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12:02 PM on 03.10.2010

Gaming in Iceland

I have been playing games ever since I could hold a controller or move a mouse and before I came to the internet I though the prices for Video games and accessories were normal. For awhile they could have been but now they make no seance.
The video game platforms

Xbox 360 Elite=80.638 Kr ($629) This is after the Prize cut it died of the RROD a few years ago. I had to create a UK live account to use the x box live market place.

PlayStation 3 (250GB) - Slim= 79.995 Kr ($623,99) Also after the Prize cut. This is my current platform Like with the Xbox I had to create a UK or US account to use the PSN marketplace and Home.

Nintendo Wii=49.900 Kr. ($389,24) I don't own a W i i so I cant tell you anything about that.

you can check out other video game platform prizes here

The Video games
As if the prizes on the platforms were not bad enough the game prizes just make no seance.
The prizes are all over the place.

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2= 12.495 Kr ($97,46)
Heavy Rain= 11.495 Kr ($89,66)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 =11.995 Kr ($93,56)

Here are 3 popular game. As you can see the prizes on them are not same.

Here is a little that is going to make you scratch your head.
Final Fantasy XIII=( $77,96) 9.995 kr

I thought this could be a sign of things were changing and maybe it is but then I saw this

God of War 3 = 13.495 kr ($105,27) What the hell is this ! This is going to be the normal price for GOW 3 when it comes out . This is the most expensive game I have ever seen and this is just the normal edition. It is almost at the same price as the Bioshock 2 special edition which is 14.995 kr or $116,97.
There should be a law against this maybe there is(please tell me if there is)

Luckily I have steam to get PC games on a normal price.

I am on a student budget it is extremely hard and expensive to keep up with all theses new releases. I hope this get fixed soon, I am not ready give up gaming !   read

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