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Welcome to Destructoid, pinksage! I found myself a little suspicious about our new C-blog member when she began posting strictly Halo 3 related material after joining a mere handful of days prior to the big launch.

Then I noticed some cross-posting happening over on different internet locales.
pinksage's Destructoid Halo 3/Pontiac "First to Play"
pinksage's 1UP Halo 3 First to Play Recap
pinksage's Gamertag Radio Halo 3 / Pontiac First to Play
pinksage's Destructoid Halo 3 Launch NYC
pinskage's Gamertag Radio Halo 3 Launch NYC

It turns out, Microsoft was so happy with pinksage's tireless volunteer marketing efforts on their behalf, including her work on staff at three separate Web sites devoted exclusively to Microsoft products, that they decided to award her with their Most Valuable Professional status. While largely an honorary designation, being an Microsoft MVP does come with certain benefits. In corporate speak, it's called crowdsourcing.

Pinksage also happens to be a full-time employee for C2 Creative, a marketing firm that lists Microsoft as one of its clients. They specialize in viral and experiential advertising.

The Internet Matlock beacon shone high in the evening sky and I knew I had to get to the bottom of all this. Was there a conflict of interest behind the scenes? I fired up an AIM conversation with pinksage and went undercover as a sorority sister in business school looking for career advice.

So, yep. I am once again proven wrong. It turns out that pinksage is actually a very sweet and helpful person, while I am still a pitiful, trouble-stirring jackass. Is the egg showing? Feel free to ream me in the comments. I've disgraced myself and my family. The only way to redeem my honor is by commiting public sepukku in penance for my crimes against her good will.

Seriously though, it's good to have you aboard, pinksage. Feel free to employ your marketing and graphic design skills on our behalf too! The GTR crew in general seems pretty down to earth and friendly . . . Danny rocked a PAX panel on game journalism with stylish aplomb. Anyone who was there couldn't help but notice he stood out as the only "cool" one. And pink's Gamerscore is nothing to shake a stick at, either. It's quickly closing in on the 20K mark. Perhaps it's just jealous rivalry over my puny score of 340 that I'm expressing through my tasteless Photoshop collage.

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