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5:38 PM on 06.28.2015

I'm off to fight some fires also thanks Holmes!

Honestly, I just graduated college but I took this test 3 years ago got called this past year, then passed two physical test, and the medical, and psychological and well I’m here now and going to academy for 18 weeks.

It’s not like I’m leaving its 30 mins from my house but like 12 hours a day and its para-military so I won’t really have time to do what I want.

I have to study because there are classes and need a 75% or above to pass, I need to obviously do physical stuff in both strength/fitness and those practical situations. Is this what I wanted to do? Not necessarily, I went to school to become a stock broker or a lawyer, but I can’t complain with this opportunity. I only work half the month (you work your full 30 in 15 days etc), which leads me to have plenty of free time, I get a lot of benefits and other stuff.

The big thing for me is I really am looking to make Partnership on Twitch to make side change with that. I’m currently at 3,000+ followers and applied for the partnership; hoping I do get it. It would totally make everything easier for me though for the next 18 weeks I’m gonna be pretty busy PLUS studying on the weekends etc. Same thing with YouTube finally hit 500+ so we’ll see where that gets us!

My pro Smash Bros career will be on semi-hiatus since I will not be attending EVO and I missed CEO. I can probably make a few locals for free money but honestly I won’t be attending any nationals except maybe Smash Con. It was fun, going to tourneys, getting recognized and of course winning money. Maybe by the time I get back customs will be banned once again (even though only us crappy tri-state runs it). It was cool being IQHQ and now Destructoid (thanks Johnathan Holmes) but my brother, Gohan,  is still around to carry the legacy. 

It was crazy from just playing Brawl for fun and then going on to national tourneys and placing and winning a lot of locals meeting all kinds of people. All those people you watch on stream I've beaten, talked, and played against and to be honest they aren't all M2K's; there are just normal people who love the game. They are some jerks but the community is big enough to get around them.

You want to get better and compete a national level? THEN PLAY AND GET BETTER! That's what I did and it really paid off!

On the note of games and anime. I’ve beaten about 6 games this past month 100%, and currently am playing Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment, One Piece Unlimited World Red, and I still have a billion and a half JRPG’s to do. I tried to bang out as many games I could but I got lazy. Hopefully not too many good things come out while I don’t have much time ;D but I’m sure I’ll be able to bang out a lot of em.

Anime- I’ve slacked but at least I watched Durarara x2!! But I also slacked on my manga reading to so whatever I’ll have a lot of reading to do when I get back! 

I’m not sure how baseball season will go since I will be busy but hopefully I will be back for playoffs; I want to win the championship for my coach really bad, all my coaches, they are great people. 

Wish me luck guys! Thank you all and I’ll try to update when I can.


9:11 PM on 06.25.2015

Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Quick Notes/Open Thoughts

Hey guys I just wanted to discuss that awesome Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer we saw at E3 2015. Previously I wrote about the KH3 what to expect (in a who are the 7 Guardians of Light vs the 13 Darknesses) but I wanted to discuss more gameplay things I saw from the trailer rather than open end story questions. 

Go watch the trailer if you haven't already!

- Running animation looked a bit awkward

- Interactive steps over the rocks at around 0:40 seems to indicate a more open-world type of feel [environment interactions?]

- Sora has high jump already (those developers wanted max air ;D)

- Trinity attack at 0:52ish seems way more interactive and not automatic also goofy is mega HD

- Flowmotion is definitely back and that’s a good thing

- Pretty sure summons are gone and replaced with those new “firework” animations (which is a good thing) unless they are a new feature [definitely not a finisher]

- Sora new outfit meh [could be a form etc]

- What’s the EX form? Is Drive form renamed?

