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TriplZer0's blog

3:06 PM on 03.25.2012

How GameStop Can Beat Online Passes

I had an idea the other day about how GameStop could beat publishers at their own game. This isnít fully fleshed out or anything, and who knows, it might be feasible at all. Well, here goes. Hereís how GameStop can beat onlin...   read

2:13 PM on 03.12.2012

Dread Space: Survival Horror Games aren't Horror

Games like Resident Evil and Dead Space arenít horror. Now that Iíve got your attention, let me clarify that statement. Sure those games are classified as ďsurvival horrorĒ games, but they donít represent horror to me, and it...   read

2:14 PM on 12.06.2011

Xenophilia: More Dragons than Skyrim

So thereís this little game that came out a few a weeks ago. You mightíve heard of it. Itís called Skyrim and Dtoidís own Jim Sterling thought it was pretty good. I mean you can fight dragons in it. Awesome, right? Well what ...   read

9:12 PM on 11.10.2011

First Times: Rayman Origins Demo Impressions

Confession time: Iíve never played a Rayman game. In fact I only vaguely associate Rayman with his own series. The first things that come to mind are those Rabbit-thing mini-game collections on the Wii. But Iíve heard a lot o...   read

1:51 PM on 09.07.2011

The Best Moustaches In Gaming

Last time I wrote an article like this it was full of well-deserved vitriol and hate toward some of gamingís worst feathered fiends. Well to prove Iím not just a Negative Nancy, this article will celebrate one of humanityís ...   read

1:59 PM on 07.28.2011

Motion Controls: Nostalgia Killers

Dtoid, have I told you how much I love the Donkey Kong series? Well letís just say Iím bananas over the franchise. Okay, that was awful. I promise there will be no more monkey-based puns in this blog. Back to the matter at ...   read

9:03 PM on 07.08.2011

The Worst Birds in Gaming

Iím playing through Prince of Persia: Sands of Time for the first time, and Iím at a really annoying part. I have to cross some balance beams while those goddamn birds keep attacking me. You know what replaying this section t...   read

7:33 PM on 07.06.2011

Freedom: Freedom To or Freedom From?

Iíve seen a lot of blogs lately talking about open-world games and how they give players freedom to do an almost dizzying amount of stuff. These great blogs have addressed only one side of freedom, but what about the other si...   read

12:55 PM on 05.04.2011

How Pokemon is Broken

How Pokemon is Broken I borrowed Pokemon HeartGold from my brother to see if I could relive those carefree days I spent in Johto as a child. Sadly, those days are gone forever. My 60+ hours spent with HeartGold taught me one...   read

2:14 PM on 04.26.2011

Under the Radar: Darkwatch

On this weekís edition of Under the Radar I want to once again venture back in time to 2005. However weíre moving away from the action RPG genre and into the Wild Wild West of FPS games. Combining the Wild West, vampires be...   read

1:21 PM on 04.19.2011

Under The Radar: Jade Empire

This is the start of a new series I'm experimenting with. I canít promise that itíll be a weekly, biweekly, or even a monthly series; it all depends on when I can get games for it and when I finish them. Tons of new games ...   read

3:11 PM on 03.28.2011

In Pursuit of Platinum: My Journey Through Dragon Age II

On March 8, my copy of Dragon Age II arrived. Little did I know that this title was going to change my life. Dragon Age II is not a perfect game. Itís not even close to perfect. But since it came out, I havenít taken it out...   read

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