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Hey what's up guys my name is Michael Troina. Future GameInformer or IGN editor
I am a hardcore avid video game player, I love watching anime and reading manga.
My full walkthrough/playthrough's are found on my youtube account here
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I am also an athlete I play baseball, basketball, and football; I appear sometimes on my friends college sports radio show
I also blog a LOT (I'll put the links below) ranging from myIGN video game blog to my just Kingdom Hearts blog.
The systems I own are: SNES, N64, Gameboy-GBA, DS lite, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360, Dreamcast, GameGear, SEGA Genesis, PS1-3, Gamecube.
My favorite series/games are: Legend of Zelda, Super Mario (Bros 3 is the best but all the games), Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy IX, Uncharted, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Banjo-Tooie, Phoenix Wright, and Kingdom Hearts
Favorite animes: Code Geass, Gundam SEED, Durarara!!, Fairy Tail, Bleach, DragonBall Z
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TLMB is back with another review coming at you! This of course of our second completed game on our channel: The Legend of Zelda...the original!

We go through the story, music, gameplay, how we feel it stands overtime and of course the overall score! So is this all-time classic worth an eShop buy or a replay?

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Pokemon X & Pokemon & don't launch for another two weeks but that didn't stop Nintendo from releasing a special edition 3DS XL in honor of the game. While, it didn't come with the game, unfortunately, it still is an amazing looking system.
Join TLMB/LegendofMikeandBill as Billy finally gets to do his first unboxing!

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"Hey Nico want to go bowling?"

"NO!!" I raged at my screen as I called in a helicopter and destroyed my cousin's apartment.

OK, that's not really my favorite GTA moment; in fact I don't have many since I'm more of a greenhorn in Grand Theft Auto. See, my moments in Grand Theft Auto actually came on the first Playstation with GTA and GTA II. 

The games were much more simpler then....or well the only game in which I had no clue in what I was doing. I knew there was missions, dodging the cops, jacking cars, the usual works from Grand Theft Auto (not to mention running over people was very easy in these two games). GTA was like this game where I would play if I was stuck in games like Final Fantasy or trying to 117% Spyro.

Alright, onto my favorite GTA moment: Getting the 6 Stars/Heads Wanting rating so the Army comes in to destroy you. 

When I first saw my older brother get a 4-head bounty and how the game was basically out to destroy him; I actually thought that it was pretty awesome. The game honestly felt like it was programmed to just destroy the user. So with that, my brother and I had a competition see who could get the 6-head bounty and who could survive the longest.

Suffice to say it wasn't even close because the second I got the bounty all I remember was seeing a missile straight from a tank blow me up! It was hilarious but awesome at the same time, I never saw such hectic-ness in one game! I don't think I ever played GTA right and while I didn't like IV that much, it is still a series I respect. The game is just out there and let's the player get lost in his own world, very much like I did when I played GTA II.

If you just wanted to skip to the end and not read, my favorite moment is getting shot in the face with a tank missile; just cause I was the greatest petty car-thief of all time!

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Forgive me for being sick so my voice is meh but guess what TLMB just got! The Wind Waker HD Limited Edition Wii U!
Of course we do our usual unboxing routine plus telling you what's next on the agenda (Pokemon 3DS XL unboxing next week!)
Also, the finale of the Joey Sayonara MMGM is being uploaded tonight so be sure to catch that!
Don't forget you can subscribe to Youtube Channel: LegendofMikeandBill that is only if you want to watch awesome gaming videos with full walkthroughs, unboxings, and news-updates you can also catch TLMB on Facebook so make sure you like us or on WordPress!

12:16 PM on 09.08.2013

Ni No Kuni, the DS game turned into a PS3 game that non-Japanese gamers knew about, but never knew when they would get it. Three years after its release in Japan, Level-5 studios published and developed Ni No Kuni; a game also featuring the handiwork (as well as help in development) of one of the most famous animators of all-time, Studio Ghibli (creators of Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, etc.)