- Magic bar didn’t deplete during magic but it looks like shitty KH2 version magic

- meh younger xehanort and eraqus

thoughts? or stuff I msised? I’m down to hear


1:55 PM on 06.16.2015

A quick E3 no picture lazy blog of my feelings


-Uncharted 4 (of course)

-Star Wars Battlefront- didn’t know too much about the game but their entire presentation and gameplay impressed me into hype

-Half of everything Nintendo-

The Mario and Luigi x Paper Mario was amazing. Like combining two of my favorite series together to an awesome looking 3DS game that has brought me so much joy is just UNF

-Star Fox Zero literally put a tear in my eye seeing Corneria in HD and all the amazing changes done

-Trifroce Heroes looks super fun and has online multiplayer though I rather play it with friends

-Yoshi Wooly World ALL DAY

-FFVII Remake about time they made this though not as good as FFIX or IV but whatever. People will finally play it and realize its alright, won’t cry like its FFVIICC, and it will be TLOU ps4 HD all over again mad people want and overhype it and they don’t buy it

-KH3 cause yes

-Xbox One had some cool stuff can’t remember everything though ;D


-Rare bundle

-Metroid Prime 3DS hunters game

-SMT x FE (I really want this game the trailer just wasn’t as good as the first one)

-Halo 5 (disappointing)


-KH Mobile (I hate anything mobile)

- Hyrule Warriors 3DS why remake a terribly sold game that was not fun on the Wii U for the 3DS or is the future library that empty?

- Tangled World but hey at least not Frozen

-Halo 5 no split screen

-Everything else I don’t carea bout


1:25 PM on 05.23.2015

Top 5 N64 Games Video Format!

Hey guys I know I haven't really blogged that much but since school is done expect more of it!

For now take this Top 5 N64 video we made like a month ago and tell us your favorites!

I don't get the new format so here's the link

Top 5 N64 Games

#5 is DK64 spoiler ;D


12:01 PM on 03.22.2015

The APEX Journey: Day 3- Arrival and Results

Edit: I haven't posted this in mad long but since post-APEX I've won a few tourneys made like over $500 and was featured on the site Melee it on Me. It's kid of cool when people come up to you and call you a top player but I'm still no M2K in terms of fame.

I just have to keep gettting better.

The Arrival and Delay

Well, it's finally the big and important blog...the APEX Blog! I wrote this pretty much after I got home and man does APEX take a lot out of you; even if you are only just competing. The tournament featured over 800 Smash Wii U entrants and over 1000 Melee entrants and was hosted in Jersey, aka roughly an hour from Joey and I. Now, of course this is our first APEX and a our first national, be it that we have only been competing for 6 months, and of course the nerves were hitting me. Joey and I received our pool notifications earlier in the week and we spent our entire week researching our opponents (though not much was found haha) and learned we were going to have the first wave in the first pools, aka the dreaded 9AM pools!

So, that Thursday night we found a friend who had a room at the hotel (sorry I forgot the name), picked him from the train station,  ran into many big names like Sky Williams and others, and of course got our awesome pre-registration APEX badge. Honestly, we were just tired and excited for tomorrow, so we went to our room to train all night and prepare for our 9AM journey.

That Friday morning came and man was I excited and nervous at the same time. We reported to our TO desk followed by our pool locations, and saw the fantastic layouts they had everywhere. There were awesome HD monitors supplied by Gaming Generations everywhere, brand new Wii U's and GCN adapters supplied by Nintendo, an eBay scalpers dream. At 8:45am, Joey and I arrived and the odd thing though was the fire alarm was sounding off, though the TO's and us just ignored it, it delayed the pool starting for 15 minutes. Right as we were about to begin, (Joey and I had byes in our pools as we were ranked #1 and #2 respectively, though in different pools) we were told to immediately evacuate! The Fire Department had come to investigate the alarm, as it is there job.

