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TroyFullbuster avatar 4:16 PM on 09.19.2012  (server time)
Favorite Anime Openings

A big aspect for me sticking to anime is not only animation and how the first two or three episodes go (that is my limit to determine), but it's opening song/theme. I know that does sound a bit....shallow but a catchy theme and a flashy opening really leave a good impression on a potential viewer; in fact if the first couple of minutes, or the entire episode wasn't that good, but the opening had me wanting more, I most likely will continue to watch until my infatuation with that opening has ended.

Anime opening songs show cool clips of the main protagonists, his sidekicks, current villains, and technically are like a spoiler until the next opening, as sometimes you see bad guys you might not see for like 20 episodes!

Now, finally expressing my opinions on what anime openings mean to me, let's list my favorite 5 openings that are not only catchy songs but something I felt reflected with the series it was for as well.

Side note: I have gif'ed each opening into 10 photosets but 9 of the photos are 250 x 200 (aka small) since they don't fit at a larger frame according to the website but hey if you wanna see em!

#1- Gundam SEED Destiny Opening #4- Wings of Words

Gundam SEED Destiny is crap. Really the series is; but this opening was perfect. It felt like (and was) the end of the series, the final was about to begin and this song literally emphasized just that. It wasn't as action pack or j-rock like most of the openings; it was a simple, nice soft tune which put an emphasis on each character and his new mobile suit.


click here to view/listen

#2- Code Geass Opening #5 (or R2 Opening #2)- World End

My favorite anime and probably my favorite anime/japanese song. Code Geass is just fantastic and this opening is just filled with excitement, action, anticipation, awesome visuals, oh yea the song is catchy and awakenning as well. I love Code Geass and recommend it to everyone; and hey best opening for last.

click here to view/listen

#3- Bleach Opening #6 ALONES

Bleach....a series of many openings (and good for that matter) and a series full of much...chatter. Bleach had just been coming off a stale filler arc but things were picking up. By the time the 6th opening had come upon us, we knew things were going to happen but opening 6 was time for the real adventure and fight against Aizen to finally commence (obviously not fighting Aizen but a step in the right direction/wheels in motion.)

click here to view/listen

(fun fact this is from opening #8 chubara but I deleted all my #6 opening gifs so....yep)

#4- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Opening #1

TTGL the "first season" is classic in my book. At first I didn't know what to expect, even after watching the opening I had no idea what to expect, except that there are heck lot more characters than Kamina and Simone. But one thing that makes me love this opening is just that overwhelming feel of something good and new happening; this song is my freaking go to school song to pump me up!

click here to view/listen

#5- Bleach Opening 2

What 2 Bleach openings? Blasphemy! Yeah, me too, I originally didn't want to include two Bleach openings; but in all reality when this is your first real anime opening (sorry DBZ your english opening doesn't count!) and the anime that got you into animes, it has to go in. Bleach Opening 2 is also epic by all means and really the high point of the series. I loved every bit of this opening and to this day still think it's badass. It's basically every character fighting each other, as a preview to them fighting each other! What more can you ask for?

click here to view/listen

I wanted to include like Angel Beats or Infinite Stratos, Ao no Exorcist or Gundam 00, after because their opening songs are catchy and well done but I couldn't find a round up to 10 cause then I kept thinking of more and more and I was like enough!!

What are some of your favorite anime opening songs? I'd like to hear'em anytime!

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