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Hey what's up guys my name is Michael Troina. Future GameInformer or IGN editor
I am a hardcore avid video game player, I love watching anime and reading manga.
My full walkthrough/playthrough's are found on my youtube account here
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I am also an athlete I play baseball, basketball, and football; I appear sometimes on my friends college sports radio show
I also blog a LOT (I'll put the links below) ranging from myIGN video game blog to my just Kingdom Hearts blog.
The systems I own are: SNES, N64, Gameboy-GBA, DS lite, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360, Dreamcast, GameGear, SEGA Genesis, PS1-3, Gamecube.
My favorite series/games are: Legend of Zelda, Super Mario (Bros 3 is the best but all the games), Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy IX, Uncharted, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Banjo-Tooie, Phoenix Wright, and Kingdom Hearts
Favorite animes: Code Geass, Gundam SEED, Durarara!!, Fairy Tail, Bleach, DragonBall Z
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Whoo August 8th means my birthday which in turn means......I have no idea! I haven't wrote a Troy regular blog in a while so you guys can catch up on the latest on what's happening.

Edit: so far got jak and daxter hd collections and regular show season 1 and 2 on blu-ray courtesy of my 2 brothers!

Well since it's August that means I've obviously beaten a lot more games. Mainly during the summertime I like to replay old games or collect trophies I missed or was too lazy to get back then. The summer started good for myself, although I was working a lot in the beginning; things slowed up and I was able to play some games. A lot of games actually came out this summer, although I did not take advantage of it, but I was glad to see publishers finally release games before crowding up November to the max!

Two days ago Tales of Xillia launched and this Sunday Mario & Luigi Dream Team will be launching. To tell you the truth, I have two feelings towards Dream Team. The first is that I cannot wait, as Superstar Saga is one of my favorite games of all-time and I support the series. But the other is worry; considering Partners in Time was one of the worst games I've ever played and Bowser's Inside Story was alright...could have been a lot better. I feel people liked the game more only because PiT was so bad. In addition, the damn Gold-Fairy-Bom-omb is back and that worries me; whatever.

Of course I'm going to talk about my YouTube Channel: LegendofMikeandBill. TLMB is doing pretty good right now, a bit slow on the uploads lately though. We recently finished Luigi's Mansion GCN and we are at Wily's Castle in the new game Mega Man Unlimited. Predicting ahead we will be playing our first donated game in TimeShifters, followed by Star Fox 64, and possibly finishing Resident Evil: Revelations HD...maybe. We decided to expand our programming and started to do something call MMGM/Mega Mini-Game Mashup every Friday. On Friday's we upload games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., etc to bring you all your chaotic needs into gaming!

Another thing is I currently started replaying Paper Mario 3/Super Paper Mario (Wii) and I don't know if it is because Sticker Star/Paper Mario 4 was so bad, but the game really isn't that bad. I enjoyed the story and vast levels the game had to offer on my first run and this replay only affirms my beliefs. I do hate the fact that sidekicks suck and well there is no turn-based RPG like Paper Mario is, but I can deal with it because the game is hilarious.

On the list of completions I was able to play [some reviews I'm still working on]

  -  Luigi's Mansion 2/Dark Moon
  - Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days PSP
  - The Last of Us (platniumed!)
  - Ni No Kuni (platniumed!) [DRAFT]
   -3D Dot Game Heroes (platniumed...ironically I started the game 2 years ago yesterday lol) [DRAFT]
  -  Project X Zone 3DS [DRAFT]
  -  Do All 4 new Streetpass games count? lol

On the list of games I'm playing now/can't wait for either off the top of my head have to be:

  - Tales of Xillia (got my Limited Edition yesterday!)
   -Jak and Daxter HD Collection (my older brother got it for my birthday so I must rebeat all 3!)
  - Mario and Luigi Dream Team (SUNDAY!!)
  - Ducktales Remastered
  - Mickey's Castle of Illusion HD
  -  Phoenix Wright 5/Dual Desitines
  - Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMix
  - Disgaea D2
  - Rayman Legends PS3 (I wanted Wii U but I don't own one yet)
  - Pokemon X/Y (still iffy since black/white made me hate Pokemon but...)

