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11:36 PM on 08.24.2009

I'm real new 'round these parts. I haven't seen what a lot of y'all 've seen here, but I do know for goddamn certain why Destructoid is the flat-out greatest gaming website/community I've ever seen and why I'm glad to have even the smallest part in it whatsoever. Let me tell you.

1. I don't get any flack for my age. It's pretty awesome when I'm actually allowed to have a part in an online community without being told I can never speak on a mic/play/do anything that involves anyone else. Yeah, I'm exxagerating a bit but there's still a bit of a stigma that follows around anyone on the internet that isn't old enough to drive and I'm really glad that I'm the only one who actually brings it up, ever.

2. The staff is the greatest team of video game bloggers known to Earth. I like how each staff-member actually has a face, rather than two words that constitute a name and (apparently) enough fingers to type a paragraph. I haven't seen many blogs where each blogger has an actual identity and gets involved with the community. Certainly few video game blogs. Seriously, we have a goddamn comic about the staff. You think about it, that's some serious staff/reader communication.

3. The blogs are pretty good, too. This is a website known for video game news and it delivers. I've actually stopped reading Kotaku and Joystiq and settled for Destructoid on its own.

4. The community is amazing. I mean, seriously. If I were to look through all of these "What I love about DToid" blogs, I'd see a lot of bits that reference other people in the community, even see photos of some of the members doing stuff together. That on its own is brilliant because it almost never happens, especially with such a large group. Yeah, I can't be in any of that stuff but I can damn well appreciate it. It's amazing how devoted Destructoid is to being an actual community, not just a large readerbase that with forums. There are Community Blogs so that everyone can have a voice/spread a meme. Nobody gets truly left out unless they try to or they deserve it. The community doesn't take things too lightly or too heavily.

I don't have much experience with Destructoid and I've only had a spot in the community for less than a month but it isn't hard to see how epic Destructoid is. As a blog, as a news-site and as a community.

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