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Tromboned's blog

4:18 PM on 04.20.2008

Those who enjoyed Mass Effect, please R-E-A-D

I am a total whore for science fiction. I love to read sci fi, I love to play sci-fi games, see sci-fimovies, watch things on TV like Lexx and think about what might happen if any given scenario happened in real life (which i...   read

2:09 PM on 04.20.2008

Meet and Greet post, rehashed.

Hey everyone. I am ‘new’ here, but have been reading Deetoid for about a year. I join to read, comment, *occasionally* post in the forums, and to have fun. I love this website. Contests would be nice to win too. About me: -...   read

10:15 AM on 04.20.2008

Greetings toidbots

Hey everyone. New member. Have been a loyal D-toid fan for about a year now, and I figured it would be a good time to become involved. I'm not a huge fan of the blogging idea - the reason I've joined is to make commentary o...   read

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