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5:31 PM on 01.28.2015  

My Brother's and I Journey to APEX Part 1: The Beginning

Wow APEX is this week and I'm still a little shocked. This Friday and Saturday (and hopefully Sunday) you will be seeing the tags IQHQ| Troyfullbuster and IQHQ| Gohan competing at APEX, a Super Smash Bros. National Tournament! It's funny, I saw Joey and I (Mike) being there but to think it would happen this quickly is kind of cool. Yes, anyone can sign up for APEX but it's just that, our growth in the Pro Smash game has come far and we've only been at it for 6 months (which is funny because when we talk to other pros they are shocked we have only been playing for a short amount of time).

Before I get into other stuff let's talk about the beginning aka the Summer of 2014. Consistently playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl with my best friend Phil for the last 1.5 years, with inclusions of Joey (of course), and two other friends Rory and Sean; we finally thought it was time for us to compete in tournaments, we finally had the illusion we were good. Now remember two things: Brawl is considered dead and we have never entered any tournament ever, even a local. After playing nearly everyday and certainly every weekend, we went to the Best Buy E3 event and obviously were there to enjoy some demos of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS.

Here's an old Brawl matchup (don't sub to this Youtube channel! It's old and abandoned!)

Wait...that's not a tournament!

You're right because there was when we actually got into the tournament scene! Our friend Rory recognized a top 8 APEX finalist and Clash Tournament sponsored Vinnie (CT XFIRE| Vinnie) currently the #9 Brawl player in the entire world! From there we also met his friend, who was working the event, the found of XFIRE Long Island and head T.O. for APEX 2015 Dul (the Dul0R). After chatting for a bit and of course playing the demo, they told us to come down to deep Long Island for a tournament they were hosting to celebrate Brawl (well its second to last tournament). Unfortunately, I cannot find the bracket but let me tell you the butt whooping we all took there. I did a win a few compared to Phil, Sean, and Rory and Joey (who was the worst at the time) improved so greatly and did fantastic in both the mid-tier only tourney and the real one, but alas we came in the 13th-17th range (Joey and I).

From there the grind never stopped for Joey and myself and we told ourselves to forget Brawl and put all our money on Smash 4. From there, we bought a Japanese 3DS, got more friendly with big competitors (especially the Long Island people like DKWill, Mr. E, Vinnie) and really just played the game. The next tournament we went to I did a bit better than Joey, placing tied for 9th in a bracket with the said names and Mew2King, Jtails, and other big names. That tournament which was also hosted by XFIRE and in fact streamed by D1 (big-time Smash announcer) was where we first leveled up. (CrossFire 4 Bracket here)

However, even through all our grinding on the 3DS we never won any tournament on it, though Joey did get second place at a XFIRE local/weekly and won money! That marked the first time either Troina ever won money at a Smash tourney and/or even placed in top 3! It was such a great day and to see my brother get to that level at the time (it was October people! Smash 3DS had a life span of Sept-Nov). The 3DS for me was a stepping stone as I became good friends with Jtails and Clash Tournament's Keitaro (who is really awesome and friendly). It taught me to constantly improve and the speed at which pro's play at!

On a random side note, it makes sense to why his tag was Gohan, he's always been that younger one who just ascends to greatness, be it in football (D1 scholarship) or even Smash; however I can't let my little brother beat me for too long! And even though we're brothers my old tag used to be Goku, but now I rock Troyfullbuster, though occasionally will throw Goku on my Smash tag in a game. The reason is because Goku is my idol and has always trained to get stronger as well as be someone who fights for what he protects while being confident in himself; but that's a story for another time!

Here's our old 3DS Combo

Catch Part 2 sometime this week with the arrival of where we are now and where Super Smash Bros Wii U /the console version has taken us!


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7:05 PM on 01.19.2015  

My Super Smash Bros Wii U Combo Video!

Hey guys I know I haven't blogged in forever and I've been kinda busy at pro smash tourneys in the east coast as well as streaming and youtube and last semester of college....but no worries!

Cause I totally had time to make another Smash Bros. combo video that I hope you all enjoy!

Don't forget to like, comment, and find me and my team at SNBGaming64 or Troyfullbuster on Twitch!


