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Starting with the Gameboy, Matthew Lane has been playing games since before he could read; playing until his hands would literally sweat and he would have to wear socks on his hands.

Known for his ability to emulate 'turbo' button pressing without a turbo controller and that one time he won a Mortal Kombat tournament at that one sleepover when he was 11. His gameplay ability has also been recognized by independent game developer, Team Meat.

His other hobbies include acoustic guitar and tabletop gaming -- just not 4th Edition. Ugh.
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GameFAQs means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Whether it's getting some help for a game your having trouble with, dealing with poorly-written twelve-year-olds complaints on the latest FPS for the Xbox 360, or just looking for a user-written review. Personally, I was turned off to the website when they had a merger and Jeff "CJayC" Veasey left a few years later -- probably enabled due to the $2.2 million that was split into CNET's purchase of it and two other unrelated websites.

It's still a good site with user-generated content, and nothing pro-gaming can be truly evil, but it's always felt a little less comfy with corporate hands in on it. However, I digress:

The GameFAQs Poll of the Day (PotD) is one of the website's landing page's main features. Generally, it has some video game or internet-related question for the users to participate in. Today's question was related to both video games and the internet, but went into some rather uncomfortable territory: Gender Impersonation.

I took this snapshot around 8:45 Pacific, so the poll isn't quite over, but it's pretty clear what the makeup of the gaming community really is. If this was representative of the community as a whole, that would mean that 5% of the 'girls' you're playing with online are guys; a 1-in-20 chance. This, of course, is without taking into account the idea that not all these faux-females are going to admit to their facade. Realistically, I think that this could be up to 10%, myself.

Keep in mind that these are the people who are actively pretending to have the boobs that their avatars supposedly represent. Some people just use female avatars because they're more... uh, interesting to look at; it's quite common to see a female character being played by a male who won't hide or deny his true gender.

Just for fun, here's the numbers for my own state, California:

I'm not sure if California gamers are just more gender-bent or if they're just a bit more honest with themselves, but it's a little unnerving to think that we're a whole percent higher on the west coast.

I don't think I need to state what the moral of this story is.
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