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7:56 AM on 08.26.2008

My feelings on Final Fantasy 4

I'll be honest. Among the Final Fantasy Classics, FF4 was the only I didn't like. There was just something that really tickled me in the wrong way, to the point, where it was constantly molesting me.

Playing it felt like a chore. There were areas were it was unnecessarily difficult and at the time, the storyline felt just awful. Then again, I may not have felt this way, if I hadn't played FF6 first.

It was difficult for me to find any emotional attachment to any of the characters, which more or less, ruined my entire experience to the game. All in all, the SNES game felt very bland. It was hard to display emotion in the text and the character sprites did little to help. In fact, I think the most touching scene in the game for me was when Edward tugged his lute out to play, before being viciously interrupted by a Sea hag. Goddamn Sea Hag, there was something magical about that song... Every time I hear it, it seems so familiar, like I heard it before - in another lifetime.

But I think, what really turned me off was a single character. Edge. Now, I like ninjas. They're awesome. Well, every single one except for Edge. When he first joined my party, I thought he was awesome. Ninjutsu? Throw? Steal? All the best abilities thrown onto one character. Sweet. Quickly, I learned, that he was nothing in comparison to someone like, say, Shadow.

Edge naturally had the ability to equip two weapons, whereas Shadow could only equip one. But Edge needed to have both hands equipped in order to just keep up with the damage the other characters were dealing, while near all of Shadow's small collection of knives would deal some kind of special ability - and he only needed one to keep up! Their throw techniques didn't seem to differ much, but Edge's ninjutsu was weak and he didn't have the MP to really put it to use and his steal ability sucked, half the time, he'd get caught and take damage.

But with the rerelease of FF4 I decided to give it another try and I was really pleased at what I saw - amazed even.

The characters themselves show more emotion and with the addition of the cutscenes and voice acting, I feel more personally attached to each character. Despite knowing when and where and how every character will perish, I find myself filled with guilt and regret whenever I lose a character. Watching as they foolishly sacrifice themselves... and knowing that I just have to let it play, that there is nothing I can do to stop them. I may have even cried at one point, but I was hard enough to suck back in the wetness from my eyes and imprison it away as to never show that weakness again.

The augment system is nice - although a bit cheap. Giving Ceceil the ability to draw attacks and counter nearly every single one - well, let's just say I'm not too pleased about that combo. I find myself wishing that these augments did more than just grant new abilities. When I gave Rosa the ability to sing, I wished she could have been able to equip all those now useless harps.

And Edge. With the little time I've spent with him, I found myself far more fond of him. Just now, seeing him rage after killing his own parents. Hell, I'd rage too, especially after the near eradication of my entire nation. We connect now, see?

All in all, I'm really pleased. But what really offs me is the fact that whenever I'm hit with a magical attack, it wipes out my party and I'm left having to grind a few more damn levels just to hang on after being hit with such a powerful move.

Damn.   read

2:32 PM on 03.26.2008

On the Topic of Resident Evil 5...

I really wish they would take me back to the streets of Raccoon City. Resident Evil 4 was great and all, but to me, it didn't feel like I was fighting biological weaponry, no, It felt more like I was battling aliens. RE4 was amazing really, but it lost it's suspenseful feel. When playing RE4, where you ever afraid of walking down that hallway? Picking up that item? No. Although, I have to admit, that oven did scare me.

It was disappointing playing RE4, especially to me. I never felt intimidated by any of the monsters. It didn't excite me at all! I can't tell you how good it felt to go back to RE3 and have adrenaline rush through my veins as I desperately pounded the buttons to escape the Nemesis ' grasp! It felt good to change my weapons, in order to deal with the variety of monsters I would face.

Not to say that RE4 didn't have cool monsters. The game was just lacking a lot of them. I was throughly freaked when I shot the legs off a monster, only to have it squirm viscously towards me.

And the addition of a Merchant, mini-games?

I think RE4 dropped the survival horror label and I really hope RE5 doesn't follow suit. I enjoy being frightened. I really do.   read

8:21 PM on 11.21.2007

Quick, Name a game series that has gone on for too long!!

Make sure to tell why. I'm curious to see where that point is when gamers get sick of hearing about certain titles.

Now, let me think...

Okay, I totally want to say Megaman, because if I started listing all the damn Megaman games, you could claim you could see forever. Unfortunately, Half of them are totally awesome, and I could go for playing a new 2D Megaman X right now.

Um... Shit, You know what, I'm tired of hearing about Final Fantasy. Seriously. The series ended with 9, Since 10's greatest moment was blitzball. I want to see what would happen if they canceled Final Fantasy 13... Ha! Maybe the Japanese would stop drawing such sexy porn...

I know that Korea would nuke the shit out of everyone if Starcraft 2 was canceled.   read

11:46 PM on 11.16.2007

Those things you missed...

Seriously, someone tell god to STFU, He tells me to create a blog one more time, I'mma slap him. I will.

You know, as the times go on and you stop to think, you begin to remember things forgotten, those wonderful things that once gave you so much enjoyment, brought you so much happiness? Let's take the time to be thankful to things long past, so, let's start.

Dear Almighty, Toxin.

I am thankful for...

1.Felecia's fine, hot ass. The entire reason I purchased Marvel vs. Capcom 2. God, She made me sport a boner in the arcade.

