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Tragic Hero avatar 8:41 AM on 02.20.2008  (server time)
Am I an Audiosurf Noob?(with upright citizens brigade video)

So like most people I have been playing the hell out of Audiosurf. There is something strangely addicting about playing your own tracks over and over and trying to get the high score, unlike something like Guitar Hero where you force yourself to play smoke on the water so you can perfect it.

So at first I thought I was pretty awesome at the game. I have 5 or 6 high scores (Devil in Jersey City and A Favor House Atlantic by Coheed and Cambria, Survive by Rise Against and Spirit of Radio by Rush) on elite mode. But I did this all by by using the Mono Ninja.

For some reason I feel like a noob because of this. Granted it is no picnic going and avoiding every single gray and getting as many colors as possible but it seems to take a lot less skill than lining up the proper colors to score points and get combos. I haven't been able to fully utilize Point Man or the Pusher and I am not even going to attempt the double point on elite.

So I stick to my Mono Ninja, ducking in and out of gray blocks and getting the best score possible so I can see my name on the elite scoreboard. Does this make me a noob? I haven't really talked to anyone else who plays audiosurf so I can't really verify if Mono Ninja is considered noob or not.

And here is a video from Upright Citizens Brigade for substance:

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