6:09 PM on 12.02.2014  

9539 Ft. Home-Run Derby Super Smash Bros. w/ Ganondorf!

Literally one night with my friend we decided just to play around in home-run derby and like magic...we came up with this glory lol.


1:50 AM on 12.02.2014  

KH 2.5 Collector's Edition early unboxing + stream

I actually wanted to stream some KH3D since that is the only game not beaten on our stream (Kingdom hearts universe-wise) but since this literally came in one day early we obviously have to!

So here's a very bad unboxing video done by minus one man of our 3 man team so you should totally like, comment, and subscribe!

and don't forget to catch the stream!


sorry guys the stream is over its 3am! lol


11:24 AM on 11.21.2014  

Super Smash Bros. Combo (3DS) Video

Hey guys and Dtoid! I hope you enjoy this compliation combo video I've spent hte last week making with my friend/Youtube partner/brother. Enjoy!  And don't forget to sub and like!

I hope you all enjoy and share your favorites!

You know you want to front page this Destructoid....please

I'll be back with more Smash spam later in the week

Also wish me luck at KTAR XI on Clash Tournaments on Saturday <3


4:57 PM on 11.16.2014  

I met Reggie Fils-Aime!! The Reginnator Himself! Oh also played Smash Wii U

*fun note before I forget REGGIE HIMSELF says he dislikes Majora's Mask and OoT/LttP are his favorites (made my day) enjoy the gameplay vids!

Yep that's right I freaking met the President and COO of Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aime. Now, obviously we all are wondering, "How did this dope get to meet Reggie!?". Actually, the thing was one day my brother told Phil and I that Nintendo was holding a contest only for New York residents only for a few days and you had to write an email on why you want to meet Reggie. I was like okay, I've got nothing better to do and I wrote a about a 3 paragraph email; replies weren't expected until early November and this was mid-late October, but in all honesty I didn't think I was winning until I got a random email a week before the event. The email asked some follow-up questions and only 10 winners were selected...and there weren't allowed to bring guests. So unfortunately for my brother, he couldn't come.....


The best two lookings guys there behind Reggie!

He got an email on the last day they were noticing people of winners (Friday November 7th) and somehow two members of SuperNintenbros were going to meet Reggie and play some Smash early. The big thing in the promotion was not only meeting Reggie, but getting to hang out with him and fighting his Amiibo! Now, this isn't the first time we were playing Smash Wii U (as the Best Buy E3 event) but its the first time we were going to play it after months of Pro Tournaments for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS; in essence we had knowledge of the game.

Wednesday arrived and we went to the Nintendo World Store and they closed the entire upper floor because of the private event we were invited to! Once we got past the check-ins, there was food, Wii-U and 3DS set ups everywhere and of course this big guy who we all know...Dan from Nintendo Treehouse (he was there) but I mean Reggie! It was pretty awesome and surreal, he gave a brief introduction, joked as he always does (but it was funny as it was similar to the E3 Robot Chicken thing), and honestly wanted us to ease in the event and treat it like a normal thing. To clarify on the joke, someone asked about a new Metroid game and he goes yeah I've got it here...reached into his back pocket with his 3DS and then said we all couldn't play it! The Wii U's had Mario Kart 8 DLC (this was before it officially came out), Captain Toad, and in a special "living room" set-up two Wii U's with Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii.

The first thing I did though was jump right to the Wii U with my brother and the best part they gave us GCN controllers with the adapters! In addition, the Wii U was set up with the new mode: 8-Player Smash. I grabbed a silver classic GCN (although they had the new one that is coming with the $99 bundle *more on that later) and man I have to say it felt fantastic. I love Super Smash Bros. 3DS and obviously playing pro smash 3DS with others and being on Clash Tournaments I know and understand the controls, but nothing beats Smash on a GCN controller. I do want to learn how to play with my GamePad, but picking it up and knowing the meta just made it all the better (yes the bias is clear!).