The big catch to this game is it is referred to as a "JRPG from the 1990's". The game combines many elements featured from those elder JRPG games and melds them into a way that makes it seem familiar but at the same time fresh. Many gamers feel today that the JRPG's have become either very watered down, making it easy for almost any player especially veterans or insanely niche. Ni No Kuni is able to bring today's generation of gamers and gameplay altogether to meet that of nearly two decades ago when JRPG's were at its prime.

Ni No Kuni's story has to do with the adventure of a young thirteen year-old boy named Oliver. and his journey into a whole new, undiscovered world. Oliver is from Motorville, a very 1950's-eqsue town, where he lives with his mother, his best friend, and other citizens of the old-school town. Oliver is a simple child who doesn't really garner the spotlight, like many JRPG hero's, and he isn't very powerful; he is just a normal boy living his life. Unfortunately, after a few couple of unforeseen incidents, Oliver finds himself alone and depressed, that is, until he meets/saves his faithful companion throughout the game Mr. Drippy. Mr. Drippy is a fairy from this other world and tells Oliver that only he has the power to save his world from an evil wizard known as The Dark Djinn Shadar.

Overworld and Battle Gameplay

Ni No Kuni, being an RPG, is divided into main types of gameplay: overworlds and battle. The overworld in Ni No Kuni is set into three parts: Towns, Oliver's World/Motorville, and of course the overworld itself. Starting with the overworld in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, the game does not contain randomly generated battles. All enemies (known as familiars), are visible to the player at all times. Enemies have the ability to notice you as well and due to this some may chase you, depending if you are weaker or a close level to them, and others may run away if you are stronger than they are. The game takes a cut from Earthbound/Mother 2 as approaching an enemy from behind will give you a preemptive strike on the enemy and vice versa. You mainly travel around the world by walking to each area, but as the game progresses you find multiple ways to travel such as obtaining a ship to travel the seas. On the ocean the same rules apply, although you can't see what type of familiar you will fight in the depending/ensuing battle.

Every town in Ni No Kuni contains four things: The Inn, Weapon Shop, Item Shop, and Errand's Building. All four areas are vital parts to Ni No Kuni; the Inn you must stay at if you want to get maps for the area (provided in your Wizard's Companion). The Weapon Shop and Item Shop are self-explanatory areas. The Errand's Building is basically the sidequest spot of Ni No Kuni. Unlike most JRPG's, sidequests are usually requested by random NPC's that you have to find in different areas, or they are time-locked and some go away, etc. In Ni No Kuni, Errand's are divided up into bounties and errands, and can be accessed at anytime. More specifically, errands are available after beating certain bosses/temples, but you can return to do errand's at anytime you want to in the game. Every job request is accepted in this Errand Building and sometimes the errands can only be activated by reading the errand board (similar to Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door).

What makes Ni No Kuni special is the fact that there are two things: the ability to travel to Motorville (and the importance it plays) and your Wizard's Companion. Ni No Kuni has two worlds, but each world is connected by its people, where they are called soulmates. Early in the game you meet a girl who joins your party named Esther. Esther was affected by Shadar's magic because he cursed her soulmate, who lives in Oliver's world, Myrtle. Because of this, many sidequests and main-quests of the game, have Oliver consistently going back and forth from his world to the other world. Now, the Wizard's Companion is like your guidebook for being a wizard. This book is an important part of the game because certain puzzles can only be figured out by actually reading this book! The book also states general facts about enemies and monsters (like weaknesses, best equipment) and is a constant source for players who are looking to better their party.

Now, the battle gameplay of Ni No Kuni is a more live-action RPG with a bit of turn-based influence. In a way more concise, it would be Pokemon with a second to think for your commands. Each battle you can either command your player (Oliver, Esther, etc.) or one of three familiars from your party. The attacks range from an auto-attack for a set-time, to a magic attack (where battle time freezes as you select your command), to defending and items. It is possible to also dodge without using commands, as physical attacks need to be performed by actually hitting the player, so if you are far away and select Attack, you or the enemy have to get in range in order to attack you. So, unlike Xenobalde Chronicles, when you are no where near an enemy and still can get hurt, in this game staying away or running around the battle field for time works as a strategy,

In the game there are many types of familiars, and like Pokemon each has a type they are weak against and effective against. In addition, each familiar has a set attribute like one can be a fire and heavy type familiar, that can only use certain equipment. These types of monsters are usually slower and more powerful, although still weak against storm or ice opponents. Also, like Pokemon, each familiar can evolve up to a third form! By leveling up, your familiar can reach a max level for that species and you must feed it stones to evolve its form. Evolving also resets the levels of the familiars (so be careful to not evolve before a boss!) and sometimes may change the type of familiar it is.