HOWEVER! This led to the whole slew of events that everyone should know by now and I won't be going into full details. So here's a short bullet form of it

  • Fire Dept sees the event and deems the room unsafe from too much electrical output + no permits
  • APEX is cancelled for the next 7 hours, people are just roaming. Half shocked, half confused
  • Twitch saves the day gets new venue, Sky Williams says APEX continues tomorrow

[poilib element="articleSubHeader" parameters="label=Game Time"]

After a long trek back to NY to a 6AM wake up adventure to get to the new and further venue, GAME TIME WAS UPON US! I was still nervous, though not as nervous as I was going into the tournament. Joey and I parted to our waves and my rounds were about to begin. I watched the first match between the two kids I was supposed to fight and I was this will be easy; and it was. It was a 2-0 vs the kid's Captain Falcon (and it doesn't hurt the my brother mains Captain Falcon either). The next round I had to fight vs a player Tohfoo, who played a good Shiek with great follow ups, just once again I played better and read better! My last fight was against some kid who got sponsored by Pastime Legends (a big Smash store sponsor, where M2K and dabuz are a part of) though honestly I thought he was overrated. He played Mario and though the games were close and he took game 2 off me (after a terrible start), I had an amazing comeback in Duck Hunt Dog stage game 3 to win the pool and and advance to the Top 128 (or as I found out later....wave 2).

Joey on the other hand, got to once again play on Team Sp00ky's stream (we know Spooky personally now but), and to make his long story short he also advanced out of pools!

Here's one of his matches

[youtube clip_id="NLhNhVvuQZg"]

Now to wait 12 hours!

The Atmosphere

I'm not going to lie, but at the Clarion Hotel (aka the first venue) I really didn't get a cool, awesome tournament vibe that APEX hypes itself up to be. But, going into Saturday and seeing the entire crowd for Melee, talking with VGBC's GimR (and seeing how he gets the pre-stream matches a hand massage), and just talking with many faces; it made me understand why APEX is the biggest Smash Tournament around. The place is crazy excited, some many friendly faces, great matches going on, a lot to learn, and just a great place for fans or players to just enjoy Super Smash Bros!

Also, to be honest, being at APEX makes me want to Melee more than it did any other Smash game. There's so much Glory and anticipation for Melee that honestly, I didn't know it was as big as it was. Like, you see big numbers on twitch but seeing that kind of crowd it just makes the entire game better!

Embedded image permalink


Wave 2 and Results

Like I said, 12 hours later! After watching many matches, seeing a lot of upsets and fighting to stay awake (since 6AM people!). They finally announced the wave 2 of pools and lucky me I had Mew2King and NinjaLink in my pool (along with Chudat and MikeKirby) but honestly, I wasn't nervous or anything for pool 2 I was just exhausted. Hauling around, wanting to squeeze matches in, cheering Joey on in Doubles (they almost advanced to top 32 one win away), APEX was draining me or just the lack of organization for such a huge event. I wanted to get fame and glory but none of that was happening, even with my victories.

By the time I fought in wave 2 it honestly was a blur and I played terrible, honestly it pisses me off thinking about it, but I guess the best Smashers just can go at anytime (even many big names didn't even make it out of wave 2 pools like FOW, Choco, Ally2Knight). However, I did get to see the salty suite live and became friend with the LIVING LEGEND HIMSELF PC CHRIS! (who said we can chill and he can teach me the Melee!); but alas once again it only spiked my Melee interest.

Hopefully I do better at EVO

yeah that's right I'm off to EVO, wish me luck!

Right now, post-APEX my Smash-muse is dead but I still semi-play I mean there are still tourneys to go to and money to win!


8:32 PM on 03.04.2015

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D Review Video Review SuperNintenBros!

Hey guys this is gonna be a video blog! I will be writing a readable review version for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D only after I 100% it. However, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy Billy and myself giving you the video review!

Don't forget to subscribe, like, comment, etc.



11:22 AM on 03.01.2015

Some Things with Nintendo should do with Amiibo

Based on IGN's article reporting that Nintendo Amiibo's will be providing demos for Virtual Console NES and SNES games  I came to wonder one philosophical question...


