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I have a friendly relationship with the kids in my neighborhood. I don't yell at them when they make too much noise. They don't call the cops on me when I'm smoking crack with my blinds closed tight at 10 a.m. on a weekday. When we run into each other in the courtyard we hang. We talk about scooters, toys and my job at the Seahorse Marina. This morning when I came back from the "post office" I found a lovely present on my doorstep. Now, I knew Destructoid was popular. Hell, I heard even the pope and Robert Redford read Weekend Destructainment. Apparently, with the Wii exploding in the casual market, the youngsters are reading the hippest video game web site, too, and they're drawering about it in chalk. I'm sorry, but this makes me want to care about the young folks (talkin' bout the young style). Excuse me while I close my blinds and play some Bomberman before bedtime.

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