Ni No Kuni's soundtrack is done by Joe Hisaishi and Rei Kondoh. The soundtrack is beautifully done in many areas of the game, especially in the beginning, although it is a step behind the usual music we here in games like Final Fantasy. My favorite track of the game is the Arie Recollection [clickable]. Graphics for Ni No Kuni are an obvious step up from its DS version, but are very Wind Waker-eqsue. Not in a sense of cel-shading, but you can see the animation features in most of the character models, making them look more like fantasy than reality. The landscapes and towns are gorgeously done and really bring that fantasy-movie feeling whenever you walk into a town. Also, for those fans of animated Studio Ghibli movies will love that some of the cutscenes are drawn and animated for the player to watch and enjoy. Replay-value of the game is not high, but completion wise is very high. The game offers many post game sidequests in addition to a way to unlock the game scenes and movies if you are up to the task.


Overall: 9/10

Ni No Kuni is a fine entry into the JRPG franchise and a very enjoyable game. While a bit easy to many JRPG vets, the story and addicting sidequests would get anyone hooked to this game; plus we get animated scenes from Studio Ghibli! The game is about 40 to 50 hours long and double that if you want to platnium the game like myself. While the ending didn't do it for me (hurt the score), you still are able to find a connection with all of the characters and grow to love them (especially Mr. Drippy!)


   Fun sidequests
   Great music/great to look at
   A smooth game that any gamer can get, RPG fan or not


   If you don't like grinding (well for the trophy)
   A bit slow at first


Michael Troina plays games for his Youtube Channel: LegendofMikeandBill that is only if you want to watch awesome gaming videos with full walkthroughs, unboxings, and news-updates! You can also catch TLMB on Facebook so make sure you like us or on WordPress!

Note: Since I wrote this blog and IGN featured it on their front page (mega-excited!) I thought I would share it with the best online community of gamers...Destructoid!


Look gaming has tons of perks, I mean to start off videogames are fun, are they not? They are a new way to interact with friends and some of your best memories come from gaming with your bros. Unfortunately, gaming isn't all fun and games....literally. There are many moments where a gamer can just cringe, cry, or just go off the deep end because of certain outcomes, be it in game or real-life.

Let's take a look shall we?

Situation #1- Losing your memory card

Well back in the day, before memory was mainly built in the system (or for non-Nintendo gamers), we had an ancient device known as memory cards. Yes, these magical devices were used for the purpose of saving games (as well as copying and deleting) and were plugged in an area right above your controller. Without this card you'd just be constantly playing the same level unless you can beat an entire game in two hours. The problem with these memory cards were they were very small and well game cases didn't come built with memory card holders till around the PS2 days. Now, being a brother to two other brothers, we each had our own memory card because, let's face it, as a kid you don't want to share ANYTHING. These memory cards were small though and since you shared a system you couldn't leave the risk of leaving your memory card in the system, which in turn meant you had to put it somewhere. Kids don't have the best memory and aren't the cleanest of specimens, so what would happen? Well, you may have beaten 15 games on your PSX memory card...too bad it was all for naught when that memory card was nowhere to be found.

Situation #2-Corrupted save file

My personal favorite...or un-favorite? Corrupted save files have happened to me so often that I don't even have rage anymore...I just have a broken smile followed by tears. Corrupted saves can happen at anytime, by freak incident, from nothing, or a dumb mistake by you (most of the time). One of the most common games to experience this dreadful feeling is the Pokemon series. Saving your game and waking up the next day to turn on your Pokemon only to see that it says "Save File Corrupted, deleting....starting a new game" makes you panic and turn off your game, praying that when you restart your game, it will magically be there. Nope. Most of the time this only happens if you are dumb and turn off your game while saving, or you're just unlucky; be wary my readers it still happens to all games and systems now and then!