Look, I'm a huge Nintendo fan and I own every Amiibo that isn't named Marth or Villager and I seriously began to think that this makes little to no sense. Amiibo's cost roughly $12-$15 (if you can actually buy them in store) and a lot more for people having to buy their's off eBay scalpers. Now, one thing about demo's are they are generally, what's the word, FREE, and for Nintendo to essentially say, "hey why don't you buy this figure so you can play a demo" (which ironically costs more into the game) baffles me. In addition, Nintendo also offers demos of games in the game the Amiibo's are generally used for, Super Smash Bros. Wii U. 

So, as the good citizen and fan of Nintendo I am here are my four suggestions in what to add for Amiibo features!

1. Discounts on Virtual Console Games

My first suggestion is instead of demo's offered with amiibo's how about we offer discounts of game(s) from the amiibo we purchase? So, say that we buy a Kirby and/or Link Amiibo; therefore we get Kirby DreamLand or Legend of Zelda (NES) Virtual Console for $4.99 instead of the full price (or whatever is a lower > 20% than original price). The other idea is if you pack these games with the demos you wanted to give with each amiibo and after the demo ends it offers the player to buy the game at a discounted rate. People want amiibo's and adding discounts to popular and, of course, amazing games while purchasing Amiibo's only seems like a win-win to me.

2. 5% Digital Discount off Pre-orders

Going back to the discounts on the Virtual Console game, why not a small discount on future titles? I know it isn't very business-savvy but to offer say, buying an Amiibo for a future release (where the integration brings a lot more to the game), why not reward the consumer? For example, you buy/bought an Yoshi Amiibo and find out that Yoshi Wooly World is coming out; so, as per your Wii U reading the NFC figure, it offers you a chance to pre-order the game at $55 digital rather than paying the full $60!

3. Try to bundle them with games/or in series together

Look, we all know there are too many Super Mario characters to bundle into one game, but why not try to have those characters who have a recent release get an amiibo to get bundled with it. I'm not saying throw Kirby and King Dedede into a package of buying Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, but how about buying that game for an extra 8-10 dollars (less than the $12 of an amiibo) someone gets Kirby in the packaging/etc. I would definitely buy more of these games if it was a better chance of me nabbing and amiibo, along with an awesome new first-party game!

4. Have them come to life in the middle when you're not at home

Come on who doesn't like Toy Story, so the least Nintendo can do is make this happen! Also, we totally know that was the entire premise of Super Smash Bros. 64! They are just "dolls" on the kids desk but all of the sudden they start fighting? I'm on to you Nintendo!

[poilib element="accentDivider"]

Michael Troina plays games for his Twitch Channel EVERYDAY @ Troyfullbuster and his Youtube Channel: SuperNintenbros  that is only if you want to watch awesome and funny gaming videos with full walkthroughs, unboxings, and laughs! You can also find Mike and SNB on Facebook by liking the page! Thanks guys!


12:35 PM on 02.15.2015

A New Year and an Update! School, Games, and Manga!

Hey guys and also Happy New Year to all reading this! Dang 2015 looks like its a got a lot in store for me; be it life, school, and of course games! To be productive lazy I'm just gonna categorize everything to make writing this and reading it ten times simpler.

School + Job Future

I can't believe I'm at the home stretch of school! ONLY ONE MORE CLASS!!!! You don't understand how excited I am that's it over; college made me hate school though at the same time it made me adjust to certain changes a persona must go through when they don't have a clear picture in life. I'm going to get my degree in Economics and right now I am planning on looking for a bank job coming out, an analyst job, or even *gulp* getting a Master's.