Thoughts on 8-Player Smash and the 'new' GCN controller

I thought 8-player Smash was pretty fun but

  • It's too easy to lose yourself even with your Tag/Name above 
  • I think at KTAR XI (this Friday hosted by CT and Apex) it will die there and we'll continue to have only dubz (doubles) and singles
  • It's a great mode to play with friends and items kinda still suck (bias) but might be necessary for it
  • The maps are amazing like that Kirby

Also, the freedom the game gives you to choose normal costumes even though you are on different teams (example blue link on green teams) which makes it even worse with a large amount of players. It's utter disarray in my opinion, and let's not forget that in tournaments team attack is on! We'll see how this plays out by next week!

Notes on the GCN Controller are that is feels cheap. No knock to Nintendo making that awesome black design with the Smash logo but when I picked it up it felt light and made of cheaper material than of that of the regular GCN controller (which I just used). The positive on it though is that the Matte finish on it feels great and the grip is fantastic.

Thoughts on Amiibo

Buy them.

They are amazing and simply awesome to look at as well! I got to see a Level 1 Mario grow up and learn from the fights he was in as well as vs a few level 50 Amiibo's. The Amiibo essentially is a living AI that constantly learning even at its "limit" of level 50. The Amiibo, as Dan from Nintendo Treehouse explained it to me, is learning your fighting style and a way to counter it as well. I watched it learn from me spiking it all the time to knowing it should air dodge there or it shouldn't overshoot a ledge and rather stay below it. In addition, even if your Amiibo is level 50, that doesn't mean its amazing. We at SNBGaming64/SuperNintenbros wrecked all of the Nintendo's staffs Amiibo's (same can't be said for the others), and watched it get back into another fight with progress. It was funny how Dan was joking how his Amiibo is now jacked up because of all the fighting he did with my brother and I!

Remember how I said Amiibo's are always learning, well Amiibo's also learn from the settings you play in. The Amiibo's we played were not that bad in 1v1's but when we at SNB decided to team battle two level 50 Amiibo's...well let's just say they didn't know what "team battles were". Also, playing with items or without effects your Amiibo's play style/knowledge on what items are and how to go for them. Regarding physical appearances and quality, they look great and are actually lighter than they seem! Word of advice though, don't throw them around in your backpack, they seem like they can break if handled poorly.

If you have any questions about Amiibo's please ask, I know more but don't want to spoil how amazing they are!

Final Thoughts/End

I had a fantastic time and actually got to talk with Reggie about not video games. He's an amazing guy and pretty tall though not that tall as I talked to him about how he got this job, what he was doing at college etc. He told me he wanted to be a banker as he was studying finance in college (like myself), got offered a job at Proctor & Gamble and really hit off from there. He grew up with his family and college by playing Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 though now he mainly plays his 3DS because he is always traveling, but he says he tries to practice for Smash but "he sucks". I do feel bad since he's always talking to like big-time nerds and/or having awkward conversations with them, but he might enjoy it. We actually talked to him about basketball and football and man he loves basketball with a passion! I think we went on 20 minutes for basketball and I could see the joy in his eyes with that!

Then we talked about finances, where he travels, work stuff (well I did) and after that I handed him my resume, which he gladly took and said no promises...though at the end of the day I saw him walking out with it in hand! Honestly, Reggie is an idol for me in the sense of I can achieve that goal/dream and he's a living personification of it.

We'll see where the future takes but right now all I can see is Smash Wii U (and a possible job at the Nintendo World Store!)

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12:11 PM on 10.19.2014  

SSB 3DS Home-Run contest 6000+ feet!

Yep, fresh off from last week's CrossFire/XFire at Smash Dollhoues (placed 4th my bro got 2nd lost to XFIRE Will) I decided to help my fellow Smashers on their quest to completing the freaking Challenge boards!

Don't forget to sub to our Youtube: SuperNintenbros or catch us on Twitch: Troyfullbuster (on TeamSmashBros) [also thursday nights for streamtoid]

Here we have Ganondorf doing his thing in the homerun contest...who needs Bats!



9:46 PM on 09.28.2014  

DIBS Sonic the Hedgehog Sm4sh!

I choose Sonic the hedgehog! Why because he's cool, he's fast, he's as old as I am, and come on he's blue!

