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Thanks so much for your participation in my contest. I got an overwhelming response from everyone who played along and it was truly difficult to select my favorite. If I were a rich man, I would send out shirts to each of you who entered. Alas, I am not wealthy. I'm an irresponsible louse, deep into dept over my addictions to gambling, drugs, and blackmarket turtle racing videos.

When it came down to it, I chose the winner based on who worked the hardest for it. Perhaps this is unfair, but I figured that this was the best way to decide. Otherwise my personal bias would have forced me to select my boyfriend Orcist, even though he didn't even submit an entry.

You all submitted hilarious signs, which is why I'm torn but ultimately happy to announce the winner as . . .


LostCrichton, please email me your preferred shirt size and address at: tristero [@] destructoid.com. The lovely whale shirt shall soon be yours. Wear it with pride, you silver-tongued rascal. Here's what the magical miscreant made for us. Not only was he one of the few that actually changed a sign in real life, he went one step beyond and submitted some computer generated ones as well:

There were tons of hilarious signs, maybe even a few that were more funny (King3vbo, TheGAMEGOBLIN, and Tron, I'm looking at you), but LostCrichton gets it for sheer elbow grease.

As a special treat in reward for your hard work, I got CliffyB from Epic Games to record an exclusive message just for you:

The rest of the signs were magnificent also and you all deserve a pat on the back for your mischieviousness. I hope to reward more of you in my next contest. If you have no idea what any of this is about, over the past week I ran a tiny vandalism contest, the sordid history of which you can view here.

This is my hobby: Let me show it to you

This is my hobby Vol. 2: Christmas Shamu

This is my hobby Vol. 3: Religious Conflict

This is my hobby Vol. 4: President Bush gets pwned

This is my hobby Vol. 5: Oral Sex

This is my hobby Vol. 6: Oedipal Complex

This is my hobby Vol. 7: Final Blowout

Thanks again to everyone who participated for all the larfs! Destructoid is truly my home away from home.

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