2. The companion cube.

3. Tesla coils. Man, I can't tell you how pleasing it was to hear that thing charge...

4. Final Fantasy 6, god himself knows that there wouldn't be a 7 without a 6 to own it's 3 dimensional ass in every way.

5. Good Saturday lineups. Hell, do I miss those! I remember waking up early to catch Digimon, Medabots... Fuck... What else was on that was highly enjoyable? I can't remember any more...

6. The PS2. Thank you, so very much for this system. Although, it's starting to show it's age, it was great company and a good fuck, the poor girl, it's time to upgrade to a companion cube.

6. The companion cube, Damn, do I miss her...   read

4:24 PM on 10.20.2007

Sony's mistakes.

Forgive me, This is just to get that asshole god off my back.

My friend recently bought one of those fancy 60 GB PS3s. You know, the one with the supposed backwards compatibility? He's getting incredibly annoying with how much more "awesomer" it is than the 360. So I 'm just gonna start listing some things I've always found stupid with the PS3.

1. Early Release.
Okay, It's 2007 a year from Sony's release of the PS3. Do you know when Sony had the most sales? That's right, the very first month it came out. Do you remember the Choas? The gigantic line on the day of release in Japan was filled with people hired to buy the console, so it could be resold at a hire price. Brawls broke out in waiting lines, Consoles were stolen, and I'm pretty sure, somewhere out there, somebody got shot.

I'm pretty sure if Sony had waited until they had a larger stock of PS3s to distribute, they would have made a lot more money off launch and probably would be a lot better off.

2. Library
Look, the Ps2 has been selling games for a good 8 years, at least, if you add in Ps1 games, that's a total of 12 years of games. I'm pretty sure people traded in their almighty ps2s for a Ps3, only to be throughly disappointed at the backwards compatibility. Sony, what are you thinking?! Do you actually believe gamers are going to drop Final Fantasy 1-12 just so they can play 13?! Do you know, I see more people browsing the used game section, than the new?

Seriously Sony, Tomb Raider may be outdated, but it's still a good game. Don't you know how many times they rereleased Final Fantasy? Yes, I am talking about the first one.

I'd be a little more forgiving on Sony's pathetic PS3 library if it'd actually let me play my Ps2 games at a decent level.

On another note... Whatever happened to that big list of exclusives that Sony was boasting about?

3. That Cell processor
You know, that big awesome processor that's supposed to own ass?

Then why does Rainbow Six: Vegas lag and skip during Terrorist hunt?

4. Internets
Okay, I never set up a Ps3 to the internet myself, but I've heard it's actually a horrible process. I've also never played a game over the internet on the Ps3, so I can't talk about that. But I've seen the PSN shopping market and it's pitiful Sony. It's downright pitiful. That annoying blue background makes Xbox Live look like Paradise. Step up, Sony. People love those series of tubes, jam packed with little tiny packages that adds armor to their horses.
They love them dearly.

5. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.
Sony needs to shut up, seriously. We're not the reason why the Ps3 isn't selling, Of course not. We just buy the system based upon information fed to us. Whatever the reason why were not buying it, it's your job to fix it.

Seriously, I want to see some action here, not excuses and promises.   read

11:59 AM on 08.25.2007

Stupid People...

Have you ever walked up to someone and asked them which was the healthiest for you? Video Games, Movies, Music, Books?

Everyone responds with books. Everyone. You ask them why and you'll get a plethora of different answers.

"They aren't violent. Reading is good for you. You actually learn things."


Books are as bad as anything else. We're still getting the same information, but just in a different way. I'm pretty damn sure I haven't killed anyone in a video game so I can watch the contents of their bowels spill out uncontrollably across the floor.

Even worse, people don't realize just how violent and vulgar books are. Do you know, in my middle school library, we had One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest stocked? That was not a book I should've been reading before I was thirteen. We had a book that was the journal of some guys dealings with satan. Hell, books are so bad, that even in The Elder Scrolls one had to be censored by the temple!

People are stupid, moronic, biased. The moment problems arise, they're quick to blame, unable to see that the problems stem from their own ignorance.   read

3:59 PM on 08.21.2007

Dear God,

Screw you. Love Tox.

Screw you guys too, Seriously! I didn't actually think people would bother to look upon me swearing at the almighty one for bugging me to create a blog. Bastards.

But, I guess you people actually want to hear the thoughts from the mind of the insane... You know, hell, seeing as some of my favorite games actually make little sense, I guess the best stories are from the insane, right?

You know, I haven't seen a decent Arcade game in years and I'm not talking about Time Crises 56. You get a week of decent play on those things before the sights go off and you stop getting the recoil from the handgun.

I'm talking about quartergorgers like Metal Slug, Aero Fighters, god, I even miss Marvel Vs. Capcom! I hate walking into arcades seeing rows of racing games, DDR, and, although I absolutely love shooters, I do crave something else in a while. In fact, now that I think about it, they've been taking out the puzzle machines in the laundromat, won't that be the day I walk in to do my laundry, and all they have sitting in the corner is Evil Night.

With all the concentration on Next-Gen consoles, has anyone heard anything about Next-Gen Arcades? I'd love a more intense Metal Slug, a new Puzzle Bobble... Hell, just give me the old puzzle bobble. Oh, even a sequel to Dungeons and Dragons would be awesome! With all the technology we have, what do you think we could do with pinball machines?

I've got a pile of quarters sitting here just waiting to be wasted.

Oh, and BTW: Screw you guys, Love Tox.   read

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