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TroyFullbuster avatar 1:56 PM on 05.17.2013  (server time)
Contest: Are you the Internet's Next Top Streamer?

Do I have what it takes to be the internet's Next Top Streamer? Yes, because I know I AM going to be the internet's Next Top Streamer. Playing video games is one thing and streaming is another; for the former you need to be good, a winner so the people who can't finish their games come to see other people beat it for them. For the later, streaming is now a form of entertainment so you need to be engaging, be it funny or just someone that people want to listen to. I feel that I provide all aspects that it takes to be the internet's next top streamer, I'm funny, I own a lot of systems, which in turn means I've beaten a lot of games, and heck I love gaming.

[s]A sneak preview of my next review with this gif lol[/s]

I write reviews for all the games I beat, I thoroughly read Destructoid everyday (more than my textbooks!), and I don't think there's a day where I haven't gone without playing a game. In addition, I love to make gifs for all my readers and blogs, so giving me a capture card can allow me to create gifs of myself so in turn MORE GIFS! I tried to get in the streaming game last year and was able to get around 50 subscribers on my Twitch account (same name: Troyfullbuster). The only problem was I had to play on emulators all the time, so in turn the games I played were  elder "retro" games (which I love and enjoy but isn't that engaging as a newer game) and my computer blows. So with bad FPS leading towards lag, I've had to shut down my streaming for a bit until I get a new computer. (the last game completed on my stream was Battletoads…yep I beat it).

I feel the point of this contest and why I should win is so I can finally show my talents in gaming, play some current games, use a real program and build an audience. I already know I'm really good at games, I usually 100% everything I play, and also…I want to share my experience of gaming with everyone, because I have some memorable experiences be it by myself, with my brothers, or my friends. See, some people already have capture cards and they are ahead of the game and well this will let me counter them so they don't have to watch me do lame things on a shitty cam…now they can watch me do lame things on an AWESOME CAPTURE CARD ALL THE TIME NOW, not some of the time.

Here's the video submission:

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