There's definitely a whole bunch more that I am just not naming or just forgetting but these are definitely on my play list because I know I'm getting at least ALL of them lol.

Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday so far! And of course my wish is obviously all about my youtube channel lol.  Like TLMB on Facebook or Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: LegendofMikeandBill

Destructoid wants to know what's it like to play videogames with this guy. Well, to tell you the truth I have 2 modes:

The first mode I'm all about 100%'ing be a perfectionist who's into his work...well games. I play quietly, I need to beat all the games tell everyone I did, and of course go on to the next one. While there's not much there, everyone has a hardcore gamer inside of them who likes to win. I'm not too emotional and when I'm into a game I'm into it! It's not being a zombie, it's more like a trance of being so into the game that nothing else matters. Usually right after I am done playing a home console I will "go to bed "at say 1am...which means going to the Vita or 3DS for another 2 hours before I actually sleep.

The second mode is the fun I will destroy everyone mode..no one shall be spared mode. When I'm in this mode it's like everyone must lose but me, I'm throwing out all the punches! I love to compete and I love to play, be it laughing like a villain when I have certain traps set in games, or just stealing stars in Mario Party. It's just fun. I also am the guy who will have voice a little too loud, because games, when against other people, jump from level 1 to LEVEL 9001 (so Vegeta can indicate that it is over 9000). It's go big or go home anytime you play something in my household! (Wait...so we are already home)

In fact I don't even have to write how I am when it comes to games like Mario Party and Super Smash Bros, you can just check the adventures of a man who likes to yell right here! This entire channel trailer should sum up how I play games be it from serious FPS' to random computer games or even, the most important of them all...how I play mini-games and what they mean to me!

1:07 should explain it all


Michael Troina plays games for his Youtube Channel: LegendofMikeandBill that is only if you want to watch awesome gaming videos with full walkthroughs, unboxings, and news-updates you can also catch TLMB on Facebook so make sure you like us or on WordPress!

Everyone loves their 3DS and everyone loves StreetPass, it's one of the biggest and known features of the 3DS. To obtain any Streetpass you just need to be near someone who owns a 3DS and boom, you met their Mii who was added to something called a StreetPass Plaza. Streetpass is more than just meeting other Mii's, it has two distinct features; giving you special StreetPass items for 3DS games (like Super Mario 3D Land, where you would get Toad houses) or allow you to use the Mii you met to play the two games it had: Puzzle Swap and Find Mii. While enjoyable games, there is not much behind the two StreetPass games of Puzzle Swap and Find Mii 1 and 2. For Puzzle Swap, you would just gain a piece of a puzzle to add to your collection, while for Find Mii you would send out a Mii to a level to fight ghosts, although you had no real impact on the fights, just choosing magic or physical attack, the rest was automatic.

With Nintendo's latest update for the 3DS, four new games were introduced to the StreetPass world, each costing $4.99 (or get all 4 for $15). The games now available are: Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior's Way, and Monster Manor.

The Games

Flower Town

Flower Town is a pretty simple game, in which you a new citizen to Flower Town and want to grow 20 breeds of Flowers to become a Garden Master. In the game, each StreetPass you get counts as a way to water your plant or harvest seeds from a plant. There is more than just watering your plants in Flower Town, although that is the main premise of the game. You can also design your garden, take on jobs in the town (usually about growing flowers), sell your plants or seeds, and when another Mii has Flower Town, you can check out their own personal garden. The game uses a currency format, so not everything is free, that is if you actually feel like customizing your pots and garden, otherwise if you don't care it is practically useless.

