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Trevor McGee's blog

3:43 PM on 09.27.2008

4PlayerPodcast - Gaming for charity! They game. You watch. Heal kids.

I am a frequenter of the 4PlayerPodcast blog, forums, and broadcasts. Hell, they even have a YouTube account where they upload some of their most memorable moments captured by viewers on the Jtv site. So check them out! I en...   read

8:36 AM on 01.14.2008

The version of Mass Effect even BioWare never knew existed. The ranting of a me about the rantings of a dumb fuck!

After checking as I usual do in the mornings, I was treated to a story of a Conservative blogger named Kevin McCullough spouting off some of the most amusing and, yet, at the same time infuriating fabrication...   read

10:53 AM on 10.22.2007

BBFC says no to Manhunt 2, but says yes to a equally depraved movie with ironic comments.

I was over at as usual getting my daily game related news, and there it was. I don't live in the UK so their decisions don't directly effect me, but it still pisses me off because it's really hypocritical. ...   read

6:05 PM on 10.02.2007

Jack Thompson, Clown and you're not.

Jack Thompson Responds to Judge with Animal House, Monica Lewinsky Alright, basically, this is an old story now. I've seen some one else already blog about, so I wasn't going to really. However, I decided to do it anyway ...   read

11:12 AM on 09.26.2007

Jack Thompson hitting up the game sites and searching for teh gay p0rn!

Judge Spanks Jack Thompson for Including Gay Porn with Court Filing Over at, a place I visit every day, I have found some news that is both amusing beyond belief and I find myself appalled at this mans inc...   read

8:48 AM on 09.22.2007

Racident Evil! The video game series where you kill minorities as whitey!

Liberal Website: Resident Evil a “Racist Video Game Series” Here we are again. Resident Evil is back to being called racist. The difference, however, is that it's not just Resident Evil 5. Nope, this person is calling the ...   read

11:01 PM on 09.21.2007

No Haloz 3 for teh Flordia says Jackie Boy!

Jack Thompson Seeks to Have Halo 3 Declared a Public Nuisance & Block Release in Florida According to our old pal Jack Thompson is after Halo 3 now, seeking to have it blocked from sale (aka banned) in Flo...   read

4:03 PM on 09.16.2007

Super Mario Galaxy Box Art says you're gay!

The Super Mario Galaxy box art seems simple and harmless enough, however there is a more insidious side to this than meets the eye. Notice that some of the letters in the title are marked with a sparkle. Now, if you were ...   read

11:30 PM on 08.29.2007

Cherry breaking first blog, nothing much to say.

Just want to show off my craptastic banner that I made earlier tonight just for the hell of it. Comment if you like.   read

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