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Tron Knotts avatar 6:24 PM on 08.06.2007  (server time)
Mother 3 Translation Vid, mini-review

Any "hardcore" gamer knows that one of the most stereotype busting games to be released in the last ten years is Mother 3. Anything you think you know about video games, even the "wacky" ones, gets it's ass kicked by this game.

Little boys tackling Dinasours? Check. Major character's death in the first hour causing potential sense of dread and sorrow for the rest of the game? Check. Playing as a non-talking monkey who is sadisticly treated by it's turban wearing owner? Check. A little boy kissed under water by a mer-man? For better or worse, double check.

Yes, there is no game quite like Mother 3. The closest would be Mother 2, or as it's known outside Japan, Earthbound. But ask anyone whose played them both, and they'll tell you that Mother 3 blows Earthbound away in terms of bizarre visuals, concepts, and most importantly, shifts in emotional tone.

Mother 3 will literally have you laughing one minute, and disturbed and disgusted the next. In fact, it's the juxta position between these contrasting emotions that makes the Mother 3 experience so intense. You never know what you'll see next in the game, or how it will make you feel.

Don't believe me? Ask this lady.

Most of you reading this would never have the chance to play this game due to Nintendo's lack of English localization, if ti weren't for the people of Their translation team is hard at work on an English patch as we speak, and from the looks of this vid, it's well under way. It's a little glitchy, but legible, and thoroughly exciting for those of us that have waited to play this game for over 10 years.

Here you go!

And here's a link about an Earthbound fan being interviewed at Video Games Live by NPR. Sort of relevant, but not really deserving it's own thread. Or a link.

Your going to have to copy and paste, you lazy bastards!

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