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TriplZer0's blog

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TriplZer0 avatar 9:52 PM on 04.02.2012  (server time)
10 Things about the Handsome TriplZer0

Alright letís jump on this bandwagon, full onÖand hard. Bbain wrote a super-awesome blog, and it inspired me (and everybody else it seems) to write one for myself. I havenít been able to meet any Dtoiders other than Cadtalfryn in real life, so this seems like a good way to get to know everyone a little better.

This is me. Behind me is my kitchen. Sorry about the big-ass picture

10. Dumb and Dumber scared me as a child

True story. To this day, Iíve never seen all of Dumb and Dumber. Thereís this one scene where in a dream sequence Jim Carrey rips a dudeís heart out and puts it in a doggie bag. Total Temple of Doom stuff right there. Scared the shit outta me. Reason why? That same scene in Temple of Doom terrified me a few years before.

9. My youngest brother has special needs

My youngest brother is four years younger than me, and he has VCFS. Heís also one of the coolest dudes I know. Plus he plays video games like crazy. Heís got mad Guitar Hero and Rock Band skills. Not living at home anymore, I donít get to see him as often as Iíd like.

8. I love heavy metal

Dunno how I got into metal, but I love it. Probably happened during high school. Funny thing is all those growly, screamy, shouty bands used to scare me the first time I heard them. Now Iím the one scaring other drivers during my commute home. I tend to ďsingĒ along with my CDs on the freeway. People probably think Iím mad at them or something. Strangely, Iím not an angry person.

7. The SNES is the best system ever invented

Hands down. End of story. The SNES was the first console my brothers and I ever got. It had so many great games. We spent hours and hours playing Mario, Donkey Kong Country 1-3, and Yoshiís Island. My mom eventually had to ban all video games before school and then during the week because my brothers and I would end up fighting too much.

6. I originally I thought I was going to study chemistry. I ended up with literature

I was good at science in high school. I hated all my English classes. When I went to college, I thought I was going to study chemistry or some other sciencey thing. I went to the orientation presentation for the chemistry and walked out after two minutes. Best decision ever. I ended up studying literature because of how much I love to read. I may have a somewhat shitty job right now because of it, but Iím glad I chose that major. Itís what led me toÖ

5. Iím a published author

Iíve had a few short stories published. My first one was actually a story I wrote in a literature class in college instead of a final paper. If I hadnít taken that path of study, that never wouldíve happened. I love writing, and my dream job would be able to write full time. I tend to write dark science fiction, horror, and speculative fiction. (Theyíre all kinda the same thing). Iíd love feedback from community members if any of you are fans of SF/F/H. You can see some of my stuff on Amazon. (/self-promotion)

4. Iíve never playedÖ(insert popular game here)

Thereís tons of games that the gaming community as a whole seems to adore that Iíve never played. Letís list a few of them: any of the Metal Gear games, Shadows of the Colossus, Ico, Half-Life 2, Portal, any of the Mother/Earthbound games, Knights of the Old Republic, etc. etc. Dunno why Iíve never played any of these. They just donít seem interesting to me. By this point, I think somebody would have to pay me to play some of the ones on this unplayed list.

3. Iíve read more Star Wars books than Iím proud of

YeahÖ I have a whole shelf on my bookshelf just dedicated to Star Wars books. I got good ones like the Thrawn trilogy, and I have some terrible ones like Children of the Jedi. The original trilogy and things set after it are more interesting to me than any Old Republic stuff. Iíve fallen behind on keeping up with the novels, but someday Iíll catch up.

2. I hated Destructoid and Podtoid when I first heard of it

Wait! Put down the pitchforks and other pointy instruments of pain! I was living in a dorm room with Cadtalfryn at the time. He kept turning on this podcast thing called Podtoid and would listen to it as he did homework. Iíd only half pay attention, but for some reason it just irritated me. He tried to explain to me what Destructoid was, but my response was always, ďYeahÖ so what the fuckís a Destructoid?Ē I just didnít get it. Oh what a foolish squid Iíd been! (If I could find the right Futurama clip, Iíd put it there).

I didn't know what I was missing at first! Honest!

1. I love Destructoid

Iíve been a part of this community for a while now. I used to only lurk, then I made an account, then I posted my first (see also: terrible) Cblog. Since then this community has been nothing but a joy. You guys are all amazing, awesome, wonderful, stupendous, and a whole bunch of other nice adjectives. So yeah. You keep it real, Dtoid.

0. Bonus quick hits!
I have one tattoo, but I want more. The one I have is the album cover of one of my favorite CDs, plus there's some sentimental reasons, ya know that kinda stuff.
Beer is delicious.
I'm left handed. It makes me notice when other people are left handed too.

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