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Hi dods
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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle was released in January last year. I was a huge fan of the first game, and I'd been waiting with bated breath for months for its sequel's release. Needless to say, I bought it on day one, and it was everything I'd hoped for. The gameplay was ridiculously fun, the humor was as present as ever, the music was fantastic, and the story was nothing short of amazing. A great taste was left in my mouth for months after I beat it, and that's how I knew it was one of my favorite games ever.

But why was the game such a disappointment?

Just a few months later, I went to my local Gamestop and saw a copy of Desperate Struggle for a mere 20 dollars. The game sold less than 30,000 copies in its first week.

Fuck everyone.

Tray Ben
11:06 PM on 11.22.2010

Here is a viewtiful joe pic for your birthday:

Karutomaru is an old community member, an unofficial game reviewer and Viewtiful Joe's #1 fan. He tells me he is having trouble with Dtoid support. Apparently he can't get his blog back. He tells me perhaps you should give it back to him as a birthday present. How about it?

Tray Ben
5:35 PM on 06.05.2010

So it's been proven many times that Guile's theme fits everything, no matter what it is. Sakura's theme, however, fits nothing. Here are some videos I made that would have been better with Guile's theme in them.

I posted this because I haven't posted anything in a while.

Atlus just uploaded a new video about what's new in Persona 3 Portable. It's pretty kick-ass. I'm a huge fan of Persona 3 and judging from this video, they've fixed pretty much all its flaws and added some cool new stuff in too.

In case you don't want to or can't watch the video, here's a summary of the new features.

*You can now play as a female protagonist.

*Playing as a female protagonist changes the story and opens up new social links. The soundtrack will also be changed, including the battle song. The new one's still pretty cool though. The main story is essentially unchanged.

*2 new difficulty modes, Beginner and Maniac, have been added. Beginner gives you 30 chances to revive yourself when you die and makes battles easier, and Maniac makes the battles significantly harder, and makes it so that nothing carries over from your previous playthrough in a New Game+.

*New hazards have been added to Tartarus.

*There are more costumes and weapons.

*You can now have complete control over your allies.

*You can now access a place within Tartarus resembling the Desert of Doors and Monad, called the Hall of Doors, which gives you the chance to fight challenging battles and redo old boss fights with added challenge.

*You can now choose a new assistant for Igor in the velvet room named Theo, who can replace Elizabeth. You can only do this if you play as the female protagonist.

What do you guys think about the new additions? I personally love them, even though it seems like they kind of neglected the male protagonist. Why is it that the female can choose between Elizabeth and Theo and the male protagonist can only have Elizabeth? Oh well, no one's going to choose Theo anyway.

If you're planning on getting Persona 3 Portable, you should hurry and preorder it for the awesome bonus item you get as a preorder bonus.

hey guyse, I was reading Ctrl Alt Delete which is the best comic in the world. I decided to aspired to become like Tim Buckley and created my own gaming webcomic, here are the first 3 episods enjoy!!!!
U might have to right click view image because it cuts it off!
ths ones caled cocks, its a refernse to an old film i liked

this one is caled dongs like the bell of life the rings and gives life 2 everoyne

this one is one of my proudest wroks yet, i think i done a good job of making it darmatic and not always humaras. ppl think that this comac is only baout gamers, but gamers have problems too like girlfirends.

i apologize for the watermarks, but ppl migth want to steal these there really good
hope u enjoyed i encourage everynoe to make there own gaming comic but not too many cuz ull take my bandwich.
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I accept your challenge.

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