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TriEdge333 avatar 8:28 AM on 03.06.2010  (server time)
Pokemon HG and SS Spoiler Events/Fixed

Srry about the previous empty post, because some internet connection problems it somehow sent empty.I'm totally pumped for the release of Pokemon Soul Silver. Everyone remembers the good ol' days of gold and silver, from getting our new starter pokemon, to fighting your new redheaded rival, to capturing the Red Gyrados. Here are two pokemon exclusive events to whet your appetite for the upcoming remakes.

First is the Celebi event. If u happen to obtain, this green/not-so-mean/ fighting machine, then trainers ur n luck. First put Celebi in your party's lead position, and travel to ILEX FOREST.When you come across the shrine, you'll notice that your rival's Marill has gotten away from him/her. This is where the fun begins. Celebi begins to glow, and you'll find yourself transported across time. After some lenghty conversation, you'll battle the big boss of Team Rocket himself, Giovanni.

The next event is cooler, but is only possible with Arceus in your team. If you have Arceus, put it in the lead position , just like with Celebi. Afterward travel to the Ruins of Alpha. From there the trainer will meet a qwerky scientist who goes gaga for Arceus. To commend your possession of Arceus, he gives you a tour of the ruins. Once in the ruins, the trainer is teleported to another set of ruins, where they will meet a surprise guest.To save to some excitement for the game, let's just say you go "egg" over heels for a certain legendary.Like I said earlier, i dont want to give away too much, so im not providing a link for this one. Hope everyone will enjoy the game as much as i hope i will,and probably make preparations for these events.

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