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Since everybody seems to be playing Zack & Wiki, would someone kindly tell me a small hint on how the fuck you beat the ice world boss? Am I just a complete idiot? I've been tearing my hair out for two nights now. I don't want to look it up on Gamefaq's, because that just feels like cheating. I know this is a little old school, but I remember when you had to rely on word of mouth from friends to beat games and I wanted to recreate that feeling. Destructoid has the smartest community of gamers on the planet. I'm just hoping for a small little nudge in the right direction. Dexter? Mxyzptlk? Anyone?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Imaginary comment #0: You suck. Ever heard of google?
Imaginary comment #1: This belongs in the forums.
Imaginary comment #2: Something kind and helpful, but just cloying enough to not give it away.

I love you, imaginary comment #2. I'll make sure they let you into heaven!

Not the level I'm stuck at, but it's pretty.


I know to grab the ice mirrors from the trays on the side of each room after you piss off the lion. I know that diagonally placed mirrors reflect laterally and vice versa. I just can't seem to get any order that will do me any good. Do I just keep plugging away with the pattern or am I missing a crucial step? What the hell do I do with that big blue mirror I grabbed out of the statue's hands?

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