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Trioptical's blog

12:45 PM on 01.24.2015

My Year of E-Sports: The Declaration

No pictures, sorry, but I'll try to keep the walls of text as manageable as possible. Last year,  I watched the DOTA2 Invitationals on ESPN, North America semi-finals for the LoL Championship Series at PAX Prime, th...   read

7:26 PM on 02.23.2013

Busy March

Did you know that there are now 11 PlayStation 4 related things you can sign up to preorder now on Amazon? Only Watch_Dogs has an estimated price. Man, $99.99. they're probably wrong about that one. I just realized it's goin...   read

9:47 AM on 02.22.2013

All Demos? + Hands On, Hands Off [DualShock 4]

All Demos Perhaps one of the best things that may come to the PS4 is the access, instant or not, to full game trials of every PS4 game. It's very pro-consumer. I think. It's definitely not pro-publisher, if Jesse Schell's ...   read

7:54 AM on 02.21.2013

PS4: The Real Questions

Is it me or has the preview issue spilled over into this event as well? It just seems that there were a few unusual negative responses to last nights PlayStation Meeting that maybe wouldn't have popped up if reporters weren't...   read

9:53 AM on 02.20.2013

What I Read: The Preview Issue

Wow, this Aliens: Colonial Marines thing has really gotten people riled up about previews. It's gotten me thinking about what it'd be like were "the preview issue" fixed. Would the content for gaming websites become a lot m...   read

10:58 AM on 08.16.2010

What’s the Console Gaming Equivalent of “gg?” is So Lucky Having my StarCraft II A.I. opponent telling me “gg,” StarCraft short talk for “good game,” made me doubt for a second whether or not I was actually playing against a computer. It also got me thinking...   read

9:13 AM on 07.19.2010

MAG and the Power of Double XP

A new Double XP promotion in MAG aims to fix some long queuing times. Will it work? 6 months into MAG, many people have pretty much settled into the game mode that they want to play. Valor player mostly stick to Sabotage and...   read

11:46 AM on 06.12.2010

Tranformers: War for Cybertron Hands-On

Whoa. So that’s where all the hype for Transformers: War for Cybertron is coming from. The game is actually pretty fun, pretty cool. A multiplayer demo for the upcoming game from High Moon Studios, Activision, and Hasbro wa...   read

2:57 PM on 01.29.2010

What is Camping? MAG Review / Buyer's Guide

What is camping? If you think about it, camping is actually a pretty strategically sound thing to do: sit in one spot that gives you a good view of the battlefield and ample time to prepare for counterattacks, but the fact is...   read

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