Situation #3-One hit before boss dies you die

You're doing it! You're doing it! THIS IS IT!....Game over. Have you ever felt so happy you're about to beat the boss, grinning like a fool, until suddenly you just mess up or can't land a hit and then die. I understand and then to top it off, sometimes you can't even come close to the boss for a good week...what's up with that?

Situation #4-Game turns off/out of battery

This is an old school problem, as well as a new one but not as much. See, before you battery would warn you by telling you less than 10% or 15% or flashing red, you basically had to remember to change your batteries, otherwise your toy/Gameboy is going out. Ever just playing in the middle of something like Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, and get halfway through a dungeon to only have your battery die? Yeah, well this is why saving all the time is a thing of gaming past [cough autosave] but still something you should heed.

Situation #5-You get very far, you die, and for some reason you can't reach the same point

Happens to me a lot and sometimes overlaps with #3. Ever play an RPG, run through a dungeon, complete a few sidequests, and then just for some reason you do something dumb, like not save or go to an area where monsters will wreck you, and just die? See, what makes this bad is most of the time you just get into the game you forget to do important things like....SAVE. When you finally die and realize you didn't do that, you try to remember everything you did EXACTLY like last time, which in turn makes you question yourself and leave you with a feeling like you forgot something. Now with a memory of how to play it, you try to follow this "plan" only to skip things because you can remember things out of order or forget important areas you need to visit, thus now leaving you stuck in the game.

Situation #6- Lag

A fan-favorite of everyone today, lag is unavoidable because sometimes it's the host, other times it is your fault. Don't you love lag when you start a match 5 and 0 in Halo and all of the sudden everyone is teleporting like they are Goku and you are shooting at someone, but then you just randomly die? Yeah, lag does that and always blame lag I mean connection works but you suck? Blame lag. Honestly though, lag is the worst when you have a great match and the game just drops you leaving a black screen until you are warped back to the title screen. A horrible version of Lag is your connection failing, or worse if you still use an Ethernet cable, someone unplugging it!

Situation #7-When a boss can one hit you and you do not know

This boss can't even touch me! I'm gonna beat this in no time.....what? That's how it feels to be one-hitted by a boss. You can be having a great match, maybe think you are leveled up past the recommended level, etc. but to be one-hit K.O.'ed by a boss is the worst feeling. You don't know whether to be angry or shocked...in fact you don't even know what to feel! These auto-deaths sometimes happen just so fast that you can't even register what or why.

Situation #8 Skip text, miss what to do, or worse REPEAT EVERYTHING SAID

"Ok...ok..I GET IT!" Proceeds to smash A button. Now this can go in either of two ways: A) You hear everything again and you repeat that process 4-5 times before you realize it or B) It'll come back and haunt you. An example of A would be The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. OoT's fan favorite: kaepora gaebora who likes to have the NO option first after he is done talking. For gamers who could not care more for hints or talking to this owl, he trolls you all with his technique to keep you at bay for a good 3 minutes of text.

For option B we can use kaepora gaebora again, as he and many other games like to speak with major hints in color coded texts. Listening to what other main characters have to say either give you: the place where to go next, what to do next, how to do something, or an important choice. As the game progresses to certain areas, you have to remember how to do certain commands and solve certain riddles, which answers are usually based off past encounters of the game. Not knowing or even listening to what was being said is a success for doom to make gamers rage quit.

Well, this is my list of worst feeling gamers can have; if you have any experiences of suggestions to add to the list feel free to throw them in the comments below!


Michael Troina plays games for his Youtube Channel: LegendofMikeandBill that is only if you want to watch awesome gaming videos with full walkthroughs, unboxings, and news-updates! You can also catch TLMB on Facebook so make sure you like us or on WordPress!