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4:44 AM on 02.21.2011

"Revisitation Rights"- Nightmare Creatures

“Revisitation Rights” is a segment dedicated to the discussion of remakes. In my eyes, a remake (unlike a reimagining) should literally “re-make” an idea that may have been previously flawed, or improve on what might have been lacking; in other words, it’s more than just a simple update, or a fresh coat of shiny new graphics.

The first game I’d like to discuss, and feel could benefit from a good remake, is the 1997 horror/action title “Nightmare Creatures,” developed for the Playstation, Nintendo 64, and PC by Activision and Kalisto.

“Nightmare Creatures” is a jolly romp through a gloomy 1800s London infested with cult-created monsters. Two characters were available, one a staff-wielding monk named Ignatius Blackward, the other an agile gymnast named Nadia Franciscus. The duo is out to stop mad scientist/cult leader Adam Crowley.

The game was a linear and basic romp through several dark levels, like the streets of London, and underground sewers. The level design essentially only gave players a single, limited path, putting an emphasis on combat, which in turn, keeps the player’s Adrenaline meter filled.

The ideas of the Adrenaline meter and seeking out monster encounters are decent enough, but I feel they were severely held back by a rigid control scheme, and a lacking combat system.

With the evolution we see today in 3rd person action titles, I feel like the world of Nightmare Creatures can better represented. I don’t think that open-world would we the way to go, but I think the linear progression could be better implemented, in a similar fashion to games like Dead Space, or even Resident Evil 4 or 5. And while I may not feel that remakes should be simple graphical updates, I do think that "Nightmare Creatures" could certainly benefit by not being butt ugly, and it would definitely improve the atmosphere of the game.

I’m also a bit biased for two reasons. I love horror games, and I think the market could certainly use some more decently scary games. I don’t think that any “Nightmare Creatures” reboot would really ever reach a level of psychological horror, but could still make for a fun horror/action title, a la “The Suffering” (more on that series later). My secondary bias is a simple nostalgia factor. I remember playing “Nightmare Creatures” as a child with my good friend, and we were terrified. I would love to see something that affected me like that in my childhood return, and bigger and better than ever.

Ah well, that’s all I’ve really got to say for now. Anybody else feel like this could work, or am I simply pining for a refreshing serving of nostalgia?   read

7:54 PM on 12.13.2010

INSIDER SCOOP!!1: Army Men Reboot Announced!

Hey there Destructoid! Great news! I know this guy who's uncle's best friend from high school's math tutor knows a guy who works at Electronic Arts (EA in layman's terms). Now, this very reliable connection of mine has revealed some very big and new SUPER SECRET plans for an upcoming title.

EA has been very tight-lipped, but I'm hear to vocalize this secret information: EA HAS PURCHASED THE RIGHTS TO THE ARMY MEN FRANCHISE!

I know dog, I'm just as surprised as you are!

With this exciting new franchise, EA has big plans for the Army Men franchise that was presumed to be long-dead. Here's some concept artwork that my good friendsunclesbestfriendmathtutor sent to me:

Here's the new (bearded) face of Sarge.

Even with the wealth of information I received, I only received a brief description of the new Army Men story, which is being labeled as a "dark and gritty reboot."

Creative Director Perry D. Wilson commented, "It'll be totally badass. You've never seen 'Army Men' like this. It's gonna be in an old toy store, and Sarge, I think that's the guy from the old games, Sarge is gonna have to take on the red soldiers. And, the [red] soldiers are supposed to be like the Communist Chinese, so they're all gonna be little plastic Asians and shit. Then Sarge is running around the toy store, wrecking everything,and shit, and he starts having crazy post-traumatic flashbacks, so you'll be playing and you won't know what's real or not in the game. Seriously. It's gonna rock your balls."

Maximum ball-rocking potential.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Completely real* and legitimate** INSIDER SCOOP on the new Army Men reboot! Please, no need to thank me.


