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Triple C avatar 6:28 AM on 01.09.2009  (server time)
New Year, Old Technology (NVGR)

So while cleaning up my bosses office the other day, I worked in HVAC by the way and as you could expect it's been really slow these past few weeks. Really slow. I stumbled upon a collection of 8-Tracks which the fool was going to throw away! I don't understand him and I probably never will, but I was not about to pass up on the chance of collecting something which I will probably never use, that would be silly. So I present to you to you the amazing wonder of the 1960s!

Oh my god, look at that thing. That big brown box was, what I assume, what kids would lug around with them all over the place to show off their good taste in music.

Once opened you can see how much space is still left for more 8-Tracks! The dreams of expanding this collection will surely pursue me for years to come, or maybe once I realize that people don't care about 8-Tracks as much as they used to. But, I must push on!

Searching through the case, most of what I found was crap. Class of '77? What the hell?! But there was a select few which I have picked which seem somewhat interested. These 8-Tracks are "Grand Funk Railroad - We're An American Band," "Steppenwolfe - Greatest Hits," and "Kris Kristofferson - Me & Bobby McGee." But the amazement didn't end there.

Look and be amazed as I present to you "Diana Ross presents The Jackson 5!" Holy smokes, Michael is black and a little boy! With a Fro! This is what I consider to be the best part of the collection.

Also since the 8-Tracks are located right above where I keep my CDs I decided to share the good word with all of you. I present "Wu-Tang Clan Meets The Indie Culture." Yes that is what the Wu-Tang symbol would look like if it was the old Macintosh symbol. And yes that is pretty much the entire reason I bought the CD.

But at long last I can now sit back and look at my collection of 8-Tracks and dream of times past which I will unfortunately never be apart of. Ahhh, Such good paper weights.

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