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TroyFullbuster avatar 4:09 PM on 10.16.2012  (server time)
New York Comic Con!

Yep, Saturday was my first con of anything and what better to start than New York Comic Con! (Which I heard is like the most medicore of cons lol). I mean I really didn't know what to do or like what the hell was going to happen. I knew people would dress up and cosplay, you would see the awesome ones to the the.....why ones!? I wanted to dress up but I don't have any kewl costumes (the only ones lying around my room are Legends of the Hidden Temple and Anakin's Training Jedi Robes from Star Wars Episode 2).

But while there I met up with Jenny! (streamers know her as Kaminapls BELOW) and she was dressed up as deadpool and stuff. So it was cool to meet someone, and I met some of my other friends from school, but in reality it's so hard to find anyone in there with some many people around. And to make matters worse, due to all the cellphone cluster there is NO SIGNAL.

Well, I assume Comic Con is mainly for TV shows and Comics but as a video game person, the first and main place I went to was upstairs where Capcom, Nintendo and Playstation were holding booths. Funny thing, before I go into the video games, there was some DC panel giving away free comics of some issue and I literally got it and forgot about it OH WELL.

So,I got to play the Wii U, 3DS and PS3. The PS3 was probably the most uninteresting part of my comic-con go around. I got to play Darkstalker and Marvel vs Capcom (now dubbed MvC: Origins). Both games I have played before and nothing much but an HD enhancements. I did, however, get to play Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. PS All-stars is being considered a Smash Bros clone, a wanna-be Smash Bros, etc. I would have to say it goes with the wanna-be, mixed with its own formula. Unfortunately, the demo didn't have a button demonstration/configuration, so you literally pick your fighters (all are available) and fight. I started off with Jak. First thing i noticed, is the gameplay is very slow, even slower than the original Super Smash Bros (N64 for people who don't know derp). Second, I would say its pretty balanced where each character has an overpowered special and every character has close/melee attacks to go along with "distant" attacks/a la long ranges (guns or tossing cakes like Sackboy). Third, each character lives by a lifebar (think like any fighting game), but you can automatically die by falling off the stage (nearly impossible). The graphics were impressive and there are no moments where it's like no I DIDN'T DO THAT, but at the same time you have no idea what you're doing for like 2 minutes.

From what I played, as Jak, he seems pretty balanced using his old thrifty punch to air spin kick combo (like in his game) and his projectile is the short electro wave attack. I was able to use his hyper special, which turns you to the dark-light mix Jak (angel?) and you literally kill everyone with one hit (even BETTER THAN SUPER SONIC). Oh, the funny thing was when I was on a platform I literally was hitting down/crouching/humping until I realized it isn't smash bros and you can't go through platforms.

I didn't get to find the Halo panel so no Halo 4 stuff (cries), but I did wonder to the Capcom section and got an autographed Devil May Cry poster (I don't want it lol but I am willing to sell it haha). Let's see like I mentioned before of playing of old capcom fighting games remade, I also saw the Phoenix Wright HD for phones, though I didn't want to waste time on the game I played on my DS on the way to comic con!

Now, for the best part Nintendo Land!...well just the Nintendo Panel. Nintendo was there advertising their Wii U, which is getting ready for holiday sales, and of course their 3DS. The 3DS is what I decided to play first and I got to play some of its most anticipated games: Paper Mario Sticker Star and Luigi Mansion 2. Paper Mario Sticker Star looked beautiful on the 3DS, the 3D was perfect, it was vibrant, and had more of a Thousand Year Door kind of look (though I prefer Paper Mario 64). The game plays still has its RPG elements, but now you can only fight by finding stickers in the open-world; a very flawed mechanic in my opinion. While battles are just as engaging and still require real-time button pressing, the stickers are your only source of fighting; so you need Jump Sticker and Hammer Stickers (item stickers like Mushrooms heal you). My first few fights went through fine and I received something new called a "Perfect Bonus" (just more reward coins, etc.). Later on my fights though, I was stuck twice because A) I fought some Para-Goombas (flying Goombas) and only had a Hammer I must run. The next fight I ran out of stickers, and what do you now I have to run away again. Stickers are found in the open-world, but for the 10-20 minutes I played it was pretty hard to tell where they were. All in all, I am still excited for the game as I did enjoy my time with it.

Next up was Luigi Mansion 2, which I have to say the 3DS I had no problems controlling Luigi and his flashlight and vacuum. I remember the first time I played it on the Gamecube and it was a bit uncomfortable, but the 3DS somehow made this game work. The graphics were gorgeous, although the rep was telling me its still in its building stages and to expect more, I can only assume he means by possible powerups. I didn't get to play LM2 for very long, as I saw an opening for some Wii U games but I do have to say I am very excited.

As for the Wii U, I really didn't know what to expect but I had to tell you I had a very fun time with it. As Eli (paleselan) had said the tablet is not too big, and he was right on the money. The controller is actually very comfortable to hold, the motion controllers (remember you can move a full 360 degrees around), was very accurate and sensitive. I got to play a few games of Nintendo Land: the Samus/Metroid Hunter game and the Luigi Mansion ghost hunt game. I also sampled the Wonderful 101, which I am glad to say I am now going to buy the game due to my quick playthrough, I really can't add more to the Wii U, that others already haven't; all I have to say is don't be too critical of it because I really enjoyed my play with it and think its something worth looking into for non-Nintendo fanboys. Everytime I mention Wii U to non-fanboys, they literally sigh and just shake their heads, but if they would sample and try out the system at least unbiasedly I think they may open up to it.

Let's see....uhh other than that they day flew by, as I just looked at some of the stuff that was for sale, like a $1000 Boba Fett Costume...which I kinda wanted. Saw figurines, GUNDAM stuff, over-priced t-shirts and fitteds. I was glad I went, I not only got to play all these awesome games I got to spend the day with Jenny (and night oh ho~....nah she just slept at my house) and I recommend everyone should try to go once in their life.

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