Right now the only things I have lined up for me after college is the fact that I know the head recruiter of Nintendo (you may have heard of them) though I will need a little bit more juice on my resume in order for me to really get their interest. And the other thing I have going is I have completed nearly all the steps to becoming a New York City Fire Fighter and while I never saw myself doing this, its an opportunity I cannot let pass up. Hopefully I'll figure out my life in a few months....*laughs nervously*

Games, Twitch, and YouTube

This is the important part that we all care about! So far I would say my gaming 2014 last few months came to a pretty bad end, in a way of slowing down and not playing that much and not beating that many games. It's not that I was bored (well I was due to The Witch and the Hundred Knight and Tales of Symphonia HD being terrible games that made me not want to play) but its just I was lazy/focused on other things. After the disappointing Mario Kart 8, I got back into it with many Vita greats like: Y's Memories of Celceta, Persona 4 Golden Velocity 2X, and Dangan Ronpa 2. Then I finally platinumed that crappy Witch and the Hundred Knight game to get my way to Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD where I am currently 1/3 done with the game (Terra completed, Ven now, Aqua last cause she's terrible and secret final mix ending).

But in reality the real reason I have been too slow on my games is due to my venture into pro Super Smash Bros. I got into the scene at the end dead life days of Brawl and from there met a few people like DKWill and XFIRE's Vinnie. Since the 3DS came out, my brother and I (Joey/Gohan and myself) have been nonstop grinding and in fact have gotten picked up from a team and met even more new faces, placing high in tourneys, meeting many pros (Keitaro, Nakat, Dabuz, and others are good friends now), and winning money! (at some not most lol) .  So, also blame my game progress on that! [this part is semi-irrelevant with the APEX blogs out]

SuperNintenBros has been on a halt of Let's Plays and more of random good uploads; we're looking to change that though we don't want to waste the classics while we're only at the mid 300's. Our goal is to hit 1000+ before we hit 9 months and we can definitely do that.

On the other hand our Twitch has hit over 1200 followers and we are seriously looking really hard for that sub button! It's my goal and I really want cool funny emotes where people can spam it and have mega fun with it! Twitch is really cool and Smash has been my ace in the hole, though sometimes I really can't take the people who come on the stream. But, once we get a lot and a huge following, I won't have to worry about viewers lol.

If you guys have YouTube suggestions or advice, please comment or message it to me! I would love to hear that, requests for games, or anything in general to get the cogs moving in the machine!

Anime+ Manga

Well this category is definitely the weak spot, for myself not in the genre itself! My anime/manga game has been pretty weak and has falling into never watching anything new and reading only Shonen Jump manga like Fairy Tail, Bleach, and the great One Piece. The other mangas I keep up with RARELY update: Noragami, Ao No Exorcist, etc. and it's mega hard to constantly go back and check them even though after reading one chapter I'm always hungry for more.

I did start the Kingdom Hearts manga, which makes you read left to right (wth!?) but I've been enjoying it plus its a bit more mature than the games which is cool (Donald curses and a few other things). I do recommend it to all KH fans and to others who are looking to get into manga, though at the same time I don't really count it as manga.

Anyone have any good anime to watch or a way to get back into anime? I wanted to watch SAO 2, DRRR!! x 2, and a few others but I don't know! Games have a little more priority than anime for me.

Well's that the yearly update, on Joey's side he's back from surgery (torn labrum) and spring workouts and the spring game are coming up for Football.


Michael Troina plays games for his Twitch Channel EVERYDAY @ Troyfullbuster and his Youtube Channel: SuperNintenbros  that is only if you want to watch awesome and funny gaming videos with full walkthroughs, unboxings, and laughs! You can also find Mike and SNB on Facebook by liking the page! Thanks guys!


8:02 PM on 02.03.2015

The Road to APEX 2015 Day 2 Leveling Up

Part 1

Well I was originally going to part 2 up before the tournament but I didn't have time and well here we are the Monday after APEX.

