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TroutPhishMan's blog

4:57 AM on 06.10.2012

My friend my an awesome video.

12:01 AM on 10.26.2011

Video Podcast - Episode 1

Check out my friends Video Game Podcast.

My friends are doing a video game podcast. Im excited because its really something i think about a lot and even though this is episode 1...and I mean its episode 1. It's a first attempt and I think that with a little more discussion and better camera work i think they could do something special. Feel free to comment on Youtube!!!!!!!

Also they are awarding Microsoft points to listeners.   read

6:42 PM on 04.06.2010

I got the lights!

After about 3 years I've been hearing about failures I thought not me...

Until today i downloaded the new Xbox Update...and it broke my system.   read

1:42 PM on 03.04.2010

Podtoid almost ruined my life

I'll start by saying I love the podcast and all the editors here. I've been following the blogs for a long time and finally found a site that has good humor and few politics. I was on at Ign for quite some time..never paid for the insider but I have an account that's almost 4/5 years old. Thanks to N4G to linking to Destructoid I probably wouldn't of found it. I liked the articles, checked out the forums and podcast and really found a nice place for my news and bloggy stuff. I've met some cool kids playing the FNF and the forums aren't too snobby.

I'm at mindless drone at a cubicle and in fact posting this from thine cubicle. I sit around all day staring at a screen doing expert level data entry. I'm not keying mindlessly that would fun and easy. Im working at one of the largest insurance companies in the world and trying follow laws and regulations. I answer a phone at a 800 number and speaking with clients and customers and problem solving problems that could in fact mean the difference of millions of dollars.Its very high stress and intense at times. I'm in production so the numbers mean everything. Nothing makes the time go by and the relieves the stress as my podcasts.

Which is coming to the problem. The show is funny! So funny in fact that I laugh. When i laugh it so it was told to me disturbs my "neighbors". In fact I've been threatened with termination recently if it continues. Recently I had my evaluation and the only reason that I didn't get a raise or even a good score was because of my "laughing outbursts". I'm a family man with 3 kids and a spoiled wife. The fact that I didn't get a raise means that I have to spend another year at food pantry's and shopping for clothes at thrift stores.

Now with my job basically on the line I can't do anything but sit and wait to be canned. So thanks Podtoid! Your humorous banter and all the funny crap that pours in my head causing my outbursts laughter, its ruining my life. I can't stop listening...I wont stop listening. Podtoid almost ruined my life and damn it if I still love it.   read

2:20 PM on 02.16.2010

Income Tax Refunds Make Me compulsive....

I've been slowly building my collection of games. I could list all the games I've bought and played through but thats's the list of my pile of shame since the last month with a justified reason why i haven't broken the plastic.

Wolfenstein - I've been grinding my life away in Borderlands which if I'm going to be playing a FPS title might as well go through Borderlands.

Saboteur - I'm really looking forward to putting in some good time but open world wise i'm still playing Crackdown, GTA, Saints Row, Gun, and other open world titles that I'm really unsure if I can devote my time and energy.

Saints Row 2 - See excuse above.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - A cowboy based FPS...I really want to finish Borderlands.

Rockband: Beatles.....I'm waiting for the right night to open it...maybe this weekend?

Games I've recenly bought and opened and actually played

Halo:ODST - Beat it....plan to do it again.

Lost: Via Damos - Played a little and it controls like Silent Hill...pretty sure I'm giving up on it.

Guilty Gear 2 Overture -.....what was I thinking....its like Dynasty Warriors but less hacking more auto-sprinting

LOTR Conquest - I was hoping for a Battlefront game and well..its harder and i thought it would be more entertaing since i was in the mutliplayer beta years ago.

Call of Duty: MW2 - Has consumed my life for the last month or so....

Guitar Hero 5 - The studio makes me feel stupid and I love the new guitar...kind of weird the DLC on the store needs an additional patch thing to play from World Tour it isn't like cross play like on Rock Band...weird...overall I love my new guitar.

If I think of more I will probably not post it because in fear of being mocked...but my pile of shame really puts a damper on my sleeping schedule...and with MW2 patched and with the Borderlands DLC I bought...hey I have a bank now...SWEET! Getting to the other things has been hard...I'm just thinking of quitting my job and working as offers a medical benefits and paid leave and all the coffee I can drink right? Thinking...NO guess I will have to stay at my current position and answer that phone thingy thats ringing and get back to some customer servicing...   read

6:14 PM on 01.30.2010

Boy Kills for a PS3

Bond set for 16-year-old charged in Cedar Rapids murder
Posted on Jan 30, 2010 by Admin.
Denum Anthony Null, 16, is facing a first-degree murder charge and, now, a $1 million cash bond.

In his initial appearance on Saturday morning at the Linn County Courthouse, Null listened and nodded as Judge Casey Jones agreed with the prosecution’s call for a $1 million cash bond.

Jones set Null’s next court appearance for Tuesday, February 9th at 8:30 a.m.

In the criminal complaint, investigators state that, during a felony robbery on January 12th, Null shot Kevin Bell, 26, in the head, resulting in his death. The robbery occurred at 113 1st Avenue SW, Apt. K, in downtown Cedar Rapids.

Cedar Rapids police say, at about 10:15 on Friday morning, they captured Null in a residence at 1510 4th Avenue SE.

Police said earlier that, on the night of the robbery, three men broke into the apartment on 1st Avenue where Bell was staying and asked for a PlayStation video gaming system and that one of the three men shot Bell.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety website had a “Denem Null” listed as a missing person. The criminal complaint lists Null as using both “Denem” and “Denum”.

A county attorney on the case said Null will be tried as an adult. If convicted on the first-degree murder charge, Null would face a life sentence in prison.   read

10:59 PM on 12.16.2009


Beard to Goat-T

My beard post!   read

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