The setting and graphics of the town actually look very well done and they give you a peaceful-type vibe, whenever you play the game. All in all, there is not much in Flower Town besides waiting for the next StreetPass so you can water your plant or get a new seed. One problem I have come across a lot in Flower Town is trying to get "New Breeds" or Flowers rather than different colors. A new seed always displays the percentage of whether you will get the same flower, a new breed, or a different color and well...most of my percentages are always low for a new Flower and I only have four.

Warrior's Way

Warrior's Way is a rock-paper-scissors type game, where you take control of your own Mii and your army in order to take over the world (20 countries). Your beginning army consists of how many StreetPass tags you have and from then on it only increases. Ways of increasing your army go in three ways: Hiring Mercenaries (the Dogs/Cats), gaining a StreetPass from a Mii who doesn't have Warrior's Way, and a StreetPass to one who does. The difference between Mii's that don't have Warriors's Way compared to those who do is that they are not Monarchs from a distant land, so they don't lead any army. If they do have the game, you must face their army and beat them in order to gain their characters; if they don't own the game, they simply join your army with their StreetPass number. From there, you create one of three types of castles (shonen, medieval, or futuristic) which plays some type of role in your Warriors' Way game, like the ability to "spy" on the opposing countries army.

The fighting rock-paper-scissors style does keep the game in suspense, especially if you have less or an equal amount of soldiers compared to the other teams army and although the number of units are displayed for each unit (say 100 in rock), you do not know the order the computer launches them, making your choices actually guesses. As you would know, rock beats scissors, but that does not always guarantee victory. Winning the effective battle only halves the opposing teams army, so you have to make sure you have a suitable amount of soldiers in each section. The reason is because the game does allow you to auto-win some battles, by over-stocking one of the classes which then becomes indicated by a gold star above the icon. but this is really only obtainable if you have plenty of soldiers. With this, even if you did your 'Rock' team versus a 'Paper' team you would still win! On the flip-side it does indicate auto-losses as well, with an icon of a white flag on one of your icons, if you do not have enough soldiers to compete against any of the opposing teams' factions.

Monster's Manor

Monster's Manor is the new Find Mii, only better. This game is the closest to an RPG-Mii game we will get; it has inventory, weapon select, live-action fighting, RPG-level up system, currency, and of course treasures with random battles to boot. The game has you wandering into a mysterious castle/mansion after you get a letter from your assistant (since you are a detective in this game). She tells you all about the monsters and mystery going on in the manor and how there are multiple floors you need to travel to get to the top and solve the mystery.

Streetpasses work in the way of helping you progress on each floor. Floor progression is a Tetris-style puzzle builder where you get random parts (say a 4 block straight line) and you build a floor so you can travel around in. Colors that match create a bigger room, allowing you to find treasures with range from badges to new weapons. Connecting puzzle-floor pieces of people with different colors leads to mainly random encounters. The point of each floor is to find the stairs, so that you may move up in the tower.

Battling in Monster's Manor is live-action orientated. This means whatever weapon you carry (say a Laser Gun) is controlled by you, as well as defending against monsters' attacks. Weapons use batteries, so you can't rush all your attacks in 5 seconds, you must time them and let them recharge. There is also HP in the game, which cannot be recovered unless you use a potion or advance to the next floor. HP is increased as you find S-Capsules and/or moving up in the Manor.

Overall, this is one of the most addicting new StreetPass games out there and I recommend this game for a person who only wants to buy one of the StreetPass games.

Mii Force

Ever played Darius Twins or Gradius..or any 2D-scrolling spaceship game? Well, if you loved it then, then Mii Force is the game for you. Greatly influenced by them, you control your Mii Force Ship and travel to different planets to defeat evil space pirates. There are cannons, enemies from all angles, plant-based, water-based levels, and of course gems to be found in every part of the galaxy. Each planet has three levels, with bosses at the end of each level, each more difficult as you progress. Streetpass Mii's influence your game by giving you a power according to a Mii's color. Red Mii's have a flamethrower, Black Mii's shoot bombs etc. You can attach up to 10 Mii's one one ship, but only shoot 4 different powerups. The other Mii's would connect to your ship and level up each weapon (maximum level 3).