The Release of the Wii U

Most of you guys know around myIGN that my brother and I got to meet Reggie Fils-Aime and play the Super Smash Bros Wii U version earlier than most. When the game officially launched, Joey and I were able to pick it up a few hours early from the Nintendo World Store (due to connections!) and man....that line if we would have waited. Seriously, it seemed even bigger than the Pokemon X & Y world release, as the block was jam-packed on both sides and I think even across the street! But, after a grueling ride back to Queens from Manhattan, getting home to play the glory that was the new Super Smash Bros was fantastic! The big thing though, was that KTAR XI was being hosted that weekend and that was the tournament to really make some noise. Over 300 entrants for Smash 4 and a lot of big names there, made it the place to be heard/found/seen!

Two days of training would never be enough, but the game was close enough to the 3DS (so we thought) that we thought we had some chance. Luckily, some of Joey's predictions were correct and a lot of scrubs were there so the competition wasn't that bad; but still big names like Jtails (who is a good friend btw), M2K, Keitaro, Dabuz, etc. were still going. However, the tournament organization was terrible and after we did the 4v4's, where we met TheRapture (stream coordinator for APEX), and Juice.Doom/Max Ketchum, as well as Gears of War legend/pro FatalStryke; we were forced to wait 8 hours before our pools were announced. The worst part was that Joey, our friend Rashad, and I were in the same pool due to no seeding! They let us fix that but both Joey and I lost in Losers Finals in our pools and got tied for 33rd, aka didn't make it to the Final 32/Smash Boards points/ VGBC stream. That loss stung and honestly pissed us both off to the point where we noticed that it was time to step our game.

Now, our first tournament for the Wii U in this new "power up mode" was actually two weeks after the release and KTAR XI, where a friend was hosting a local at a game store, in which we thought we would just give it a shot. Heading over, Joey introduced me to a Sonic he lost to at a tournament a month ago for the 3DS, Blue Terrorist. Joey said that kid was the road blocking us to winning some free money at the local scene. Ironically, Joey called it correct as I lost to BlueTerrorist in Winners Semis and Joey to him in Winners Finals and Grand Finals (after Joey beat me to get to GF). [Here is the tournament link] From there, we realized we needed to step up our game even higher from the 3DS; we started asking people about matchups, testing them out, and learning more tecs (like Perfect Pivoting). Joey went to more XFIRE locals and was training with Vinnie and DKWill to try and get to the next level, while I just practiced with Phil and myself when I had the time. The next tournament for us on the Wii U was a long island local, Smash the Halls, where we thought we were going to win until XFIRE Vinnie showed up. We hosted the tournament through our stream and I thought I was going to do bad, considering I didn't know the competition and the meta-game evolving, but that ended up not being the case. In fact, Joey said besides Vinnie there was another player to watch out for, Cyberman65, who Joey knew from XFIRE local's and a Sonic main as well. Both Joey and I defeated Cyberman65, and in fact Joey even ended up 3-0'ing Vinnie in Winner's Finals! However, Vinnie came back to beat me in Losers Finals, and resetted the bracket on Joey and then beat him 3-2 for 1st. So, once again we ended up 2nd and 3rd.

[The tournament: Smash the Halls link results here]

Joey's/Gohan 3-0 on Vinnie

My set/Troyfullbuster vs Cyberman65

It's about damn time and getting picked up by a team

The new year hit in and Joey and I were just hitting our Smash stride. We had our eyes on a big tournament hosted by TheRapture and Juice.Doom (now Max Ketchum) and streamed by Team Sp00ky (the famous FGC streamer). The tournament is hosted near Brooklyn and was the spot for the people who are the Nebulous crew (NinjaLink, MikeKirby, John Numbers) as their venue was down for repairs. The preparation was real and the tournament actually turned out to be huge with a $750 pot (250 bonus) where we had to cut people's brackets to keep it a large local 50 max entrants! That tournament, which you can find on YouTube, was where Joey went H.A.M. and could have done better than the 5th place he got ($50-70 bucks) because of an unlucky break on a counter in Delfino. Seriously, Joey got robbed and could have made it top 3 where competition also included Orion! (who Joey lost to in Winners Semis). That tournament for me made me realize my Rosalina and Luma weakness (blame Dabuz people) and honestly had me looking for a counter-character pick against her. Luckily, I got to watch a tournament that Joey and I didn't go to (bad weather) where famous Smasher ANTI, attended one of Keitaro's locals and bopped the competition! His match vs Dabuz was on stream and I watched how he won with Mario, and that really gave me the answer I was looking for; my secondary can beat this character!

