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Sex: Uhh it's a video game

by TroyFullbuster   //   5:54 PM on 02.01.2013

Sex, it's pretty cool I mean all the cool kids do it right? (ha the pun) But what does this have to do with the video games world? I mean the stereotypical image of "nerds" are these fat guys, who never leave their basement and have never seen a boob before that isn't anime. Unfortunately, this is (and never was) true, especially with the massive popularity games are getting in today's day and age.

In fact I can throw out the anime stereotype out there, that not all anime are boobs and octopuses. But thanks to Destructoid telling me to write this post and mostly thank you Dead Island 2 to the recent Dead Island bust fiasco I am here to tell you that video games can not be sexy.

To truly clarify what I mean is that sex in games is just something that doesn't belong. Games can have "sexy" characters. Heck, look at Uncharted I freaking think Chloe is RIDICULOUSLY HOT; but that doesn't mean I want the game of Uncharted to have a freaking Chapter/level/episode of me banging her. I know Grand Theft Auto and God of War have sex scenes or minigames that let you play in them but is that the reason you bought GoW or GTA?

I don't think so, in fact I don't think anyone purposely buys a game for sex. If the sex is an additional and optional minigame or a cutscene, you don't mind it I mean games are like movies, so you live with it. But, do you go to a store or see anyone at a Gamestop or Best Buy etc looking to buy a game for sex? The answer is no; you do find weirdo's buying anime games or those weird dating games because, to sound redundant, they are weird. For an example of what I am talking about look no further than Boob Wars, which I just came across on Destructoid.

But not all "sex" based games are bad, look at Catherine, a puzzle-platformer for your PS3/360. The game heavily implies sex and other provocative ideas, but in terms the gameplay and story are fun and challenging. It is not bad for a game to imply sexual activities, but to either force it on us or just make games based off them...is just plain wrong.

So do I buy games for sex? No, I never will but I mean I'm sure there are people out there...although I heard there is more suitable replacements.

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