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4:18 PM on 04.20.2008

Those who enjoyed Mass Effect, please R-E-A-D

I am a total whore for science fiction. I love to read sci fi, I love to play sci-fi games, see sci-fimovies, watch things on TV like Lexx and think about what might happen if any given scenario happened in real life (which is one of the reasons why I love the Fallout franchise so much). In any case, you can say that I was absolutely hyped when I first heard about Mass Effect.

I bought it about a week after it came out. Keep in mind that my 360 purchase had a lot to do with a plan to buy this particular game later on.

This is by no means a review, and I do not apologize to anyone who thought the game was flawed. Of course it was flawed. In my experience, it was the most enjoyable and engrossing action RPG game I've yet played for either the 360 or the original Xbox.

Things I loved about the game: The facial feature options in the character creation. The revolutionizing of the dialogue tree wheel (you get it, right?). The NPC character work. The mix up of third person shooting and turn based teammate manipulation. The vocal work that went into it. The graphics. Interstellar exploration. A plot that made me feel like my decisions, whether or not I chose the nasty, nice, or neutral dialogue option were critically important, even for the stupidest little microcosmic choice. A *really* well paced story, with an ending that sends the player home with a truly satisfying feeling. An explosion of awesome that resonated inside my imagination for days and days, knowing that there will probably be a sequel, but not feeling gypped at all.

Things which weren't so good: Mako. The 'Hacking' skill. Sniping. Obvious and frequent graphical errors. Many more, probably, but I didn't focus on the bad parts. How could you with such an exciting game? Best single player game on the 360 IMHO.

Anyway, This is a long and circuitous way of telling you that I found Mass Effect to be fun. Very fun. More fun than a barrel of monkeys, ten friends, a hotel room and a sheet of high power LSD.

Reason being, is that I read tons of science ficiton. Authors like Larry Niven, Richard Morgan, and Charles Stross are a few of my tops. The amount of speculative technology that these guys manage to work into their stories as ambient background information is always interesting and fun to read. Mass effect's integration of such information in the form of the Codex really 'did it' for me. I read every single entry, and even though its just pseudo science that had been borrowed from all over the genre, this stuff realy enhanced my gaming experience.

My favourite books I've read within the last year or so are as follows:
Charles Stross, Accellerando
Richard Morgan, Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, and soon I'll hopefully be able to read Market Forces and Woken Furies
Larry Niven: Ringworld I-IV, Currently Destiny's Road, Also Rainbow Mars, which has some wicked time travel stuff
Gibson, Idoru

What science fiction authors can you guys reccomend? Who else loved Mass effect?

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2:09 PM on 04.20.2008

Meet and Greet post, rehashed.

Hey everyone.

I am ‘new’ here, but have been reading Deetoid for about a year. I join to read, comment, *occasionally* post in the forums, and to have fun. I love this website. Contests would be nice to win too.

About me:
-Recent graduate from a double honours BA in History of science and technology and History. School again in future, once I have a plan.
-Now working as a bicycle mechanic, because bikes are fun. Repairing and building them was a good idea, but nowhere near as fun as riding cross country or road.
-Planning on heading over to Korea with the g/f in about 2 months to learn how to teach, earn some cash, and gain some XP. Hopefully I will up my language, international adaptation, and my ruthless young Asian conformist zombie slaying SP.
-I like coffee, reading sci fi/fantasy, and frisbees, and flying kites. I wish money wasn't the core feature of my existence, but by virtue of the culture we live in, I have no choice.

I loves me the video games. Not all, but many, and very specific types. Here are some of my all time faves by platform, organized in a non-organized sort of way. many are retros, many are not. the list is long, apparently... Deal with it.

Quest for Glory one, three, and four
King's quest, generally speaking
day of the tentacle
Fallout II, never played I - HYPED about Bethesdas threequel (I said it, threequel, yeah. fna)
Planescape Torment
System shock 2
Diablo I and II
Doom II
Hunter Hunted
Descent II
Everquest (i know)
WoW - unplayable, anymore, to me. Much too good. May as well smoke crack cocaine.
Ragnarok Online betas
Lode Runner
All super solvers, like treasure mountain and shady vale, or whatever.
Sim City 2000
Giants Citizen Kabuto
Quake 3
Farenheit (sp?)
Half life 1 and 2, CS:S, but not Episodes 1 or 2
Incredible Machine, The

Super Mario World
LoZ Link to the past
Chrono Trigger
Ecco the Dolphin
Mario Kart
Secret of Mana
Donkey Kong Country

Goldeneye, of course
starfox 64
Ocarina of Time
Diddy Kong Racing - one of the few racing games to capture my attention
Majora’s Mask
Smash Bros.
Star wars shadows of the Empire
Mario Party

*note* My memory isn’t perfect. If one or two of these games are in the wrong platform category, please crucify me. *end note*

ninja gaiden black
Soul Calibur 2 - best fighter I've yet played
halo 1&2
prince of persia

XBOX 360
viva pinata
Mass Effect (I bought it with high expectations, and it DELIVERED)
Orange Box

Anyways, I could go on and on. Games are fun. Right now I'm trying to figure out what to play next. My brother just sent me Assassins creed in the mail, and I've yet to receive it. Viva Pinata is almost done for me, because I've almost got the Roario as a resident. COD4 is no longer a reliable option, as fun as it is, because I’ve disconnected from XBLA in preparation for my round-the-world move. I was thinking of ordering up Ninja gaiden black online before my subscription runs out. Also, Bully scholarship edition for the 360 looks BOMB.

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10:15 AM on 04.20.2008

Greetings toidbots

Hey everyone.

New member. Have been a loyal D-toid fan for about a year now, and I figured it would be a good time to become involved. I'm not a huge fan of the blogging idea - the reason I've joined is to make commentary on posts when appropriate, sign up for your wicked contests, and also, obviously, to flame anyone who doesn't like the same things I do.

This website is awesome, as everyone here already knows, those committed individuals who spend so much time making it into what it is deserve all thinkable kudos.

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