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TroyFullbuster avatar 4:14 PM on 03.09.2013  (server time)
Dtoid Memories: Discovering Dtoid and my first blog

Wow, Destructoid is turning seven. That's like 70% of my fingers if my math is correct, pretty old for dog years and just old enough to play Pokemon the right way. To tell you the truth I haven't been on Destructoid for very long. About a year ago, on January 3rd, I made a Destructoid account. I made this account for mainly blog writing purposes, which is what I do frequently on here (this is about my 80 or 90th post).

See I had just gotten into the videogame writing..."game" (pun possibly intended) and heard Destructoid was a good place to promote your stuff. A top videogame site, with a strong community, and editors who put the truth in games. So, on that night I made my account and put out my first review. It was awful, I know, much like all first time projects; but like the saying goes "practice makes perfect." Unfortunately, I thought my blog was awesome and after I put it out the first comment I ever got on Dtoid was "Your blog sucks, learn how to write".


Here is that fateful first blog (but since the change to disqus all old comments are gone now)

After that, I guess I officially made it into the online community to Dtoid. So taking that advice I learned from that user, and not crying because I am a man, I went on to write more and more. From there on I met great users like Elsa, PhilKenSebben, StriderHoang, Kyousuke Nanbu, and many more. My writing improved, as well as my knowledge for videogames and how to write them. From reading Jim Sterling's reviews, to occasional Mr. Andy Dixon shorts, to Dale "not Nolan" North I finally understood the videogame journalism concept...a little bit.

Destructoid has now become a place I check frequently, not only for videogame news but op-ed pieces and electronic reviews as well. Dtoid is well informed and sometimes puts out information either first or news that never makes it to other gaming sites and makes myself and its users, all the more knowledgeable. In fact my favorite review of any game of all time, might be Jim Sterling's Final Fantasy XIII review.

Not only does this review state what I saw in the game word for word, but he adds this twist that makes it fun, relates to the people who have played the game, and just plain out right. To be able to effectively convey your message, almost in a sense as someone with no biases or showing of hate and coming out for fair, even while bashing things; Jim may be a robot after all.

I just want to wish Destructoid a happy birthday, thank its editors and the master/founder Niero Gonzalez (who commented on my crappy blog this morning and ironically featured FFXIII! Click here for magic

If you ever need a guy who wastes his time making gifs for his blogs (which ironically take longer than the blog writing aspect itself) you know what user to find.

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