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TriCKyHitS avatar 10:13 PM on 05.14.2010  (server time)
Hello Again

This is try number 2 at a proper blog post, as my earlier post just introduced myself and my newly acquired dtoid member status (i will fully expect my Members Only jacket in the mail soon.) I will go into a little rant that I would call my casual Friday. See, I work from, or try not to work from home, to earn my monies and today just so happened to be "casual Friday," so i took full advantage of it. First thing I did was hop in the car headed Florida for a little fun in the sun...on the clock. I stopped and had some lunch which may have included a margarita and a pitcher of Blue Moon as well as a blackened Mahi sandwich. I then decided it was time for the surf and sun, so i headed to the beach to work on the ol tan and check the water temperature of the was fine by the way. The wife was with me so we had to do some shopping and I had to do some "acting as if i cared about this and about that" but i survived and we hit the road headed back home. So here I sit having done nothing work related today and still get credit for it, typing on this blog to share my casual Friday experience to all that care....if you enjoyed it, maybe you can tag along with someday, if you did not....well, you probably had to work all day and I understand your grumpiness. I hope others have similar Fridays like mine and if so, please share your time well spent.

you stay classy

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