  1. HES MY MAIN! I literally just got back from CrossFire and placed in top 10

 Like no seriously, it's even here! ( Yeah man!!! Freaking M2K and Vinnie (I did go 0-for- against Vinnie haha)

2. He has like the greatest platforming game ever: Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Come on, like who doesn't like Sonic 3 and Knuckles? The amazing soundtrack, the super amazing depth of every level, the introduction of HYPER SONIC! Let's not forget invulernable do all-the-work Tails....err I mean his sidekick!!

3. Uhh Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, and his comics, and his cartoon shows...except Sonic Underground

Yeah, that's right I'm going Meta-game here, Sonic is everywhere! You can't top that, plus M2K second mains him, and yeah he's in the top-10 characters for Project Melee/PM because he's amazing and his FAIR is a meteor!!

4. His improvements and amazing costumes will make everyone love him (actual reasons)

Sonic, although his D-Smash is terribad, has been improved overall. His recovery is even better, his turn around-dash grab is insane, his forward tilt has 2!! Hitboxes and has great reach. He has great U-Air combos, plus his FAIR ain't to shabby. They also added a do-or-die Meteor in the first frame of his DAIR, which you can recover from! Let's not forget that sexy side-B special reminsicent of Sonic 2 and 3 Spin dash, plus all his jumps have the original 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog noise!! 

5. Nobody uses item because that is lame A.F. but still he has the best final Smash

6. Sonic's his name speed's his game.

7. I'm Sonic...also his taunts Japanese



1:33 PM on 09.14.2014  

Super Smash Bros. 3DS Impressions (Advanced Techniques)

Well, coming from a semi-pro perspective here is what I think, from the time I've spent playing the demo:

  • There is no Dash-Dancing (continuously moving back in forth in a single space)- The reason why is because moving the slide back in forth in such a quick manner is impossible. I can dash dance if I use my index finger but that is useless for fighting.
  • There is obviously No L-Cancelling and WaveDashing
  • There are more combos, especially off of throws (down-throws for days)
  • There is a lot more hit-stun
  • There is no chain grabbing (boo)
  • Easier to recover from sides rather than below
  • Meteors/Spikes are rewarded, be it for kills, or on the ground (as you bounce up now!)
  • GIMPs are near impossible for some characters.
  • Most characters have insane recovery's
  • Mario's flag gives you your up-B back if hit before "neutral"
  • Ledge guarding is gone
  • Game runs smooth
  • Pikachu has a great recovery
  • Mario's aerial game is even better
  • Mega Man is not that bad actually (need to be a good short hopper)
  • Link can actually recover!
  • Villager is alright, not much to say about him
  • Why are grab and shield different buttons?

If you have any other random question, or if I notice anything else I will obviously update! Enjoy guys!

If you want to watch Smash Run with Pacman!

This is Luigi vs. Bowser! With Final Smash:


Michael Troina plays games for his Twitch Channel EVERYDAY @ Troyfullbuster and his Youtube Channel: SuperNintenbros or YouTube Channel: TLMB Gaming that is only if you want to watch awesome and funny gaming videos with full walkthroughs, unboxings, and laughs! You can also find Mike and TLMB on Facebook or Mike and SNB on Facebook by liking the page! Thanks guys!


4:12 PM on 09.12.2014  

Bought the 3DS Japanese Super Smash Bros 4 showing spoilers, stages, and Luigi F

Basically read the title!



Michael Troina plays games for his Twitch Channel EVERYDAY @ Troyfullbuster and his Youtube Channel: SuperNintenbros or YouTube Channel: TLMB Gaming that is only if you want to watch awesome and funny gaming videos with full walkthroughs, unboxings, and laughs! You can also find Mike and TLMB on Facebook or Mike and SNB on Facebook by liking the page! Thanks guys!


6:24 PM on 09.09.2014  

Top 5 Kingdom Hearts Worlds

Well, since I just went to the store to pre-order Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Re:Mix (and not the awesome Japanese pre-order version with a statue for like $300) I thought I would list out my favorite worlds in all the Kingdom Hearts games to show my love and appreciation for the series. Eleven years, eight games, and a hell lot of worlds just means it only makes my job harder to list what are the best damn worlds I've played in. The goal of these lists and these worlds came into my Top List is due to the factors of: impact (on the player and story), fun, music, and of course unexpectedness.

