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TroyFullbuster avatar 3:58 PM on 02.05.2013  (server time)
Pandora's Tower: A Quick Preview

It's here just like I promised, a quick-reaction preview and what to expect of Pandora's Tower. Pandora's Tower is not complicated, doesn't involve countless grinding hours, and, in my personal opinion and play-through so far, quick.

In Comparison to Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story

I know, everyone wants to know where it stands compared to its two brethren and to tell you the truth, Pandora's Tower is in its own boat. It is not turn-based like Xenoblade Chronicles and its action-RPG combat is a lot more limited than that of The Last Story. To clarify on the combat, you carry a sword (although you find other weapons later such as a scythe and more) and you only have to press A to do attacks.
Not very complicated, but attacks do not have a lock on you must "aim" your attacks, otherwise you can just be empty swinging and an enemy can easily hit you. In addition to regular combat, you can charge the A button for a "skilled" attack and, as you glow blue, you release the button and must press A after hitting an enemy to do powerful combos. Other than fighting you can Guard and Dodge Roll (very important).

Traveling in this game is very limited, especially compared to Xenoblade Chronicles. While the Last Story you were able to venture the town, talk to other people, visit different shops and in Xenoblade Chronicles you traveled "the world", in Pandora's Tower you live in the Observatory and that's it. The Observatory is filled with yourself, your girlfriend Elena (story catalyst), and this odd-merchant who knows a bit too much, Mavda. I will not spoil dungeons until the real review, but think Legend of Zelda when it comes to the dungeons. In the way of the Observatory, you can explore its three levels, but the purpose of the Observatory is to serve as a hub for resting, saving, talking, and shopping.

Pandora's Tower Unique Features

Now, Pandora's Tower is its own JRPG. You have a limited carrying "bag" (unless you upgrade), you have an equipment pouch, and the most important aspect of Pandora's Tower you have a Chain. In the ways of items, you must carry what is important to you, such as potions, buffers, and important forging items. You do have a chest at your Tower to hold items if your bag is full, but to run back from a Tower to the Observatory is...a pain. Items are found everywhere in the towers and sometimes the Observatory. Few items are there forever until you pick them up, but other items disappear ONLY if you leave the Tower; otherwise everything you touch stays the same, just like real life! So, as a caution, if you run away from an enemy and he is by the door when you left, re-opening that door the enemy will be in the same place as the last encounter!

For those who have played Diablo, you will recognize your equipment pouch as being the same. For those who have not, think of having a limited equipment pouch were every item takes a certain number of squares. For example your sword, it takes 6 squares, so you must place items around your sword. You can always change the position of the item (either vertical or horizontal) to fit accordingly, and the only way to increase your equipment pouch is to level up. Once again, for the sake of this being a reaction review, there will be no full combat details or level-up details.

Your chain is the reason this game is.....this game. Your chain serves a weapon and your way of traveling through the towers. While I may have said the dungeons are like Legend of Zelda, that doesn't mean traveling through them is the same thing. Your chain helps you reach unreachable spots; in such a way as you can activate pulley's, you can climb rocks, and/or you can swing across platforms to platforms. The chain also serves as a far away item grabber. While the chain has many more features, that I will reveal when I write the review, just know it is actually really fun and a major pain.

The reason for this being a major need to Wiimote to point your chain, so no you cannot use a "Classic Controller". Wiimote + Nunchuck is the only way to play.

-What purpose does Elena serve
-What extra features Mavda has
-Dungeons, Bosses/Masters
-All the chains features
-Full Combat Details
-Some tidbits of story
-What I liked and didn't like
-more gifs (I actually have more done but screw that!)

If you have any questions ask now, I may answer them or ask them for when I write the review!

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