*Mandatory Disclaimer: This article is for parody purposes only. None of the above information is correct nor actually real. Thanks!   read

9:49 PM on 07.27.2010

Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm, Dollface, and...?

Twisted Metal has always been a game that I've showered with fondness. The core concept of car-on-car deathmatch sprinkled with fun, dark character stories just tickles my fancy until my poor little fancy pees itself.

The gameplay was one thing, but the characters were a whole different story. I loved seeing each game add new characters, while updating seasoned veterans (of course, I'm excluding Twisted Metal 3, 4, and Small Brawl...yeesh).

When the new Twisted Metal was announced, I was excited. Twisted Metal Black was incredible, and I had a lot of fun with Twisted Metal: Head On (applydirectlytotheforehead). Buuuuuuuuut, as more and more is being revealed about the game, I'm getting less and less excited.

Here's the current rumored roster:

Sweet Tooth

Well duh, this one's a no brainer. This guy will be in any TM game, without a doubt.

Mr. Grimm

Ahhh, motorcycles and sickles...the best combination since cocaine and kiddie pools...eghghgm, I mean peanut butter and chocolate. :D


She was a personal favorite of mine from Twisted Metal: Black. There's just something awesome about a little girl in a fatass truck.





That's it?

Well shit. Yep, the rumor is that there will only be three playable characters in this current gen Twisted Metal. Granted, this psychotic threesome will be able to pilot any car of their choosing, but still... I'm going to miss the ragtag cast of misfits that I've known to love from the TM games.

At least there's Calpyso to look forward to, right Dave Jaffe?

...please? :[   read

6:44 PM on 03.02.2008

Cancelled!: Dead Rush

After viewing Jim Sterling's post regarding Turtle Rock Studios' Left 4 Dead, I got an odd sense of déjà vu. What was this nostalgia-inspiring game?

It was:

Dead Rush
Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Consoles: Playstation 2
Supposed Release Date: 2005

Dead Rush takes place in the fictional city of Eastport. Racked by terrible earthquakes and blanketed in a mysterious cloud of fog, the city has seen better days. The government has quarantined Eastport, disabling all bridges leading in and out of the city. The surviving population faces the threat of the shambling undead, resurrected by the fog.

Meet Jake, the protagonist. Suffering from amnesia, Jake must not only fight for his life against the newly dead population of Eastport, but discover his own forgotten past.

Simply put, Dead Rush is the hybrid child of any PS2-era Grand Theft Auto title and Resident Evil 2. With an open sandbox environment, the player is left to explore the town either on foot or in a vehicle. The big catch of the game was the emphasis on using cars as four-wheeled, two ton weapons. While zombies could easily be dispatched through firearms, larger enemies like "Leapers" are best dispatched with a good old-fashioned bumper to the face.

The game also took pride in it's load times. Treyarch claimed that once the game was started, no in-game pauses would ever occur.

Why was the game cancelled? Who knows? While the game looks decidedly dated, even for the last gen systems is was planned for, the promise of little to no load times has great appeal. Based on the few trailers that were released, the game seems like good fun. The zombie-filled sandbox environment is instant win for me.

Trailer: R.I.P. Tasha Roberts.

What do you guys think? Promising title, or worthy of its cancellation?   read

1:44 AM on 01.08.2008

True Heroes can be Replaced

I'll never forget the true heroes of the previous Super Smash Brothers titles.

The Fighting Polygon and Wireframe teams.

Sadly, neither team will return in Brawl. Instead, here's the Fighting Alloy Team!

This is Red Alloy. He's definitely not the leader. This has been confirmed.

Here's Blue Alloy, the obligatory tits of the team.

Our friend Yellow Alloy comes complete with scintillating horns! Yikes!

And finally, there's Green Alloy. Don't be fooled, he's NOT Kirby.

There you have it, the new contenders in Brawl's recently announced Stadium mode.

What do you guys think? Do they hold a candle to the awesome simplicity of the Fighting Polygon and Wireframe teams?   read

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