If you guys want to read my Kingdom Hearts 3 blog where I discuss the Seven Guardians of Light vs the 13 Darknesses as Master Xehanort predicted click here!

*also all gifs are mine and published here and here make your own!

Honorable Mention List

  • Traverse Town (Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance)-  Traverse Town is awesome and a great startup in any Kingdom Hearts game. From meeting Squall/Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cid, aka old-cast Final Fantasy members, to having the story unwind in a mysterious way only makes Traverse Town an unforgettable world. Let's not forget the awesome battle music and your first run-in with Donald and Goofy happened here! KH3D expands on this world, adding a hidden/bigger world that imagined, along with the cast of TWEWY (The World Ends With You), making Traverse Town one of the best worlds in the series!
  • Neverland (KH1 & BBS)- Why is Neverland of all places here? Well, it is the only level/world in which you can FLY! Yep, you can fly however and wherever you want! In addition, beating this world will give you the AP Abilities of Glide and SuperGlide! Who doesn't love those abilities? Plus, let's not forget awesome Pirate-theme Heartless; too bad this world is too short. However, on the BBS side all I have to say is Vanitas, that is all

  • Castle Oblivion/Land Of Departure- While this "world" is a hub world in Re: Chain of Memories, and is only used really in the end, and mainly a cutscene level; you cannot deny the impact the Castle Oblivion has on the entire Kingdom Hearts series. From Ventus' sleeping here, to the secret ending in Kingdom Hearts, to the epic boss battles it has held versus Marluxia, Larxene, Axel, and Data Roxas (Re:Coded people play the games!), and of course Namine and all of Re: Chain of Memories. Castle Oblivion just has the scent and look of a bad guy's hideout. Remember, "In this place to find is to lose. And to lose is to find."

5- Agrabah (both KH1 and KH2)

This was probably my hardest choice, but a well deserved one. First off, I love Aladdin, second Jafar is a great villain, and third KURT ZISA (play a secret boss people). Agrabah stays true to its core-Disney story, but perfectly adds the element of KH-trio in the story. The world is vast, brings a great element of danger as well as exploration, and let's face it Aladdin is a pretty good-AI....that I never use. Not only is Agrabah great, but the second area in the world, the Cave of Wonders is fantastic battleground area with tons of memorable Heartless and Nobodies. Who can honestly forget the Fat Bandits strolling by everywhere and breathing fire in the most inconvenient off-camera position?

4-The World That Never Was

The World That Never Was is what Castle Oblivion is to villains and myself, just in a more epic way. The Organization's Hideout is located here, the door to Kingdom Hearts, and of course it's the place with some pretty epic battles against some pretty badass leaders/bosses. The World That Never Was has all the iconic and toughest variations both the Nobodies and Heartless' and the entire soundtrack is just a giant tense filled build up because you know you are reaching the finale of Kingdom Hearts 2 or Dream Drop Distance. If you wanted to play in a world where you know something is about to go down there ain't no other place like The World That Never Was (sorry End of the World).

3- Symphony of Sorcery

This is my biggest surprise of the list and honestly, it still is. Symphony of Sorcery is a Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance only level and is based off of Fantasia (the Magic Mickey which is super iconic). The crazy special thing about this world is: there is no sound! You can only here the beautiful symphonic music (L'Apprenti Sorcerer, Nutcracker Suite, etc.) and I have to say it fits perfectly. Killing enemies and interacting with the world also adds to the music without ruining the sweet melody you are listening too. The world is also pretty big, holds some very rare Dream Eaters, and provides you with the second best keyblade in the game (Ultima is #1 of course)! Let's not forget how beautiful the surronding forests, clouds, and other areas the world holds! It's like going through all the seasons (Click Clock Wood anyone?) yet you're just exploring them. The bosses are a bit unique in this world as they are not normal fights, with Sora you must grind/Flow Motion of notes while fighting a Dream Eater and Riku gets to fight the fabled Chernabog!