During our whole time training, FatalStryke, who is apparently great friends with a lot of the Long Island guys, decided to create a Smash team featuring big names like: DKWill, Vinnie, KirinBlaze, ANTI, and more, asked if Joey and I wanted to join in because we've been working our ass off and he noticed us moving in the ranks. I know everyone wants to be picked up by ClashTournaments or VGBC first, but to be actually picked up by a team and getting team jersey's really meant a lot to Joey and I! Now, after being picked up our first ever tournament as a member of # iQHQ was upon us as that same friend was hosting a tournament at the same venue (the local). Word was BlueTerrorist was going to be there and this was a test for Joey and I, to see if we actually have improved.

Upon arriving at the scene, we also saw JohnNumbers there (the kid who beat Joey at the Next Level Team Spooky tournament by the lucky counter), and so we realized competition would be a little steeper this time.

Not that it mattered; as BlueTerrorist was "upset" right away in his first round! All that Sonic practice was for naught! And then John Numbers was upset by this player named 5 Salads, and everything Joey and I thought, as in who we would play and what strategies to use, was for nothing! I had to face 5 Salads as Joey waited for me in Winner's Finals, and much to my dismay 5 Salads was a Rosalina and Luma main. For game 1 I decided to go my main and use Diddy, in which I barely lost, but I counter-character picked and used the Anti strategy....and was able to win the next two games! My Rosalina troubles were over and man I barely won that game 2, that game was one of the most hype games I've ever played!

After Joey beat me 3-1, though I SHOULD HAVE WON GAME 3 with my Ganondorf over his Captain but blah...whatever. I had to fight John Numbers in losers finals where at first I thought I would use Sonic. Now, this game meant a lot more to Joey because he was still pissed at him for that loss, but I was the one who had to the avenging. Game 1 I got 2-stocked from his Shulk with my Sonic, so I went back to my main in Diddy and saw right through his strats. Boom, I won three straight as Diddy and I was going to Grand Finals with my brother! Guaranteed winner for one of us and the best part is we both would get in top 2! Joey went on to beat me handily in GF, as my emotions were low after such a high (that win was for Joey man!).


Other than that Joey and I have made some new combo videos which we would love for you to check out and enjoy! TELL US YOUR FAVORITE ONES PLEASE! (don't worry I'll have another blog highlighting them specifically)

My combo video/Troyfullbuster

Joey/Gohan combo video

Now, we're off to APEX 2015 and sleeping in a friends hotel for the first day! Our first match is the first wave in the first pools at 9am! Wish us luck we want to make it out of pools and maybe even more!


You can find Mike, Joey, and Phil at SNBGaming64 our YouTube channel for all our wacky adventures or catch us livestreaming on Twitch, just kicking ass and playing Smash!


5:31 PM on 01.28.2015

My Brother's and I Journey to APEX Part 1: The Beginning

Wow APEX is this week and I'm still a little shocked. This Friday and Saturday (and hopefully Sunday) you will be seeing the tags IQHQ| Troyfullbuster and IQHQ| Gohan competing at APEX, a Super Smash Bros. National Tournament! It's funny, I saw Joey and I (Mike) being there but to think it would happen this quickly is kind of cool. Yes, anyone can sign up for APEX but it's just that, our growth in the Pro Smash game has come far and we've only been at it for 6 months (which is funny because when we talk to other pros they are shocked we have only been playing for a short amount of time).

