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The Best Scarves in Gaming

by TriplZer0   //   12:51 PM on 03.21.2013

Let’s face it: scarves make anything cool. Case in point, Fred from Scooby Doo. Do you think he became the leader of the gang because of his brains? Hell no. It’s because of that devilishly stylish scarf he wears. This doesn’t just apply to TV and movies. Proper scarf use can make or break a videogame character’s ability to resonate with an increasingly demanding audience. Come with me on a magical journey as we explore the best scarves in gaming!

Note: These are in no particular order.

Pikachu’s Red Scarf

Pikachu’s pretty cute, right? Right. You know what’s even cuter? Pikachu in a little red bandana neck thing! I mean look at him—he looks like a little explorer! If it wasn’t for the adorable line of scarves and bow ties the Pokémon wear in the Mystery Dungeon games they wouldn’t nearly get the same amount of critical acclaim.

Journey’s Magical Flying Scarf

I’ve written about Journey before, but not about the best part—the scarves! Part neckwear, part tail, part magical source of flight power, Journey’s scarf deserves to be part of this list. Not only does it keep my character’s neck (does it even have one?) protected in the desert sun, but it also keeps them warm as they climbed up that icy mountain at the end of the game. And damned if they didn’t look mighty fine doin’ it too! Plus you could find fabric scraps that made your scarf longer, and everyone who’s keyed into the scarf world knows, longer = better.

Nathan Drake’s Scarf

Technically it’s a keffiyeh, but he wears it around his neck, so it qualifies. What’s more important anyway? Wrapping it around your head when you’re in the desert to keep the sun and dust off your entire face or keeping it around your neck as a stylish accessory? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Strider Hiryu’s Scarf

Ninjas and scarves go together like tequila and regret. Not only does Strider avoid that monochromatic thing most ninjas gravitate toward, his scarf also doubles as a mask. Plus that deep crimson color probably works really well to hide any bloodstains. Fashionable and practical—it’s the ninja way.

Proto Man’s Scarf

Robots are cool. As has been established by the previous entries and LOGIC, scarves are cool. Put them together you get…I dunno. 2x cool or something. Anyway, Proto Man’s a badass, and his flowing yellow scarf only complements his red and grey color scheme and adds to his badassittude. Would he still be cool without it? Yeah. But as cool? That’s a definite hell no.

Hope Estheim’s Scarf

A rare miss for a piece of neckwear that normally has the power to make any character cooler. Even with his dapper blue scarf, Hope’s still an insufferable character. The less said about him and his stupid quest for vengeance the better. Actually, the less said about Final Fantasy XIII in general the better.

There you have it--a sampling of gaming's best neckwear! Next time you're playing a lackluster game, just imagine how much better it would be if your character was wearing a scarf.Photo Photo Photo view gallery
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