2- Hercules Coliseum (KH1 ONLY)

This level is probably the most crossover, action packed, awesome level anyone can play in Kingdom Hearts. Hercules Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts 1 holds fantastic tournaments that make the player just itching to unlock the next Cup! First off, you fight Cerberus here, then you fight the greatest costume designed Cloud in existence!! (THE CLAWS! AND THAT WING), and let's not forget figuring out how to hurt Hades. In addition (cause I'm not even done), I didn't mention fighting Squall/Leon, Yuffie, Squall and Cloud together (there was no Dissidia yet), and the best of them all THE ICE wait I mean SEPHIROTH! *Cue theme song* Not only is Sephiroth better in Kingdom Hearts 1 (and more difficult) but after you beat him you get an epic secret scene when he fights Cloud and you literally melt. The entire Hercules Coliseum is built off Cups, it has 2 rooms! And yet epic battles against character greats just make this the best world in Kingdom Hearts.

1- Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion

Now, I did say Hercules Coliseum was the best world in Kingdom Hearts, but don't you dare think it is the most iconic and greatest world KH has. That belongs to Hollow Bastion, which in turn is also the most important world in all of Kingdom Hearts. This is where all the Final Fantasy characters live, it is also the world Kairi is the Princess of Heart, I also have to mention that this is where the Organization was first created, in addition to it being the place where Ansem the Wise did his studies. Ansem the Wise found Terranort here, which lead to Xehanort gaining more knowledge with Light and get the picture.

Not only is it THAT important story wise but you also have some iconic battles here like Maleficent, Ansem Seeker of Darkness Riku-form, and on the KH2 side, Sephiroth Round 2, Demyx, and of course the Sora vs. 1000 Heartless. Everytime you enter this world, you know you are at some turning point in the story and it serves as some amazing penultimate world, both beautiful and serious. Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden is a gorgeous world that connects Kingdom Hearts with Disney and Final Fantasy. In addition, to being a glorious and huge town that is just amazing to be in, you have to remember that it boasts some of the best damn music in all of Kingdom Hearts. That Piano Collections OST of Hollow Bastion is just an earful of glory and it makes you want to grind for EXP or just explore! Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden just has so much story behind it and really I feel like we haven't explored it all, even after playing through all the Kingdom Hearts games.

Thanks for reading and tell me your favorite worlds down below! No phoney's allowed!


Michael Troina plays games for his Twitch Channel EVERYDAY @ Troyfullbuster and his Youtube Channel: SuperNintenbros or YouTube Channel: TLMB Gaming that is only if you want to watch awesome and funny gaming videos with full walkthroughs, unboxings, and laughs! You can also find Mike and TLMB on Facebook or Mike and SNB on Facebook by liking the page! Thanks guys!


5:37 PM on 09.02.2014  

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 / Gyakuten Kenji 2 Review

It's finally here and it's no thanks to Capcom that Miles Edgeworth 2/ Ace Investigations has been played and reviewed by yours truly! Ace Attorney Investigations is a "spinoff" series regarding the games second-most popular character, the titular Miles Edgeworth, and does things a bit differently than its main series, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. In the Investigations games, you do not defend or prosecute suspects in court, rather, you investigate crime scenes, have "Rebuttles" against police or witness testimony, and of course find the truth; well I guess it is kind of like Phoenix Wright, but played from a totally different viewpoint, you can walk around come on!

Disregarding information we should all know, as Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, is/was a localized game let's jump into how this game was made available for people like us and of course the review. For the past two years, members of a site known as have been trying to translate the game and give us a patch in order for the game to be available to non-Japanese players. Updates were constant and was in fact stuck from a release of only the first two cases, until finally a year after that update, the English patch was made by a large team of fans. Kotaku, a video game news site, was one of the first and only to report on it as the patch was done just this past June! Nearly four years after the game's release of course; while it may not be an official translation, it may be the only way we will ever play Gyakuten Kenji, unless we learn Japanese.


Ace Investigations 2 is a direct sequel to the first game and the story continues off about a week after the end event of the first Ace Investigations. Edgeworth and Detective Dick Gumshoe are called over to investigate a crime scene of an attempted presidential assassination of the president of the Republic of Zheng Fa (hints). There they run into Kay Faraday, another main character from the first game, and thus the game truly begins and brings you only closer to the truth that lie far away.

