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Street Fighter 2 HD sprites leaked, Zardoz's displeasure pending

So our friends over at Kotaku have found a leak to a whole bunch of unfinished sprites of the HD remake of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Some of them look good, some of them look like crap. Regardless, two things remain true. 1) You should download them all now before they are taken down. 2) Zardoz is going to say they all suck and he could do better. REJOICE!



For serious, this is super important. L-Block is leading in the finals of Gamefaqs annual character battle, going head to head Link, Cloud, and Snake. L-Block needs to win this shit! A vote for L-Block is a vote for the end of retarded character battles. Go to Gamfaqs now and place your vote. I know I did.


Weekends are boring Part 2: Ness vs Lucas short battle vid.

This vid is... underwhelming. I love it, because I am a sucker for these characters. But really, it's not that great. If you are expecting something along the lines of those Ryu vs Scorpion vids, or those epic Super Mario world meets Lord of the Rings videos, then prepare to be disappointed. Still, if you love Earthbound, the end will give you some lulz.


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