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Anyone who's attending PAX this year should know about the incredible contest Pink Godzilla is hosting.

Here's what's at stake-

"History of Nintendo Grand Prize Package:

Nintendo Playing Cards- Few people know that Nintendo used to make playing cards before they got into the video game business. This prize is deck of playing cards from the 80's featuring Mario and friends.

Brand New Color TV Game 15 System- Before the NES, Nintendo released a series of Pong consoles in Japan. This model is the second console ever made by Nintendo and was released in 1978.

A Messiah Generation NEX Console with games- Relive the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System with the Generation NEX. This system will allow you to play both NES and Famicom games and is compatible with all the original controllers and peripherals. An assortment of 8-bit games will also be included with the console.

Super Famicom with Messiah Wireless Controllers- The Super Famicom (SNES in the US) was Nintendo's second console. This system also comes with a pair of Messiah wireless SNES controllers.

N64 game console with Sin and Punishment- Sin and Punishment is a highly sought after title released only in Japan. Sin and Punishment was made by Treasure, the same company that made Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga.

Japanese Wii Console with Dragon Quest Swords- The latest in the super popular Dragon Quest Series. Of course, with a Japanese Wii you will be able to download all of the coolest Japanese retro games through Nintendo of Japan's Virtual Console service."


I'm at work now, so unfortunately, I don't have the time to do this news the justice it deserves. But I know one of us from Dtoid will be able to win these if given the chance. The contest involves competing with staff members from Pink Godzilla on the following games:

"Super Smash Bros. Melee (GC)- This contest will test your fighting skills as you take on Elder Goban at Nintendo's popular mascot brawler.

Wii Tennis- Get in touch with your inner Andre Agassi as you take on Elder Taragan at Wii Tennis.

Double Dribble (NES)- Lace up your high tops for some classic hoops action as you take on Elder Matsu at Konami's 1987 basketball game.

Guitar Hero 2 (PS2)- Take on Elder Danjamin in a Pinkathon Battle of the Bands.

Mystery Game!- If you can make it past the Pinkathon gauntlet with at least one win, a mystery Elder will challenge you to a surprise game. Will it be Shaq-Fu? Rock and Roll Racing? Pitcher's Duel? (Here's a hint. The mystery game will be a popular puzzle title.)"

Visit Pink Godzilla for the full list of rules.

Go team Destructoid! The Sunday night hotel party just got a whole lot swankier.

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