Mii Force is a very fun and addicting game with the most replay value of any StreetPass game. Each level has a Target Score for you to hit, a collect all hidden gems mission, and a don't get hit badge (if you have more than one Mii). You can play whatever level you want at any time and the best part is hidden gems carry over, so you don't have to always relook for them.


Flower Town: 7/10

Mii Force: 8/10

Warrior's Way: 8.2/10

Monster's Manor: 8.5/10

I believe all these new StreetPass games are amazing additions to, what already makes the 3DS addicting enough. From the addition of the new StreetPass Exchange Tickets (tickets that are won in the new StreetPass games for new hats), to just the overall fun that most (cough Flower Town) of the new games provide, I have to say its a must buy for EVERY 3DS owner.

My personal favorite has to be Monster's Manor, followed by Warrior's Way then Mii Force (although I love 2D-scrolling ship games this is missing something). A problem is Warrior's Way and Monster's Manor are a really slow progress, but its something you live with considering you don't always get StreetPasses!  So what are you waiting for? Go out and buy them!


Michael Troina plays games for his Youtube Channel: LegendofMikeandBill that is only if you want to watch awesome gaming videos with full walkthroughs, unboxings, and news-updates you can also catch TLMB on Facebook so make sure you like us or on WordPress!

Mother 2, Earthbound, a cult classic, a game I had only heard of but never gave it a chance. Earthbound is a 2D roleplaying game for the Super Nintendo and the only game of the series (there are three) to make it to the States. Released in the mid 1990's, Earthbound was a type of parody on fellow RPG games such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, because its theme set was in the 80's-90's. Instead of swords, distant lands and kingdoms, you had bats, yo-yo's, frying bans, hotdogs, hamburgers etc. Other basic RPG elements though were involved such as leveling up, "magic" called PSI, and many more. Let's break this down RPG style with Story, Over-wold gameplay, Battle Gameplay, Music, and Replayability.

Story: Earthbound tells the story of a young boy named Ness, who is one of the chosen four destined to stop an evil alien named Giygas. The game starts off with a meteorite crashing near Ness' house who in turns investigates the scene. Upon meeting Buzz Buzz, who tells him the future and Earth is dominated by an evil force called Giygas, Ness runs into his neighbor and "friend" Porky who tells him his brother has gone missing. After learning he must visit eight sanctuaries and record their songs with a Sound Stone, Porky's mom kills Buzz Buzz, mistaking him for a dung beetle. Now Ness is ready to begin his journey; along the way Ness travels to Onett, Twoson, Threed, and many other locations around the world, meeting various characters such as the Runaway Five, his three destined partner's Paula, Jeff, and Poo, Apple Kid and the sanctuaries. Ness must fight hoards of zombies, Giygas' army of Starmen, meet unique character's called Mr. Saturn, and save the Earth from its predicted demise.

Overworld Gameplay: In Earthbound you control the main character Ness for about 90% (the other 10% is varied between Jeff and Poo). During most of the open-world you can either walk or bike ride, and later on you learn how to teleport from town to town. In each town there is a hospital, a hotel, a store, a hint-store, and random NPC's that either give you hints or are just useless. Earthbound plays like the RPG of Chrono Trigger in its open-world; there are no random encounters. as you see the monsters at all times in the worlds. To get a preemptive strike you must approach the enemy from behind and the same goes for the enemy approaching yourself. Besides the open-world adventure, there are many unique towns within Earthbound, from cities to villages, to swamps and the desert. One additional fact has to be you are not safe from enemies anywhere, as bad guys lurk the towns as well, so always be on guard!