During the course of the game, you of course meet new characters, and Ace Investigations 2 adds three new main characters, all which have a great impact and are great additions to the cast. Sebastain Debeste/Yumihiko Ichiyanagi, Judge Justice Courtney/Hakari Mikagami, and Raymond Shields/Tateyuki Shigaraki, are characters that not only bring Edgeworth to the man we know him as in Phoenix Wright 5: Dual Destinies, but also tie up Edgeworth's past; which leads to his father, Gregory Edgeworth, to have a bigger impact on the game than in previous ones.

If you've played any of the Ace Attorney or Investigations games you should be down with the core gameplay that the series has to offer. The game is consistent with all its series, as you must investigate, remember key facts (read!), and of course listen to testimony and find falsities in their claims. What Investigations 1 & 2, do differently that than the Ace Attorney series, is you control Miles Edgeworth (as in you can see a character model and travel around) instead of just moving from area to area while touching points of interest. Investigating is still the same, just the manner of travel is different, as well as interaction with NPC's.

Now, the differences Ace Investigations 2 brings from Ace Investigations 1 is just one thing (to its gameplay), however, it plays a key part in the entire game; and that is: Logic Chess. Logic Chess is a type of interrogation Miles Edgeworth does against persons of interest, in order to lure out more information and/or crack them. It does not require evidence and is based off a time scale, in which wrong answers take away from your set amount of time asking the person questions. Most Logic Chess matches require you to get your information off slip-ups the character will say during the talk, and you must backtrack your statements to find where these "clues" will fit into place or contradict what they say. In these matches you also are given a list of answers/questions to tell the other person and if you go to far off base, you will be penalized by losing time. In addition, each character has a different personality, so if you are too aggressive or passive, you will be penalized as well!

A bad change Investigations 2 had was the they got rid of the "freedom" that you had investigating in Investigations. In the first game, you can travel area to area if you were missing something, and kind of let the game feel more "open". However, not once in Investigations 2, were you allowed to travel outside the investigating area, leaving each area as more of a 1-part kind of place. While that does progress the game quicker and most of the time a player will not leave an area until they are sure they got everything, it simplified the missions just a bit. In addition, Logic is used a lot less in this game, as well as Edgeworth's "EUERKA" call from Investigations 1. This may be due to a fanwork rather than the game changes though. Another change I bring up, not knowing the source/reason why, is that when you get a Game Over (your bar runs out), the ending scene is always the same. But in Investigations 1, when you would die, you would get an alternate scene/follow-up scene of your loss, with your characters interacting. In Investigations 2, you always get the same screen, which makes me wonder if this was a fan-problem or the game changed it? However, everything else from Investigations remains the same, even the hints of Phoenix Wright (and a great hilarious one-shot/examining a useless area in the final case, similar to the time you see him in Case 3 of the first game).

For those wondering about the graphics, then be happy! Every character has gotten new character model updates and look fantastic (Kay Faraday looks the best), but other than most of it seems the same. The new music added fits each characters motif perfectly, though I would have to say, the new music, personally, it is not as suspenseful for the revelations of cases or interrogations of bad guys.

Edgeworth pulling that gurren lagann quote! [well if Dtoid would ever let me EDIT IT]

I would say replay-value wise, this game is low compared to the first game (which I replayed before playing this) and the first three Phoenix Wright games. While the cases were good and heartfelt, they didn't have the kind of terror, shock, excitement, and awe as the cases in the previous games I mentioned.


Score: 8.0/10

Investigations 2 is a good game and Miles Edgeworth is a great character. However, this game does not live up to the hype the first game set for us and is a bit disappointing with its end results of the cases. I was genuinely shocked for a few of the cases, but I always felt something was missing while playing the game. In addition, I hate how Raymond Shields always used the "Defense Lawyers always smile at the worst time and turn things around". NO, you aren't Phoenix Wright and Mia Fey, Edgeworth's dad didn't make those mottos, those are just personal grievances but still come on; they forced this so much and it annoyed me a bit. Otherwise I enjoyed my time with Investigations 2 and definitely recommend it to fans of the Phoenix Wright series.


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