Earthbound etc. I'm also a massive Mario fan (brought up on Nintendo as I'm sure most people on here were) Nowadays I generally play games with an epic feel to them. I love that feeling at a start of a game when you know you've got a good thirty hours (at least) of good times coming. Saying that my favourite game of the last year was probably Braid so I'm clearly talking bollocks.

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