Battle Gameplay: Earthbound plays like many RPGs, but I feel it closely related to Pokemon. Each of the four characters you control (Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo) all have different charactersistics. Ness is the most balanced and powerful of the four, having the ability to do high damage, and PSI ranging from offensive, defensive, and support. Paula, is a PSI heavy character with the abilities of Fire, Ice, Thunder, like a Black Mage. Jeff is the character who specializes on item attacks and has no PSI powers at all. Poo, is similar to Ness' character but is able to learn one different move than Ness. While battles are normal RPG command (per turn basis), during battle you may also become poisoned, crystallized, blind (crying), or possessed. Possibly my favorite thing about Earthbound is the AI encounters. If crystallized you are technically "dead" until you are un-crystallized, which you can't self heal until way later in the game. As I told you before, monsters are in an open-world in this game, but more advanced than Chrono Trigger where it still has some random encounters. Earthbound's "enemies" only rush you if you A) are weaker than them or B) haven't cleared the "level" (aka collect the soundstone). Otherwise outside enemies actually run away from you because they know they will lose. In fact, if you are stronger than them by many, they automatically die when you touch them and you gain the experience and a possible random item. The only game I can think of comparsion to that is Xenoblade Chronicles, in which the enemies only ignore you, no automatic deaths; so Earthbound is very advanced in its open-battle world. The reason I compare this RPG to Pokemon is for a couple of reasons. First off, while battles may be turned basis, the main process goes by speed so your character's attack in almost an unprecedented order, similar to that of Pokemon. another comparison is that when you are poisoned, if you do not heal it, you lose damage per step and when you are at the end of your health you are warned, like Pokemon that you are about to die and need medical attention. The last aspect has to be during battles, enemies sometimes do nothing, or more precisely do some type of useless action, like laughing, sneezing, etc. In Pokemon, some enemies you face may constantly do just a Tail Whip or Growl and that same AI repetitiveness is found in this game.

Music: Earthbound has a pretty good soundtrack, fitting its fun undertone. When the game gets dark or serious, the music is more of a type of "lack" of music, with a somewhat scary motif. Music is somewhat of a big aspect towards the game, because you must collect the song of the sanctuaries to move on with your Soundstone, but hey I think it's just good not great.

Replayability: Earthbound has around an intermediate replayability level. Many people may be inclined to replay the game, to re-experience the story, or to get items they missed before (like all of Poo's rare equipment). While there aren't that many sidequests, compared to most RPG's, there are still plenty of ways to prolong the experience that is Earthbound.

Overall: 9.4/10

Earthbound is a fantastic game and I am so glad I finally got a chance to play it. The last "RPG" I played was Pokemon White and I needed a refresher with something good and this fit bill. The game with its great battle system, good amount of difficulty (not really the hardest but a real pain, like a more difficult Pokemon), funny one-liners in the script, and of course epic boss battles will make anyone enjoy this game. Also shout out to TardisofHyrule and Mrteagle for watching every stream and helping me out in some parts!

The Last of Us, already people's GoTY for 2013 and apparently to some one of the "greatest games they have ever played". From all its praise from IGN, Destructoid, fellow bloggers and gamers due to the games "great" story and gameplay etc. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything to warrant the games high praise. I've beaten the game once through on Hard Mode and continuing for my trophy on Survivor+ and I just can't find anything to lure me to continue. I'll start with the things in the overall story that made this a very forgettable experience.

Gameplay Problems

The gameplay in The Last of Us is very overrated. The game goes for a sense of realism, yet it passes likes to break its own rules. To start off being picky, your AI counterpart likes to talk like no one is around when there is a Clicker nearby, yet they cannot hear them. In addition, your AI will sometimes stand out in the open next to Infected or Hunters and everyone will act like there is nothing there or they are part of the team. With a game that has a motto of fight or sneak by, they sure do make you fight a lot of forced waves. In fact, you can sneak by enemies in a few sections but cannot interact with the locked door until all the enemies are taken care of. I thought the point of this game was to make wise decisions and know when not to fight, especially with your limited supplies. At least the zombies are nice on occasion and wait for you to bust a door open a few times with the square button.

