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I used to write blogs trying to write blogs. They're gone now, hidden from the world. I'd rather write with a bit more feeling. It's going to result in much less information being delivered with a lot more rambling, but isn't that better?

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Pictured: Perverse, leering misogyny.

As usual, and I've noticed it is quite usual, a feminist made a snarky, aggressive video telling someone to fuck off, told people criticizing it to fuck off, threw around accusations like racism and misogyny, then retreated to the warm embrace of Twitter for affirmation. This happens so regularly, you're probably expecting this to be about Jim Sterling, Anita Sarkeesian, or any number of Kotaku writers. It's not. This time, it was Videogamer's Matt Lees and a rant about how "gigolo mode" meant Suda 51 should quit developing games.

I've only recently started following Videogamer, but it seems that they aren't free from the intensely blinkered trappings of internet feminism. Engage all your ad blocks and give yourself some context for what's coming next.

The first thing I think needs to be addressed is taking Suda 51 straight and seriously. When is the last time there's been a Suda game that didn't have a surreal, satirical bend? I'm honestly asking; I can't think of one myself. I don't like to resort to "you just don't get it" as a defense, but I sincerely doubt that Suda has made a perv simulator with no deeper meaning. It's not his style. In fact, when I heard about it, I was excited about what it might lampoon.

Where it really went to hell is the repeated declarations that Suda's career is now dead and that he needs to "turn in his badge and gun." Suda 51 could fuck off, just like racists, to paraphrase one of the comments left by the Videogamer account. Yes, making a game that offended their sensibilities deserves the same level of contempt as racism, while calling for the end of someone's career is about acceptance and feelings. Sorry, I must have misunderstood. Based on little details, like all the words he said, I thought it was about publicly mocking and shaming someone for producing game content of which he did not approve.

And then the man gets the sex he is so clearly owed.

Really, it's the hypocrisy that gets me. I don't know how people can be this way and remain unaware. You want him to stop making games because they offend your worldview. See the problem? Apparently not. Maybe they aren't unaware, and they've just hugboxed themselves into a sense of infallibility. It just doesn't jive, not unlike the idea that one does not get to be free from criticism coming from someone that goes on to dismiss criticism and say he'd rather have a great community (read: one that agrees with him) than a large one. He calls games people enjoy trash, accuses them of deep character flaws for liking those things, and declares the maker's career over because it has displeased him, and then seemed surprised when people, with no need to soften their opinions through the anonymity of the internet, said nasty things to him.

And he hadn't even played the game! He starts out mentioning that he has merely read a preview. What a massive embarrassment for Videogamer as a whole. Apparently their preview is just factually inaccurate (Thanks, Dtoid forums for showing me that link) and they're a-ok with an ignorant, sputtering followup. If this is how they're going to go about it, maybe it's time for Lees to retire. He's made something that offended a bunch of people, that many didn't like; it's not well done and it's misinformation. Is he, by his own standard, now undeserving of any respect? Perhaps he should turn in his gun and his badge.

Or not. Instead of that, I think I'll just respect both Videogamer and Lees quite a bit less. You'd have to be quite a tool to start dictating what someone should do with their career just because you don't like what they produce.
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