Before I get into other stuff let's talk about the beginning aka the Summer of 2014. Consistently playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl with my best friend Phil for the last 1.5 years, with inclusions of Joey (of course), and two other friends Rory and Sean; we finally thought it was time for us to compete in tournaments, we finally had the illusion we were good. Now remember two things: Brawl is considered dead and we have never entered any tournament ever, even a local. After playing nearly everyday and certainly every weekend, we went to the Best Buy E3 event and obviously were there to enjoy some demos of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS.

Here's an old Brawl matchup (don't sub to this Youtube channel! It's old and abandoned!)

Wait...that's not a tournament!

You're right because there was when we actually got into the tournament scene! Our friend Rory recognized a top 8 APEX finalist and Clash Tournament sponsored Vinnie (CT XFIRE| Vinnie) currently the #9 Brawl player in the entire world! From there we also met his friend, who was working the event, the found of XFIRE Long Island and head T.O. for APEX 2015 Dul (the Dul0R). After chatting for a bit and of course playing the demo, they told us to come down to deep Long Island for a tournament they were hosting to celebrate Brawl (well its second to last tournament). Unfortunately, I cannot find the bracket but let me tell you the butt whooping we all took there. I did a win a few compared to Phil, Sean, and Rory and Joey (who was the worst at the time) improved so greatly and did fantastic in both the mid-tier only tourney and the real one, but alas we came in the 13th-17th range (Joey and I).

From there the grind never stopped for Joey and myself and we told ourselves to forget Brawl and put all our money on Smash 4. From there, we bought a Japanese 3DS, got more friendly with big competitors (especially the Long Island people like DKWill, Mr. E, Vinnie) and really just played the game. The next tournament we went to I did a bit better than Joey, placing tied for 9th in a bracket with the said names and Mew2King, Jtails, and other big names. That tournament which was also hosted by XFIRE and in fact streamed by D1 (big-time Smash announcer) was where we first leveled up. (CrossFire 4 Bracket here)

However, even through all our grinding on the 3DS we never won any tournament on it, though Joey did get second place at a XFIRE local/weekly and won money! That marked the first time either Troina ever won money at a Smash tourney and/or even placed in top 3! It was such a great day and to see my brother get to that level at the time (it was October people! Smash 3DS had a life span of Sept-Nov). The 3DS for me was a stepping stone as I became good friends with Jtails and Clash Tournament's Keitaro (who is really awesome and friendly). It taught me to constantly improve and the speed at which pro's play at!

On a random side note, it makes sense to why his tag was Gohan, he's always been that younger one who just ascends to greatness, be it in football (D1 scholarship) or even Smash; however I can't let my little brother beat me for too long! And even though we're brothers my old tag used to be Goku, but now I rock Troyfullbuster, though occasionally will throw Goku on my Smash tag in a game. The reason is because Goku is my idol and has always trained to get stronger as well as be someone who fights for what he protects while being confident in himself; but that's a story for another time!

Here's our old 3DS Combo

Catch Part 2 sometime this week with the arrival of where we are now and where Super Smash Bros Wii U /the console version has taken us!


Michael Troina plays games for his Twitch Channel EVERYDAY @ Troyfullbuster and his Youtube Channel: SuperNintenbros  that is only if you want to watch awesome and funny gaming videos with full walkthroughs, unboxings, and laughs! You can also find Mike and SNB on Facebook by liking the page! Thanks guys!


7:05 PM on 01.19.2015

My Super Smash Bros Wii U Combo Video!

Hey guys I know I haven't blogged in forever and I've been kinda busy at pro smash tourneys in the east coast as well as streaming and youtube and last semester of college....but no worries!

Cause I totally had time to make another Smash Bros. combo video that I hope you all enjoy!

Don't forget to like, comment, and find me and my team at SNBGaming64 or Troyfullbuster on Twitch!


6:09 PM on 12.02.2014

9539 Ft. Home-Run Derby Super Smash Bros. w/ Ganondorf!

Literally one night with my friend we decided just to play around in home-run derby and like magic...we came up with this glory lol.


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