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Travis Crawford avatar 11:54 AM on 01.29.2013  (server time)
Frost and Fire Rains Down On Us Review Vid/Chat

Well we are here again a new patch new events and new things to conquer. First off quaggin back yea NO! I however like the broomstick mount even though it does nothing in making you faster. Moving along fractals is revived and so are normal dungeons. With the new Orr loot added to their tables as well. I have not tried guesting yet but as I have said in the past that was a good idea. And if you haven't left for your favorite server you will be greeted with a hefty fee to do so.

Legendaries got an upgrade yea not what you're thinking. They got visual fixes and upgrades to effects some look a tad on the cheesy side however. Orr got a super duper remix to how it works. With temples receiving new loot and their bosses receiving so raid whipping steroids. Especially Grenth which is horribly broken atm on my server hope it gets fixed soon. Or explain where Grenth got a telekinetic dirt slam spell from? That um one shots everyone in a 30 yard radius.....

The new achievements money is in by the form of Laurels. You can get 2 a day I believe I could be wrong. And you're supposed to get 10 a piece from monthly's completions. So say you get those plus do your dailies everyday that's 80 per month. So easily in two months you could buy anything you want gear wise. So you gear grind trolls go fall in a ditch that is really easy to do.

The new special events have not started yet so I won't go into that maybe another day and another video. All the dungeons received tweaks thief's got and various classes got curious spell changes. All in all its more fun for us more or less leave your thoughts your rage your blessing you know the drill.

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