While the zombies do have a scare factor only in the beginning of the game (until they basically become a habit) the Humans have to be the worst part. Besides the fact they are harder than most Infected, the game ignores rules they developed for zombies with them. Hunters or Fireflies apparently never see you strangle a man in dramatic fashion even if he is about 5 feet away, so in turn a guy just flailing his arms in your peripherals is just normal. Then the worst part is even if you silent kill a guy, the chances of you getting his bullets from whatever gun he has are close to zero percent. That baffles me, considering he would shoot you if detected but if you silent kill him you cannot get a bullet off him.

My favorite has to be the "limited supplies" in the game. Since the world is in decay for the last 20 years, you expect supplies to be low, which they are...in theory. As the game progresses you will find hundreds upon hundreds bandages, alcohol, nails, etc to make your daily items of Molotov's, Shiv's, Smoke bombs etc. So don't ever worry about not having three med-packs, because I had abundances I could have ran a clinic. Despite ALL these extra items lying around, you could never find a bullet when need be unless you killed enemies with your gun, which you do not want to waste!

I do admit the game does provide a good tension atmosphere, making you want to avoid confrontation at all costs, but that does not warrant its short comings and breaking of its own rules. Multiplayer is great in every way except the 84 matches achievement...seriously if you loes your population you have to redo everything which is a bit ridiculous.

Single Player

To start off the biggest thing people talk about is the story of the game. To tell you the truth it was very cliche until it's let-down ending. The story has Joel, a man who hates the world for taking what he loves and not trusting anyone, becoming slowly attached to this girl (Ellie) who was just originally just a package for the Fireflies. Throughout the course of the single-player you run into other humans (Hunters) or fellow AI's who all but should know that in this type of game if you team up with the main character you're gonna die. Most characters reach a similar death in which they get infected by some fight after everything seems good, leaving you once again alone.

The most egregious thing The Last of Us does though is the ending. The ending is not only a big-slap in the face to the player, but in turn basically nulls the beginning of the game and Tess' death. Originally Ellie is a package to reach a drop-off point, but when you find out the Fireflies at the drop-off point are dead and that Ellie cannot "turn" (jargon for turning into a zombie) Tess' reveals she was bitten and that she really believes that what Ellie has can change and save the world. Joel reluctantly agrees, as that was his only purpose for doing this! They could have gone back to Boston or he could have dropped off Ellie to another Firefly, but he did this because he believed in Tess who believed Ellie could change that horrible world they live in.

Now while I know that the motto in the horrible run-down world is to never trust anyone, every where you go is basically shoot first ask never. In turn how do Hunters even group up when it is kill everyone you see? Fireflies seem almost like a rumor until the very end, and how does Marlene beat you all the way to Salt Lake City? If you were going to recover, Joel could have went back to Boston and dropped Ellie off to Marlene, who somehow must be a better fighter than Joel to get through what you went through.

The Last of My Gripes

To end this The Last of Us rant is definitely the environment and graphics aspect of the game. The game really is a step down from Uncharted 3 graphics wise, and its blurry backgrounds in some the darker areas really hinder it. It does not stray from most post-apocalyptic settings we have seen in movies, in fact it does nothing different except possibly make it cleaner than it should be.

While I didn't mind my playthrough during the game, the entire time I felt the game did not have an appealing factor to lure me back into playing. With Uncharted I wanted to continue on, learn the story, explore the worlds shown to me, while in The Last of Us I was constantly checking when I hit the next checkpoint so I can turn off the game. As "real" as some people like to believe this game is, with Joel carrying more than enough guns on his own (in Left 4 Dead you can't even carry that many) I don't think I will ever see what people saw in this game. It's alright exclusive but a total step down from Naughty Dog.

It's the Year of Luigi in the Nintendo Universe and what better way to honor Luigi than his titular and memorable first adventure for the GameCube Luigi Mansion (2001). Luigi Mansion was a unique game that came out in 2001, which brought Mario's famous brother into the spotlight and introduced us to the wacky Professor E. Gadd. The game focused on Luigi capturing ghosts, going from room to room and using his trusty Poltergeist 2000. Now, Luigi, the Professor, and the Poltergeist are back on the 3DS and ready to save to everyone from evil ghosts trying to take over the world.

Luigi Mansion: Dark Moon's story takes place in Evershade Valley, an area Professor E. Gadd lives and studies with other toads and ghosts (friendly ghosts). During the opening sequence of the game, the Dark Moon, an object that hangs above Evershade Valley, is broken by a mysterious figure, which in turn, causes the ghosts to suddenly become hostile. Under distress, E. Gadd calls Luigi, to re-collect the six pieces of the Dark Moon, which have been scattered to different mansions, in order to restore peace to Evershade Valley.

The gameplay in Luigi Mansion: Dark Moon plays close to its predecessor but adds some changes to the ghost hunting game. First off, with your new Poltergeist 5000 you can use absorb ghosts faster by charging your meter and pressing the A button. This shocks the ghost and let's you capture them quickly by reducing their life/time meter greatly. As you collect more money in the game, you unlock upgrades for your Poltergeist increasing your charge power. The next big change is your flashlight, which is always on like the first game, but in this game you can charge your flashlight. To clarify, you can charge your flashlight to create a bigger flash, increasing its radius, thus in turn allowing you to stun more ghosts! The flashlight also gets the ability to find hidden objects later in the game, which is essential to capturing those pesky Boos.

Luigi Mansion Dark Moon plays in mission-based level types. Unlike the first game where you explored only one mansion, Luigi explores various areas in Evershade Valley which stretch from Cold Mines to Mansions. In addition, because each level is mission-type you can't explore the entire mansion until the last mission for each area, because various story-plots unlock new areas in each level. Each area has a final boss mission, in which you fight a Possessor ghost who has a piece of the Dark Moon lodged inside of him.

Other things to be known about Luigi Mansion 2 is you can still suck with your vacuum in any direction, and can almost vacuum anything. For example, if a coat is on a coat-hanger then it is possible to suck it up and find money. Money also makes a return, although plays differently as it goes to your vault at the end of each mission. Collecting Coins, Dollar Bills, or Gold Bars is found through items or collecting many ghosts at the same time, as an reward. The game also features a Ghost Vault and Multiplayer.

The Ghost Vault is just an area where you see every Ghost you captured and how heavy they were. The multiplayer features three modes that sends you into a randomized mansion  with a group of two to four players. You must clear each floor, track invisible ghost-dogs, race to find a hatch, and fight a boss every 5 floors. Multiplayer can be played local or online.

Luigi Mansion Dark Moon graphics are a thing of beauty for the 3DS. While the 3D isn't as great as some games, the animation and settings in each level are well done and look just as good or possibly even better than the original for the GameCube! Like most "darker" type games, music isn't the strongest of points and we don't have Luigi whistling the game's theme song, making it less than memorable. Those looking for a game with strong replay-value can look the other way unless they want to get the three E.Gadd medallions for fully completing the game.

[b]Overall: 8.9/10
Luigi Mansion 2/Dark Moon was a fun game with some addicting parts and challenging puzzles that make you think. The game features many bonuses and leaves you wanting to explore every room in each mansion, even if your mission is to go in the complete opposite direction. Luigi is such a funny character that you never want to skip out on the cutscenes because he always doing something wacky. A problem with the game though is it gets dry as each mission is very VERY similar to the next, thus in turn repetition just in different areas.


   Great Graphics
   Makes you want to explore


   Repetitive Missions
   Some puzzles were annoying
   Gets too easy with full upgrades

Michael Troina plays games for his Youtube Channel: LegendofMikeandBill that is only if you want to watch awesome gaming videos with full walkthroughs, unboxings, and news-updates you can also catch TLMB on Facebook so make sure you like us or on Wordpress!